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He has been genetically enhanced to do all sorts of feats of strength. Hotfoot was a typical do-gooder hero. Who ended up killing doctors after having the epiphany that overpopulation would doom the planet. (a human-sized aug with a hand-to-hand fighting style aided by fire), possesses a number of heavy-damage attacks that it’s impossible to knock him out of, so fighting them becomes an exercise in learning when to stop attacking and dodge. If you simply try to rush him like you can do with most of the other enemies in the field, you’ll get kicked in the head. He teaches you to be more reserved and learn to watch the enemy more carefully as you attack.

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Super powers that allowed him to detonate anything within his vicinity (even from a distance) or convert a portion of their mass to directed blasts of concussive energy when concentrates upon them and with his touch, converting matter into energy by projecting high frequency energy 'blasts'. The Amount of Explosive Energy that does blow up is due to the amount of kinetic latent kinetic energy in his strike. The Bigger the strike the more explosive the blast. The accident also strengthened Kevin's body to contain the energy without harming him. As a result his body was dense enough to deflect bullets and his enhanced muscles and skeleton let him lift several tons. Using his superior leg strength, he can Stomp his foot to the ground, quaking the earth itself. This is a localized attack against everything in melee range.

Hotfoot possesses the ability to bodily generate thermo-chemical energy and release it from his skin which produces a flammable gel from his pores that ignites upon contact with the atmosphere, which he can then direct as explosive releases of liquid napalm. This energy, released by an act of will, is accompanied by smoke, flame and condensation, much like the exhaust of a rocket engine. At his present level of experience, he can only release this energy beneath him. As a side effect of forming the thermo-chemical energies over the surface of his body, Hotfoot becomes virtually invulnerable.


Also capable of igniting the electrolytes present in the bloodstream, causing the person to burn from the inside out. Able to incinerate objects, or simply use the power to create a warming sensation. In order to ignite the electrolytes, Hotfoot has used kicks to cut the flesh and oxygenate the blood.

Hotfoot also has peak human strength, but has superhuman strength in his legs. His incredibly strong hands are capable of crushing the thick metal crossbar.He possess superhuman leg strength and endurance, agility, reflexes, coordination, balance, and an ability to leap great distances. Not only can he jump, but he can run at high speed for more than an hour on end, making him highly difficult to be caught. His leg is powerful enough to accurately kick an old refrigerator onto a pile of junk or to send a soccer ball into the upper atmosphere.

Hotfoot can, walk on air. This is tricky, particularly given that a failure to keep that concentration up can result in a fall . He's capable of running while walking on air, but only for a few minutes; Though he generally 'walks' below the height of clouds (6,500 feet), Hotfoot can reach a height of 10,000 feet with little effort. With severe strain he can reach the highest recorded altitude of a bird in flight (African geese at 29,000 feet above sea level), but he can only remain that high for several minutes. He can run so fast it appears as if he is flying inches above the ground.

He has been modified to possess super-human leg strength. Hotfoot's legs are capable of bench-pressing three tons and, depending on how much force he puts behind them, kicking the average man a considerable distance. This strength allows him to propel himself twenty-four feet vertically and thirty-six feet in a single jump. He can even jump onto flying vehicles one after the other to get to even greater heights. It is his main means of attacking, as one kick can not only be bone-shattering but also fatal. With these legs, he has the ability to jump impressively high and fast and land violently on his opponents, pinning them to the ground. His legs can enable him to cling to solid walls and surfaces.

Hotfoot is deadly quick, able to move at teleportation-like speeds faster than the human eye can follow. His reflexes are superhuman. His eyes are specially adapted to withstand high-speed winds which would hurt the average human eye. He possesses a special membrane in his respiratory system enabling him to extract oxygen from the air at high velocities or altitudes.

Hotfoot possess incredible agility and can jump to great heights, run up walls, and perform double jumps or backflips in mid air. He can walk a tightrope or a slack rope as easily as most people can walk on a sidewalk. He can walk on his hands for many hours, or perform a complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs. He can easily match or top any Olympic record at gymnastics apparatus (such as flying rings, climbing ropes, horizontal bars, trampolines). Further, his manual and pedal dexterity is so great that he can write using both hands at once or tie knots in rope with his toes.

James has learned to use restraint and self control to keep from using his powers constantly, he can safely have physical and intimate contact with normal humans.

Pre augmentation

Oppressed at school, harassed at home, a combination of his overhearing his parents vicious BDSM sessions contrasted with their otherwise pushy normality, the daily bike-shed beatings and the blackmail by a separate boy who at the same time insists on using the language of friendship, results in the confused James having erections during the biology class' rat dissection.

Unstoppable then, he slays his parents with a baseball bat triggered by the fear of their interrogating him about some lifted money. It is following period of incarceration he is under probation, who unwisely allows James to join a Muay Thai club.

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With shins that are harder than steel, James "Jackrabbit" Johns can break MLB standard baseball bats in half with his naked legs. A 10th degree black belt, he holds the world record for being able to break multiple baseball bats with his shin.

James Johns shows his strength by smashing through several pairs of hockey sticks and a baseball bat using just an unprotected leg. His left calf is 37cm circumference. but his right one, the one that he uses most, is 40cm.

Because of his muscle tissues ability to repair and rebuild quickly James feels little to no pain, fatigue, or stiffness form prolonged use of his muscles. He also has above average cardio health to increase endurance, however this is a product of his training rather than his augmentation.

He was also trained as a professional boxer.


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CVnU Team/Hidden Location(s): Quixotics (Closed)

Q Consortium

Otherwise known by the secret world as the Quixotic, this group is simply a shadow...

Exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical:
Exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical: "a vast and quixotic project".

What the public and every non-member 'think' they know

The world in conflict and there are people unique personal qualifications, having little bearing on every day living. Heroic acts are supposed to be revolutionary due to years of purposeful hard-work and continuous self-improvement, independent of circumstances. Given their capabilities are developed precisely for living well on earth, and that their skills are powerful living tools when their environment doesn't hold them back. Heroes that are useful in peace time.

"One hundred years of super hero history, slowly leaking into the modern world... Sometimes, ordinary people uncover things that are best left covered. Sometimes, things best left covered emerge into ordinary life and do not have the world's best interests at heart. These are the times when Quixotic arrive - invited or not..."

