Blue characters

A list of characters (or teams, or if unavailable, even media) with blue skin. Characters with blue clothing or blue powers aren't listed (so for instance the Blue Power Ranger is out).

Why? Because blue is a great colour.

Feel free to suggest characters I missed, or to point out any mistakes I made.

If you prefer green, see It's Not Easy Being Green by SnowyMountain, or Green Skins by Multiplus.

For yellow characters, see Yellow Fellows by Multiplus.

If you want a list of any non-human skin colour, see Skins by xboy79.

I also made a "Blue characters" list on Giant Bomb.

I also made a "Blue characters" list on Screened.

I also made a "Blue characters" list on Anime Vice.

List items

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u forgot 
the smurfs ;-) 101 to list go for it :D
Blue Hulk 
Dr. Manhattan 
Angel / warren (marvel comics) 
Rogue 2010 (she is now blue :) ) 
Blue Devil (DC comics) 
Blue Flame (marvel) 
Deep Blue (DC comics) 
Lobo (sometimes white sometimes blue skin) 
Wolverine (Holocaust) :D 
Laurie (marvel) 

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I already had most of those; this list spans three pages and only shows the first by default.
I did add Rogue, Crotus, Laurie (I think I accidentally found her before I went through your list actually), Jazz, Madman, and N-emy, so thanks for those.

I wasn't sure if Blue Flame, Apocalypse, and Meadlux really are blue, but since you mentioned them...
I added Rogue, but not Wolverine, since that Wolverine doesn't have a page.
I'm pretty sure Lobo isn't blue, just has blue shading, but feel free to convince me otherwise.
Thanks again!

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Thanks for the character suggestions; I added them.
There are more blue people than I thought when I started this list. :)
I hadn't fully convinced myself some characters with ice powers really qualify.
Sometimes they are mostly white, with some blue accents or shading.
Something similar goes for some shiny metallic skins.
I suppose real life water is blue, so icy characters will pass if they look blue, but metallic skins are really supposed to be silver, so they don't.
Asylum seems more black than blue, but I admit I'm not familiar with the character(s).
Shading something black is hard, and blue is a decent colour, adding the detail but keeping the overall darkness better than other colours.
In other words, maybe he is black, not blue, but for now I added him to the list.
Thanks again!
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Awesome list! Not sure if this would fit but he does have his own comic and he is blue! :P Sonic the Hedgehog!

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nice list
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I don't really notice he envelope icon at the top very well, apparently, so I'm a bit slow reacting here.

@eganthevile1: Thanks for the suggestions! I added the characters you suggested. I'm not quite convinced Merdude qualifies as blue. He seems more grey from the little Google gives me, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt for now.

@digitalwolf: Thanks for the compliment and the tip. Yeah, Sonic fits. I could've sworn I added him already, but that's most likely because I did on my Giant Bomb list.

@doomsilver: Thanks!

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Nice list.

You might find some blue skinned people among the Deviants and Inhumans in Marvel Comics.

Also you could add some Transformers characters. Some of them have blue "skin".