My Opinion on Batman's Inner Thoughts

When we the readers read Batman's inner thoughts, we are reminded that he IS just a man in a suit, and he KNOWS it. No matter how much Bruce wants to make Batman "perfect" or "strike fear into the hearts of criminals", at the end of the day, he's still a man, regardless of his status as a "Myth" or "Legend" to everyone else in Gotham. 
Seeing how Batman thinks is what makes him interesting. If all he did was punch out bad guys every issue he would get boring really quick. Even if like in Gotham Central where he's a background character who we see as the myth or legend as the main focus of that issue see him, Batman can still get boring because we don't see his motivation. His motivation has long past the "Avenge the violent death of his parents" to something that he NEEDS to do, as evidenced in Batman: KnightsEnd where after he recovers from his broken back, even though he gives the mantel to Dick, Bruce has every intention to retake the name "Batman" and continue his crusade, with his internal dialogues making all the difference.     

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