What the group actually knows

People who organize there do not exist in any official records, and the existence of the group itself is known to very few people.They came from many walks of life, but they all had two things in common: they were all outcasts from the mainstream hero community, and they all had a fixation with improving the world. (Actually, most of them hung out in the same cafe as well: Lounge del Sol, getting most of their coffee)

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They explores the secret history of a world teeming with superhumans and the supernatural. From a lunar empire to a multiverse-spanning stargates, to children born at the cracks of reality, to the secret kings of the world, plotting evil and deadly outcomes. The Quixotic team battle those who would hide or destroy the hidden history against that background

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Serious fights are prohibited among Quixotics. Despite the Quixotics's allegiance to one another, rifts and alliances had been common amongst the group; Coin tossing is used to settle quarrels for most of the time. The coin is custom-made, one side of the coin was badly etched while the other side was fine.

Although they mainly manipulate and subvert, they occasionally do philanthropic work.

"The world is used to costumed crimefighters, special men and women who seem to hold the world in their hands. What we're doing is handing that world back to you. Fighting crime is no good unless you look past crime, to its root. Saving the world is no good if we leave it the way we found it. It is our intent to hand you a saved world, to offer you tools that will make you great. "

The Q Consortium are universal and this is just the members of the Earth branch of Q Consortium ( there are other neighboring communities located in the Greater Magellanic Cloud and the Andromeda Galaxy) and that Q Consortium will exist as long there's good in men's heart.

Their ultimate goal is to seek harmonization between the mundane world and its more stranger aspects.


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Lounge Del Sol is one of the favorite hideaways of the Consortium, it is not the de-facto location but it is the common one that the Earth Branch members love. In here is a place where members can discuss things casually over a cup of hyper-coffee. The location is securely guarded and shifts every-time, so unwary teleporters may end up as space dust if they are not careful


  • By Nature this group is a clandestine organization and keeping in touch with that characteristic the thread is open only to its members
  • Anyone interested in a membership can shoot a pm, where a small rp will start for the induction phase.
  • Potential traitors are present everywhere and leaving the group will erase all memories of the moments spent together .
  • Non-members can feel free to post ooc stuff during the first day of the thread

The Operator

Green Eyes Red Dragon

"What would you do if you were the strongest man in the world, the strongest thing in the world, mightier than the machine?" He made himself guess answers for that rhetorical inquiry. "I would run the universe single-handed. I would scorn the universe and turn it to my own ends. I would be a criminal. I would rip open banks and gut them. I would kill and destroy. I would be a secret, invisible blight. I would set out to stamp crime off the earth."

Usurper of the stars
Usurper of the stars

a colorful figure with an impressive appearance, a powerful body, and overdeveloped mind.

Name: Samyewel Pestle Smerk

Age: 21

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 175 lb.

Birthday: February 11

Work: Pedagogue

Religion: Syncretism (Objectivist [his belief that there can only be good and evil, and no moral grey area.]; Utopian; Utilitarian; Scientism; Existentialism; Humanist; Machiavellian; Transhumanism; Consequentialist)

Fav. color: Scarlet

Fav. Flower: Corpse Flower

Hobby: collecting artifacts

Inspired by William Tecumseh Sherman, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D, Eisenhower, Loki, Doctor Doom, Mandarin and Kang the Conqueror

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The Red Haired Enigma, master swordsman and revolutionary is a versatile character; he can use various armaments and lost technology, allowing him to deal massive amount of damage to his adversaries. Anything from a Sword to the sharp edge of a playing card, assuming Operator can lift it, can be employed as a weapon. Operator was adept at getting his enemies to turn against each other and winning through a combination of fisticuffs and subterfuge (having bested even Daxamites in combat).

Sameyel has a specific task in Life, to improve upon the world, and obliterate the cronyism politick who appear to be against human progress. The main cause of going on this quest is a dog named Smith; she was with him during his youth, and was killed by a shadow government mess up.On his quest he'll find plenty of knowledge and befriend various people to aid him in his struggle.

A Byronic hero exhibits several characteristic traits, and in many ways he can be considered a rebel. The Byronic hero does not possess "heroic virtue" in the usual sense; instead, he has many dark qualities. With regard to his intellectual capacity, self-respect, and hypersensitivity, the Byronic hero is "larger than life," and "with the loss of his titanic passions, his pride, and his certainty of self-identity, he loses also his status as [a traditional] hero".

He is usually isolated from society as a wanderer or is in exile of some kind. It does not matter whether this social separation is imposed upon him by some external force or is self-imposed. Often the Byronic hero is moody by nature or passionate about a particular issue. He also has emotional and intellectual capacities, which are superior to the average man. These heightened abilities force the Byronic hero to be arrogant, confident, abnormally sensitive, and extremely conscious of himself. Sometimes, this is to the point of nihilism resulting in his rebellion against life itself. In one form or another, he rejects the values and moral codes of society and because of this he is often unrepentant by society's standards.

Character Outlook

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, From a speech before the American Society of Newspaper Editors, April 16, 1953

He lives in the darkness waiting for the chance for his purpose to come into effect once again. Sam was treated like a heretic for having a different viewpoint. Today one sees a lot of that. When a leader offers a viewpoint different from the media, the legal system, or the major political parties, that person becomes branded a heretic, shunned, ignored and abused. Sam was a great man for standing his ground and maintaining his viewpoint even when forced to publically state otherwise. In the end, he prevailed. For keeping his viewpoint, expeditiously agreeing with the powers when necessary and ultimately prevailing, he is a hero.

He is free, authentic, and absurd. And he embrace it. He is the most unique of individuals and is set apart from society, and in his alienation - he is the ones who understood society the most.

the one who is willing to risk all for the sake of enhancement of humanity

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The main difficulty with his Übermensch ideals of the future is that he combines so many qualities that it is hard to imagine them all existing simultaneously within the same personality. He is joyful yet serious. He is full of Dionysian fury and also very self-possessed. Perhaps this is no more than saying that he is truly an Übermensch and that such contradictions are the source both of his strength and his comprehensiveness.

"The word "we" crushes all beneath it, and that which is white and that which is black are lost equally in the gray of it."

