My Neverending Quest

I'm on a quest to become a comic book writer and artist. So I'm embarking on a mission to become well rounded in comics. From good writers, artists, story arcs, and not to mention how they're made. Hopefully when a comic con comes near me I'll be able go. So wish me luck as I become more nerdy than I am now.   
 If you have tip, tricks, clues or info about comics pm me or leave a comment
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I have to say that the episode 'Brain Drain' has to be the funiest epsiode about brainy to date. I mean he goes freakin' insane. Awsome! Someone please agree!!!


So I was browsing the site and I looked up Static. This then started my quest for hunting down info on Milestone and it's current whereabouts. I'm a little confused. Does Milestone still publish? If so, is there a way I could find a website of some sort? And if possible could someone tell me the basics for the "Dakotaverse"?  I loved the info because I feel I could do something with this "Dakotaverse". I'm really like the idea of multiracial characters and all that and I've go tosme cool ideas that could work with that. So talk back please.