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Name: Cassandra and Amanda Thirdgate

Age: 19 and 17

Height: 5'6 and 5'4

Weight: 115 and 110

Hair: red and green

Eyes: blue and green

Father: Lionel Thirdgate Elysia Engineer

Amanda's Power: Metal Generation: that is to say that Amanda can fabricate metal from nothing. She can chose it's shape and thickness. How her mutant ability performs this feature is elusive but there is no escaping the fact that it does.

Cassandra's Power: Forge: Cassandra has a mind that can create and understand her creations on a impossible level. She is a fairly average student but much of Elysia has an interest in her do to a mind that seems leagues ahead in the scientific field. Quite simply if she wants something she can make it. And afterward she retains the knowledge of what she's done.


Mobile Suit New Generation Model One

Height: 12 Meters

Weight: 20 Tons 35Full Armored


Destiny Cannon: the Destiny Cannon is an elongated microwave energy pulse weapon. Designed as Requiem's entire right hand this weapon could be counter productive do to seize and it's limited armament if not for the rest of Requiem's design. The weapon mixing microwave technology and vast quantities of plasmic and electric dispersion is able to generate a close proximity weapon of high destructive force. While a ship beyond average size can likely resist complete destruction little else can. Upon contact the weapon is likely to short electronics resulting in system jamming. Then comes the more lethal charge which is known to go so far as making metal bubble and melt briefly before detonation. The arms claw like fingers are designed with an anti metal edge so as to allow severe cutting force. Range is up to one hundred meters, it's not effective much as a ranged weapon however. Because of the reach however it can be used as a good device against large craft or as a shield as the energy can be dispensed in a radial pattern instead. 5 cartridges

100MM AM Cannon: it's a simple average MM automatic rifle simply placed on the arm for it's reliable fall back design. Fifty rounds

2TMS RG: two ton rail gun designed as a small rifle. Complete with auto fire if desired it caries a six round magazine in a three ton rifle able to fire the rounds at Mach7 speeds making for a potent ranged weapon. It's ammunition is hollow traditionally but filled with a plasmic core resulting in a brutally effective impact.

Pronged Dagger: last resort Adamantium knife

Vibro Emission Short Sword: made of Adamantium and a Vibranium edge with a dangerous energy core in the hilt the weapon is able to maintain a high frequency super charged edge. The blades vibration and heat combined with the design make it deviously efficient. It however is to receive limited use as should the enemy be particularly energy based the weapon might over load.

~Unique Gear~

Winged Formation: Cassandra desired mobility over suit as she says. There's always the risk that the standards won't mach the speed of meta humans or agile craft like jets and space craft. Cass wanted to be able to keep up with them. Essentially searching for a fast artillery design. This led to the Winged Formation, which includes the wheels on the feet. Four "feathers" are on each wing. A feather is an object of pure energetic propulsion so consistent it seems almost an integrated aspect rather then a thruster. Comfortably the suit can reach 50 mil mph double with stress. Though less then one sixth the speed of light it does allow Requiem to perform at the beautiful velocity Cass desired. If not for the other machinery and the uniqueness of Cass this would not be functional.

Gravitational Generative Field: with the machine moving as it does the suit was crafted with this field. Cass calls it the belly button but despite such a name it's of grave importance. Using the speed it does it could easily do more harm then good or lose balance. Should the field turn off the suit would simply be clumsy and destructive to allies as well. This field first and for most maintains a center of gravity cleverly balancing the suit as it moves. It can also be used to contain or shift the effect of the machines movement. With this device it can chose wether it's without sonic booms, with them, or shifted into a vibrational and decibel force of nature. The entirety of it's potential has yet to be explored admittedly.

Ammo Displacement Compartment: this device is a bit more simple, though a blue print beta model. The worlds not a stranger to slip space tech this was a suit version. Within it is roughly three additional mags for the Requiem's weapon systems.

Ejection Seat: the obscure almost bike like design is a rather odd choice for a suit design. It is however great as the escape in a dire situation. Functioning as a hover bike it's an efficient plan of emergency extraction. It also is a common sign her suit is near by. Able to track the bike location Cass can receive Requiem with rapid succession.

NSEG Protective Plating:New Suit Energy Generative Plating is the design to make key segments like joints and some larger armor segments Vibranium. Most the gears and playing is natural more convenient metals and expected electronics. To aid in surviving the vast speeds however a system was designed to have the Vibranium absorb the energies from such speed and convert it into energy. For another ace pilot they can likely spot this as a double edged sword. The lighter metal does mean that the non armored points can be exploited. Speed however is catered to.

Cerebral HUD: a variety of monitors sensors and nerve connections are needed to make the pilot herself functional. A series of needles drive into Cass' neck allowing her to connect with Requiem during operation. Admittedly functioning like a steroid for her entire body Cass realizes she will need to find an alternative method in time. Otherwise her body will be overworked and crippled by the exertion.