"I need no warrant for being, and no word of sanction upon my being. I am the warrant and the sanction."

"You must choose one side or the other. Any compromise between good and evil only hurts the good and helps the evil."

An overman is someone who can establish his own values as the world in which others live their lives. This means an overman can affect and influence the lives of others. In other words, an overman has his own values, independent of others, which affects and dominates others lives that may not have predetermined values but only herd instinct. An overman is then someone who has a life which is not merely to live each day with no meanings when nothing in the past and future is more important than the present, or more precisely, the pleasure and happiness in the present, but with the purpose for humanity.

He will be like a god, surveying the whole of time both past and present from his mountain peak.

He has the power, but tries to avoid using it in non-peaceable ways. His opinions appear to change over time, though in many situations he can be classified as a pacifist, reflecting a dislike of war. Sam favored the use of diplomacy over aggression, he believes that education is the solution of the majority of conflicts. He is sickened by the lack of selfless altruism he sees around him.

A traditional hero usually emerges in a time of conflict: an evil force threatens peace and a world in crisis cries out for someone to step up. He is thrown into action by the bigger circumstances. The greater the evil, the more epic his heroic act. And he usually quietly returns to ordinary life after world order is restored. His value is significantly diminished in a conflict-free environment.

He would much rather not fight, but, being a revolutionary futurist, the odd's of this are not very good. Rather than use his flambard or brawn, Sam would prefer inventing some device or clever apparatus to foil the foe. A world in harmony is when he is thriving, producing and creating the most. The less turmoil the world is in, the greater their heroic acts.

"Any man who claims the right to another's efforts or life automatically renounces the concepts of rights and their protection of his right to his own legitimate efforts and life."

He is driven by his A=A / black and white ideals to fight the evil (black) with the powers of good (white) through means of physical intervention and verbal philosophizing. He is known for his uncompromising principles and incorruptibility. Sam always had a very clear sense of right and wrong, and was always willing to take great risks in the service of what was right. He does not kill anymore if he can help it but he has left many crooks lying in dark alleys, skulls fractured, lungs punctured, internal injuries. Without medical intervention, not all of them wound up alive.

“One, however, who becomes prince by favour of the populace, must maintain its friendship, which he will find easy, the people asking nothing but not to be oppressed.”

Sam’ provides a consequentialist argument for his actions. Pure consequentialists believe that actions must be judged according to the value of their outcomes. Thus if the death of a few Terrorists in 9/11 is preferable to the death of thousands in the ensuing wars, it is better to murder a few Terrorists. Giving his opponents a 'Moral Checkmate'. His major opponents holds that some actions are intrinsically wrong and must be condemned irrespective of any beneficial outcomes they may produce (deontological ethics). "As much happiness for as many people" principle and superheroes' "for the greater good" mentality.Sam's most common criticism of ignoring the rules in favor of the outcome, or "the ends justify the means" attitude, such as treating the criminals in the equation as a non-human entity.

Heroes in superhero fiction almost always constitute a ruling class. By defending the world as-is, heroes prevent it from changing and lock it in status quo. Villains try to change it.

His general outlook on other heroes. Sam is mostly interested in his work, creating technologies from his unique understanding of scientific principles. Showing the wisdom to not let his breakthroughs and discoveries fall into the wrong hands. (Even if it did he would personally 'correct' the mistake) When he realized that his technology could be used as a military weapon against the fellow man, he fought the Government to stop their claims on the technology. When he found out that his weapons were being sold on the black market to terrorists, he closes all weapons manufacturing and ending all government contracts.

Sam looks into what it is about them that is human, then decide what is necessary, what he can change to make better, and what he can completely get rid of. They need to decide what they want to evolve into.

Traditional human values do not concern him. Sexuality, life, death, their place in the world and in the universe are all different to Sam. However he does work that elevates life, making the world a better place (arguably) for his having been there. Sam plan is to make every “normal” person into a super-being through his technology, so that super-heroes with their “innate” powers will no longer be special. His goal of elevating mankind to the level of super-hero through technology is indeed rational. The Operator directs his energies not to apprehending petty criminals or foiling dastardly plots, but to actually making his world a better place.

A prince who has a strong city and doesn't make anyone hate him, cannot be assaulted, and if he would be the assailant would by very discriminated. A superhero who has strong morals and does not make anyone hate him then he will not be assaulted, but if he becomes the person to harm others then he will be discriminated against.

Sam has his foundations good, otherwise he is certain to be ruined.” A ruler must have good foundations because if they don't then they will fall. A superhero must have a good foundation too keep his morals in order, and what he/she does.

“For a prince must have two kinds of fear: one internal as regards his subjects, one external as regards foreign powers.”

Any ruler will need to have a couple of fears; one fear is to be afraid of what their capable of, and the second is to fear what their opponents are capable of A superhero needs to know what he is capable of and learn how to control in, and they must also be able to know how to defend themselves against their biggest enemies.

Superhero worlds are not utopias because their evil is strong enough to limit their good.

He ultimately wants to remake the world in his image, ending war and famine and granting superpowers to all who desire them. if superheroes truly cared about justice, would they allow famine, poverty, and war to exist? Sam believe that their inaction is as criminal as those felonies we went to prison for. Preserving the world and not daring to change it means keeping food from the hungry. Keeping the crippled in wheelchairs. Bowing to the status quo of human suffering. But they save people only to send them back to their old lives. Back to their bills, back to their useless jobs, back to their suffering. If they were really the heroes they claim to be, they'd save them from those same lives as well. They're the monsters, really, to have allowed things to go on the way they have. Why don't the heroes fight for true, lasting justice? Why do they permit suffering to go on when they could eliminate it?

What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, speech to the Republican National Committee, January 31, 1958


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Sameyel Smerk, is the product of a scientific experiment. The test-tube-baby grown from the cells of various metahumans, with preimplantational ectogenesis (in vitro maturation, fertilization and early embryonic development). Then put through various DNA experimentation in his fetal state. Created by [REDACTED], a powerful pan-psionic who invented a serum that he then injects into into the fetus, resulting in a hero significantly more powerful than others. The basic foundations that eventually puts him in the path of becoming a super-genius hero.

A new nemesis for the embryo arrived in the form of Marx, Sam's twin brother whom he killed in the womb. The fetal Sam recognized him as competition, his own personal "nemesis", and devoured him until he was assimilated. It appears that Sam can disguise himself as an average human by eating their brains to absorb their memories and look like the human they devoured

Sam was a specimen who escaped from a underground faculty after being injected with a retro-virus made from metahuman DNA.The creature escaped once, and fed upon the body and mind of the neighbor's child Samuel Hines. Samuel's memories provide the creature with a template to understand his environment, and the composite being takes over Sam's identity.

Sam had learned to speak before his abandonment, for he is a rare example of a feral child learning to talk coherently. He had very dark skin, long hooked fingernails, matted hair and calluses on his palms, elbows and knees. His diet consisted of birds, frogs and fish, leaves, branches and roots. Given a rabbit, he immediately skinned and devoured it. “His fingers and in particular her thumbs, were extraordinarily large,”. He is said to have used his thumbs to dig out roots and swing from tree to tree like a monkey. He was a very fast runner and had phenomenally sharp eyesight. When the [REDACTED], passed through Sam in 19XX , she heard about the boy and took her hunting, where he outran and killed stags.

At the time the child ran on all fours faster than an adult man could run, whilst in dodging in and out of bushes and other obstacles he was much cleverer and quicker. His knees had hard callosities on them and his toes were retained upright almost at right angles to his instep. The palms of his hands and pads of his toes and thumbs were also covered with very tough horny skin. When first caught, he bit and fought with everyone and any wretched village fowl which came within his reach was seized, torn to pieces and eaten with extraordinary rapidity. He refused all cooked food and slept on a mattress in a dark corner of his room. He refused bread, preferring to strip the bark from green twigs and suck on the sap; but he eventually learnt to eat fruit and vegetables. He shared several characteristics with his 'community': sharpened teeth, craving for blood, earth-eating, chicken-hunting, love of darkness and friendship with dogs and jackals.

Fortunately for little Sam, he is born with the proportional strength of an ant and the leaping ability of a grasshopper. His strength, speed, and durability far surpass all theoretical human limits ( nothing less than a bursting shell can pierce his skin). He tries to keep his abilities hidden, but the secret always comes out, ruining whatever situation he may be in. What he really wants is acceptance.

a man who possessed so much strength and power as to be utterly alone in the world, without peer, until one day he finds a brother who can match him.

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Reportedly a child prodigy, with an IQ of 210, Sam spoke his first words aged just 4 months old, and amazed a succession of nannies and governesses with his intellectual precocity. As a child, he tortured stray dogs using a knife that he frequently carried with him. He had some type of head injury around the age of four and spent time in an institute for the disabled as a child.

Sam’s intelligence set him apart from his contemporaries, and the boy had difficulty making friends when he started school, a trait that continued throughout his education, made more difficult by his own superior attitude, in relation to both his family’s wealth and his own intelligence. As Sam grows older he becomes an “incredibly” wealthy entrepreneur through his inventions. Patents derived from his own technology using proxies in the form of shell companies to hide the source of the technology made Sam one of the richest individuals.

Sam. Once a simple meta himself, he was a regular youth, set to be the first kid in space, the pilot of an experimental space capsule during the his childhood, until a crack in the ship's hull created an explosion that hurled him toward a radioactive energy balance, the cosmic rays altered his appearance and mind giving him enhanced strength and intelligence. He trained his new body and expanded his knowledge and skill through meditation, soon being able to manipulate life merely by thought. With his new abilities he created a whole civilization from his thoughts from the bacterias in the moisture of planets and once he established his community he created an immense bioship and pioneers to help him explore other worlds.

The public and scientific community at large dismisses his reports as fiction and social satire. His reports on events on that alternate world will cause controversies in the halls of academia that may never be resolved. Sam's reports of mind controlling aliens are largely dismissed by the scientific community. The physical evidence he produces is confiscated by elements within the World Government. He attempts to clean up corrupt politicians and influence peddlers in Washington and fails completely. His reports data contributes towards limited success in world metagene research. Number of metahumans begins to significantly increase. Advances in metagene research threatens international stability in the world. The world government publicly places moratorium on metagene research, signing metagene anti-proliferation treaty.

Sam's also conducted mad experiments on dogs. He made a crude autojektor (a heart and lung machine). By using this homemade machine, Sam kept the heads of severed dogs alive. In a science fair, he displayed one of the heads in front of an audience. To prove it was real, he banged a hammer on the table. The head flinched. When a light was shone in its eyes, the eyes blinked. And when it was fed a piece of cheese, the remnants promptly popped out of the esophageal tube, much to the displeasure of disgusted viewers.

When Sam was eleven years old he suffers an 'experimental' automobile collision where he had yet another head injury. The accident caused a blood clot in the brain. However, the blood clot was not discovered until he was sixteen. From the age of eleven to sixteen he suffered a series of blackouts caused by the clot, yet the blackouts ceased when he was given medication to dissolve the blockage in the brain.

When Sam was 14, he was strongly suspected of being responsible for strangling two prize geese owned by one of the officers of his school; however, no proof was found and it was not noted on his records. [REDACTED] takes on the teen prodigy as a lab assistant.

In front of an audience, he conducted an experiment on a hung murderer. He applied conducting rods to the man's rectum, whereby the dean man began to punch the air, and his legs began to kick and flinch. Rods applied to the face made it clench and quiver. The left eye popped open. Several people present feared the man had come back to life, and had he actually sprung forth, he would have to be re-executed. One individual was so horrified, that shortly upon leaving the spectacle, he reportedly died.

The second experiment involved an incision in the nape of the neck. Part of the vertebra was removed. An incision was then made in the left hip. Then a cut was made in the heel. Two rods connected to a battery were placed in the neck and hip, which caused great, uncontrollable convulsions. The 2nd rod was then placed into the heel, whereby the left leg kicked with such force, that it nearly knocked over an assistant. The 2nd experiment made the diaphragm of the specimen's chest rise and lower, as if he were breathing again.

Sam had reported that had specimen's blood not been drained, or his neck broken from the hanging, he was sure he could bring him back to life. The 3rd experiment showed the extraordinary facial expressions exhibited when Sam made an incision in specimen's forehead. The rod was inserted, and specimen's face began to show emotions of anger, horror, despair, anguish, and hideous, contorted smiles. The expressions scared viewers so badly, that one doctor who was known to have a strong stomach, passed out on the spot. The final experiment had people believing that specimen was indeed alive. A cut was made into the forefinger. Once the rod was inserted, specimen began to raise his hand and point to people in the audience. Needless to say, many were horrified.

At free time, Sam did a number of twin studies. After the experiment was over, these twins were usually murdered and their bodies dissected. He supervised an operation by which two children were sewn together to create conjoined twins; the hands of the children became badly infected where the veins had been resected. He is reported to have bled some to death this way.

Likable and good-looking, Sam found it easy to lure young women to go with him. He fed the women scraps, dog food, and even the remains of one of the women who he had killed.

Some of the numerous experiments committed by Sam in the laboratories include: vivisection of living people (including pregnant women who were abandoned by hospitals), prisoners had limbs amputated and reattached to other parts of their body, some prisoners had parts of their bodies frozen and thawed to study the resulting untreated gangrene. Humans were also used as living test cases for grenades and flame throwers. Prisoners were injected with inoculations of disease, disguised as vaccinations, to study their effects. To study the effects of untreated venereal diseases, male and female prisoners were deliberately infected with syphilis and gonorrhea via injection, then studied.

At the age of 15, he murdered his grandparents and was committed to a state hospital for a time.

As a teenager, it became apparent that Sam was different from other people because of his endless need for food. His parents eventually had to disown him because Sam ate everything in the house, including the pets. He would swallow corks, stones, live animals, and whole apples. To satisfy his hunger, Sam would eat anything available from the town gutters and garbage piles. He would capture, kill, and disembowel various animals, which he would then devour raw, sometimes mixing the raw organs with Coca-Cola in a blender and drinking the concoction like a milkshake.

Sameyel Smerk began to gain great wealth and power for himself, first with opportunities through the use of his mental faculties and then through gambling and the manipulation of the stock market. He would swallow enemy documents, pass through his property, and recover them from his stool once safely at his destination.

In this respect Sam noted that a number of trials using stock-market figures to produce significant results. Because stock market figures are of huge financial interest and importance to a large number of people, it is in his experiments that manipulation of the stock market through PK could be beneficial. Odd behavior was clearly ingrained in this man, who glued money to the walls of his home.

a bright, uniquely talented guy who enjoys beating the system.

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Sam would later describe him as ‘amoral’ rather than ‘immoral’: he simply didn’t see why he shouldn’t have anything he wanted, and would go to any lengths to satisfy his desires. He enjoys matching what he can do against what his enemies can do. Sam is not interested in helping others with his powers. He is more concerned with finding something that he can do with his strength that will bring him glory, and not result in the fear and hatred he is used to.

Having accomplished all of his goals by the time he was in his early 20s, Sam felt there were no challenges left for him to pursue, leading him towards suicidal tendencies. Sam by this time realized that he had become a complete monster and attempted to use his powers for good. Upon seeing a child falling from a bridge, Sam reacted quickly and saved him.

His bizarre ability soon caught the attention of the government and Sam was the subject of a series of medical experiments to test his eating capacity. While at the facility getting treated, Sam would sneak out of his room and scavenge for entrails left in gutters, rubbish heaps, and outside butcher shops.

He often shared with the staff fantasies about killing rabbits. He was once found with blood smeared around his mouth – hospital staff discovered he had been drinking the blood of birds; he had thrown the birds’ corpses out of his hospital room window.

He attempted to drink the blood of other patients in the hospital and looted the corpses in the morgue. After falling under suspicion of eating a toddler, Sam was ejected from the compound. Sam is then given a series of procedural 'treatments', then relocated to a Research Facility.

There have been more than 230 suppression orders in the case and the government is extremely reluctant to release any information about the cannibalism. He dismembered and cannibalized his victims.

By a powerful secret government sponsored corporation that specializes in military and defense projects. They want him to take part in some special Psi experiments and he is subsequently trained to use his powers more effectively, hoping to harvest his abilities. Sam quickly harnesses his new understanding for personal benefit because of a phase of megalomania. He advances his career by jeopardizing that of his superiors. He blackmails his colleagues. His power has only increased during his captivity. The doctors succeeded in augmenting his psi-capacity through hypnotic suggestion but, as a consequence, this hypnosis also altered his mind, making him unable to dream.

Sam even attends a seminar on telepathy and the phenomenon of 'browsing' and spectacularly overpowers the person who is giving simple demonstrations. This is where the poor guy's head explodes. Sam's dishonesty becomes evident to the doctor, who can see that Sam is trying to deceive him. Sam apparently has no dreams to share with the psychiatrist so he "borrows" a fellow prisoner's dreams. However, once the fellow prisoner commits suicide. Despite the initial evidence of deceptiveness on Sam's part, the doctor eventually gets him released.

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The facility charts Sam’s life from lonely youth to invincible soldier to disillusioned veteran. Then life changes as he catches some government agents, who've murdered Smith and are trying to kidnap the puppies, by staring them down and proclaiming to them each, "You're blind." The agents both fall to the ground, flailing in spontaneous blindness. When Sam realizes that psionics can be used for good, he re-brands himself. He repents to his wrongdoings. Sam is declared MIA after vanishing during a mission in Antartica.

The Agency is dissolved. Its metahuman operatives are released from service. It was at this time that Sam recalled well the devastation of the recent wars in Middle East and reasoned that the chaos of war and all that it entailed would be detrimental in helping him to improve mankind as its helper. When he is offered the chance to do some “unofficial” work as a superhero he jumps at the chance without even properly knowing what it is about. Sam thus used his mental powers to disrupt a pre-War build ups, but just before he could accomplish any lasting change, he decided to make a radical movement.

­Governments and corporations are up to really scary things behind closed doors

The world was fast approaching an age where anonymity could be in question. Before, the long-lived and powerful Operator could enjoy moving from place to place without compromising questions or confusing identities. More often than not, he fell victim time and time again to bigotry and hatred born from fear. He proposed to go 'off the grid', to lessen the chances that anyone would learn the existence of his legacy. Sam assumes multiple cover identities, establishes a network of agents, and begins his war on crime as The Operator. Using technology and data gathered from his many enemies, the remains of lost technology that had been given into the hands of his father, and his own genius, The Operator lays the foundation of his goals.

Operator knows he must make good use of his powers to help people, which he does with delight and often humor. His life is dedicated to that purpose, and he feels genuine pleasure and pride in his accomplishments.

There is nothing wrong with America that the faith, love of freedom, intelligence and energy of her citizens cannot cure.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Physical Profile

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Despite his unusual diet and endless need for meat, Sam was of normal sized man with no signs of mental illness

Operator's generally seen with crimson, free-flowing clothing with a large vermillion and a yellow scabbard. His scabbard represents him in most respects. His red hair and alien jade eyes seem to pierce all those who look at him. He stands tall, and walks proudly. He has a muscular frame, although it cannot be seen underneath his robes.

Due to all his training at a young age he's very well built. He isn't so burly, but he's got a good sword arm. His hair is wavy and crimson, and his eyes are green as gemstones. He wears a red Color shirt, laced in yellow, and under that is a black shirt. He wears three belts, one match his suit, another is yellow but very old and kind of rugged, the third is just a normal brown one.

His shoes are brown and lastly, he wields a sword that has a brown handle.


“Concrete can’t stop me”

The Operator is grown within a high-gravity environment, and the controlled variables allows sam to express monstrous strength on Earth. He also possesses sufficient strength to sculpt marble with his bare hands as if it were modeling clay. His "muscles of steel," are incredibly powerful in a 1G field, allowing him to throw cars beyond the horizon, move with superhuman speed (This ability allows him to perform delicate actions such as performing household chores at an exceptionally high speed) and prowess, be practically invulnerable and even engage in prolonged fights with superpowered beings, see through our comparatively thin atmosphere for miles, fueled by his indomitable will.

“Sure. I’m like a man made out of iron instead of meat.”

Sam's reaction time seems to be in proportion with his enhanced strength in that he has been seen being able to intercept incoming bullets with his bare hands with little effort, and even catching up to a criminal armed with teleportation powers. Smerk has unusual abilities, he is faster than a speeding bullet for extended periods; because his legs do not require oxygen, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Operator can swim at Amazing speed, or about 120 mph.

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Its not advisable to enter gun brawls with him

After one of the few serious injuries he sustains, Sam learns of his amazing regenerative abilities, and also learns that his unique blood makes him a universal donor. He is cunning, intelligent, fearless and his powers will come in handy: super strong, nearly invulnerable, possesses a degree of superspeed and increased physical senses. Its weak point is its easy to get bored. When bored, nervous and irritable and even get depressed.

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His language programming, being incredibly complex, allows him to learn other languages with impunity - as they are simpler.

Owing to his superior strength and psychic aura, his energy and nutritional intake needs are a great deal higher than most human beings'. He is often eating plate after plate of food, resulting in many dishes piling up, often eating more food than logically possible in absurdly short amounts of time. He is often eating enough food for a dozen people in rapid feeding frenzies sometimes lasting less than a minute, one notable case being a 12-year-old Sam eating a 50-course meal in one minute.


An overman should be able to affect history indefinitely. He will keep reentering the world through other peoples minds and affect their thoughts and values.

He is able to do things that no mere human can naturally replicate. Intercept interplanetary messages, read the mind of anyone desired, force ideas, specific thoughts, memories and even emotions into other’s minds, throw his vision into any spot in the universe, project realistic three-dimensional images, project powerful beams of pure mental energy from his forehead with the intensity of a laser, and the ability to take control of another being's arms or legs

He also has the power of tactile telepathy, meaning he can influence and control the decisions of another as long as he can touch him or her. He can keep millions under his influence at any single time. He grew more powerful the longer he lived, surviving two seeming deaths.

During night-time his mind constantly absorbs vast amounts of knowledge that exists in the universe. He can retrieve any of it from his subconscious. He knows as much about Plutonians as its inhabitants whose information was acquired. A sponge that absorbs every secret ever made. He can also mentally absorb a talent from anyone he encounters. Science is food to him, and the most difficult problems are mere recreation for his mind. Sam seems to see the equation being solved as if he were actually seeing it. This suggests that his intelligence could be part intuition.

His powers also seem to extend to his muscle control, allowing him to perform very precise muscle movements such as complex billiards shots and pinpoint accurate football passes with virtually no practice beforehand.

“he is making a lot of money on lottery and sports bets and in the stock market.”

Gambling got boring, fast.
Gambling got boring, fast.

The ability to pick surface thoughts and more obscure details out of the minds of others, mixing up “cocktails” from recycled stolen memories to inject into the test subjects (the humans start over from in new habitats and identities with new memories to match), seeing (and hearing) through time and space (see visions of the future or of past events and to see ghosts), and the ability to manipulate others with great efficiency. Sam was noted for holding powerful mental manipulation capabilities where he had the capacity to influence minds and manipulate decisions to the point that he was able to destroy entire civilizations. He possess telepathic power on a planetary scale. Sam and machines are able to communicate via telepathy (or ESP). He can mentally communicate with anyone, up to interplanetary distances. He uses a form of telepathy to go into ones dreams.

Sam is a walking course in quantum mechanics. His understanding of time allows all things to exist simultaneously. He would often know where a conversation with somebody would lead. He is already there, in the future, finishing the conversation, able to inform his past self what was going to happen, yet that past self would still go through the conversation, even getting surprised by revelations, even though he was already aware of it. He does not even see the difference between life and death, since these people still exist to him (in the past, where he currently is as well), and in their individual elements, broken down after death.

Memory can be manipulated as though it were the contents of a filing cabinet, that it is moveable (between bodies) and infinitely arrangeable. The Operator is experimenting on humans by removing their memories and replacing them with new ones that were mixed up. To alter people's personality and observe the results. He is convinced that studying what makes each human different will help him find a solution to his endgame. Skilled at both temporary or permanent memory erasure, an invaluable asset in espionage.

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His psychic powers also allow him to manipulate DNA and viruses, creating his mutated Q virus to modify his ship . The virus can also carries his DNA, allowing him to be reborn. With a bit of preparation, he is capable of granting himself any power he needs to defeat an enemy. Only if it's a genetic predisposition to the power and not something that happened by accident so that it can be replicated with retroviral therapy. Thus, he began experimenting with various viral strains mixed with metagenes that culminated in Strain Q. Its component parts were actually nano-machines that were designed to mimic a viral structure. Its metamorphic properties were capable of healing the body of another person and even activating the hidden potential of a Meta/Mutant. From the strain, it was possible to create treated samples that were powerful enough to serve as a serum or antitode to devastating plagues capable of wiping out entire races. Offensively he can create a fast mutating retrovirus to overcome healing factor. Within their artificial brains were imprinted the processes that allowed for evolution of entire species. He is able to restructure the DNA of sentient beings and rewrite the genetic template of future generations. With a simple gesture, a Sam is able to devolve evolved sentient beings and return them to their ancestral roots making him very dangerous against biological foes.

He is able to draw on the power of other's consciousnesses, optionally depleting a target's mental facilities and grows more powerful as he does so.


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He possessed a number of mystic powers, such as an ability to enter the Astral Plane and observe earthly events without being seen, and to emerge from that locale wherever he pleased (i.e., teleport), limited phasing and telekinetic powers, and the ability to cast illusions.

  • Astral Projection – Operator can use the mystic realms (certain higher dimensions beyond height, width, depth, etc. where the physical laws can be based on magic rather than science) as a portal to another destination allowing him transportation over great distances (capable of inter-dimensional travel) in an instant. He has gone from innocent experiments to robbing banks and joytripping around the world. Operator can use this means to travel to a place the location of which he does not know, and he can transport another person with him through the astral plane. He can create a "pocket dimension" in which time does not exist. Anything deposited within this dimension exists in a timeless limbo until extracted. Even Even a mysterious dimension, where one's surroundings are molded by one's wishes and desires. Apparently, it can only be entered with the mind, not physically.
  • Hypnotism – Operator can mesmerize an opponent or weak willed individual to do simple tasks, forget things that they saw, etc. He has the hypnotic power to induce instant sleep in the human subjects. Sometimes hypnosis victim keeps falling asleep too soon, or follow his instructions too closely.
  • Illusions – Operator can project illusions that fool the senses. Some of these illusions were so strong that they killed a person through sheer fright and left no physical bruises on the body.
  • Intangibility – Operator can make his physical form immaterial and pass through solid objects. He can also selectively solidify parts of his body for example, he can keep his arm solid while making the rest of his body intangible. Sam is able to exist indefinitely as a non-corporeal form. He can then possess a human and transform their body into a version of his own. His supernatural nature meant that Sam seemingly was able to phase his entire body away from attacks allowing him to avoid them or phase his hands into a person where he could cause them either intense pain or even sever limbs from them.
  • Telekinesis – Operator can move objects with his mental concentration. He's adept enough with telekinesis to manipulate many objects at once when cooking dishes, and uses a spell to turn regular carbon into diamond. Even to telekinetically burn images onto surfaces or into a person's mind. Sam can manipulate items of up to 10 tons by the force of his mind, including his own body, allowing for a form of flight.
  • Plant Growth/Creation - The Operator has used his knowledge of botany to breed and hybridize mutant strains of various plants, and then uses his growth power to make them grow almost instantly. These mutant strains have a variety of effects: causing intense hayfever in targets, imparting drug induced hallucinations, firing thorny projectiles, etc.
  • Flintlock Pistols: Sam carries a pair of magically-enhanced pistols that shot fiery projectiles at their targets and burnt their targets from the inside if they connected. But whenever fired, the pistols are magically reloaded.
  • Matter Transmutation: The Operator can magically affect any projectile aimed at him, whether it be a bullet, arrow, etc., turning it into harmless matter, such as a flower, confetti, smoke, etc.
  • Diminution/Enlargement: This means that the matter can be reduced to about 6% of its original size, by means of atomic reduction. The hand can increase the size of matter, with Incredible ability. This means that any object may be enlarged to up to ten times its original size, by means of atomic growth.

Thoughtcasting over short or vast distances in a manner virtually identical with telepathy. The entire Earth is within the reach of Operator's mind, providing he knew where to contact the specific mind he is seeking. He could simultaneously communicate with about a dozen minds at a time. The Wizard can magically control a target's mind at Good intensity. His abilities utilize negation, which means that he can totally shut off the target's mind.

The Quixotic equipped Operator with a sword and belt possessing mystic powers, including flight and the ability to turn people to stone.

To top it off, he had a device that could locate evildoers by focusing on their thought waves. Dakor is a magician (hence his title). He's also a detective, and specializes in dealing with "unusual crimes." He has to have magical or monstrous opponents, someone or something that can challenge him.


“Remember this Melcher, No one on Earth is like me- and I will get you if you fail to stop. I’ll come for you if you squeal about this- and I leave it to you to imagine what will happen. You’re all done for, you cheap swindlers. And I am Doom!”

Even more pacifistic now, Sam shows a greater interest in technology than his combative training.
Even more pacifistic now, Sam shows a greater interest in technology than his combative training.

Assessment: Operator can tell the difficulty of many tasks and judge the abilities of others. If he takes a full exchange to analyze a person or task, he can learn the difficulty of a task or one ability or intensity about an individual.

I would rather try to persuade a man to go along, because once I have persuaded him he will stick. If I scare him, he will stay just as long as he is scared, and then he is gone.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Manipulation: Operator can get people to do what he wants without letting them know it. This includes scheming, seduction, and other such machinations.

Leadership: Keeping a team together and focused on goals.

Weapons Tinkering: Sam can create a variety of weapons out of available materials, Sam enjoys making something out of nothing.

Tactics: Operator is a skilled strategist and has more than a rudimentary knowledge of hand-to-hand combat. Having taught a diet and exercise regimen and a style of martial arts that has unlocked near-superhuman abilities in its practitioners. He is assisted by a number of highly skilled martial artists. Since becoming a master of these arts, The Operator has roamed the galaxy to study many other hand-to-hand fighting techniques and seek spiritual wholeness. Only for soundness of body and mind rather than for battle. His philosophies are incorporated into his fighting style, which is more defensive, employing Aikido-esque and Judo-esque techniques and use his opponents' swings against them. By always making levers, locks and twists to his opponents which are very painful and especially "projecting" enemies which are larger than he is through the principle of Aikido (which also is the Judo and Ju-Jitsu). Sam's fighting prowess in combination with his immense powers and strength make him one of the deadliest combatants alive.

Just ask one of his students
Just ask one of his students

Espionage: Operator is a strategist in terrorist and commando operations. He can notice small clues, operate spy equipment, tell when someone is on his trail and track a target.

Technology is starting to give us superpowers once reserved for comic-book heroes.

Alien Science: This is a combination of non-Terran based Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, and Linguistics derived from the different races of aliens. Each discipline is sufficiently cross-referenced to every other that they constitute a single unified body of knowledge, in addition to having translated them it to their Terran equivalents. The Operator has incorporated this knowledge with his own understanding of Earth-based technology to allow him to apply it constructively to solve problems, create new machines and substances, and build structures using techniques as yet un-mastered by general Humanity. Using fragments of the technology of the Ancients and his own powers, the Operator make fantastic progress in the psionic and physical sciences.


tongue of fire
tongue of fire

He has a sword, beam-gun and amulet to help him in battle.

Flambard: An unusual waved-bladed rapier popular with officers and upper classes during the 1600s; the intention of this unusual shape is to represent fire when moving. It was considered to look both fashionable and deadly as well as believed to inflict a more deadly wound. When parrying with the flamberge, the opponent's sword was slowed slightly as it passed along the length. It also created a disconcerting vibration in the other blade.

  • Materials: Wootz steel blade; golden hilt
  • Measurements: Total length: 50 inches; blade length: 42 inches; hilt length 8 inches. All measurements are approximate.
  • Period: Early 16th century

The Operator’s Flambard is outfitted with several devices. It could project an energy beam with great concussive force, a disintegrating ray, a large jet of flame, electrical energy in a form resembling lightning, or a stream of gas that would render an opponent temporarily unconscious. The sword can be used as a grapnel via a cable attaching the hilt and sword

His double-bladed sword can split into two swords (there's a trick to fitting the combined sword into his hand - take them apart, slide one handle into his hand, then snap them back together again). One side is wavy, the other is flat.

This sword is considered to be an entire symbol surrounded by esoteric and mysterious legends.

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Apporter: It is a portable apportation weapon developed by Sameyel before the to transport targets elsewhere. To be able to counter additional threat, they had to be separated, thus transporting them back to their own dimension.

Secondary fire

It is a portable teleporter. It functions as a weapon, a defensive device and a mode of movement. It consists of two parts, a source module and a destination module. Throw the destination module with the primary fire button; then press the secondary fire button to instantly teleport to the spot where the destination module landed. If the destination module is thrown close enough to an enemy and teleportation is fired, he can "telefrag" the opponent.

Tertiary fire

The handheld is designed to create and place portals on any surface that is immobile, flat and large enough. When the device is fired, a colored projectile will be emitted from the barrel. If the projectile strikes a valid surface, a portal of the corresponding color will be formed. If a portal of the other color is already placed, these two portals will be linked. Limited to the use of only two portals at a time. Nothing will happen if a portal is shot at an enemy or other object.

he fired his gun and found that he could meat people in their tracks
he fired his gun and found that he could meat people in their tracks

Meat Ray Gun - that turns anything into meat. With this gun, he can even turn an entire city into meat and then eat it. Zapping targets into T-Bone Steak or even Hamburger Patties.

It is the Operator's own weapon, and transforms foes into delicious-looking cuts of meat

Secondary Fire

which allows the device to shoot meat ( tasty meat products) that appear out of the barrel.

Note: this is his personal favorite amongst all other inventions.

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The Amulet of kwikˈsätik – This round disc made is held in the Operator’s hand and he uses it as people would use a cross to ward off a vampire. Some of his abilities were focused through a magic amulet he carried, holding it in front of him and focusing his will through it, he is able to perform many feats. With it he can repel and exorcise various supernatural beings, and even repel certain natural forms of energy.

The artifact, roughly resembling a amulet, gives its attuned user considerable boosts of psycho-kinesis and the power of ectoplasmic projection. The Amulet is able to heal others, even after the point of death, with Excellent ability. It can regenerate large areas of lost tissue, and bring the dead back to life (within about 3 weeks of the time of death).

when he rubbed the amulet it would summon forth the ghostly green spirit Gregory, who is able to perform a variety of tasks at Sam's request, including following trails left by criminals, shifting men into cubs and crumbling down barriers. The ghost could manipulate the physical world and provide Sam with information and encouragement. Gregory develops the ability to channel the power of multiple spiritual entities, and to assume a fully metahuman adult form for brief periods of time.

Emergency Weapon(s) - Must be Activated

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  1. a radioactive ring which allowed him to fire paralyzing beams from his eyes.
  2. a mocking jay shaped ring which releases some of the gas inside, when inhaled. The gas gave the strength of ten men, resistance to up to .38 caliber bullets, and heightened reflexes. The effect lasted for at least a day.
  3. a charm-dispelling ring that had been handed down to him from era of mythology
  4. a magic ring that contains "knockout gas"
  5. He possessed a ring that glowed with light whenever in the presence of danger. Whenever Operator was very angry, an image of a large Lion appears behind him.
  6. a ring in the shape of a wyrm which could release gasses derived from “wyvern bone powder” that allowed him to “reveal the shadow realm."
  7. a ring contained poison that could be dropped in a drink
  8. a leonine ring which gave him additional strength if he looked at it.

Alternate Costume

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Sam disguises himself as a praetorian elite of the Q Duumvirate under the name of Nihl. With voice muffled and face concealed, as well as wearing a form-fitting black suit with the white fish lens in the eyes, Nihl is unrecognizable as Sam. The lenses of Black Manta's helmet are equipped with Amazing-intensity laser beams, capable of peircing carbon steel. As well with a magical cloak and headpiece hat that could give the wearer invulnerability and super strength.The headpiece makes him good and the effect slowly becomes more permanent the more time he spends wearing the headpiece.

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Nihl wore a pair of heavy gloves with razor-sharp talons at the fingertips that grants a boost to his super strength, this also allows him to discharge lighting through his hands

He has low-level super-speed thanks to his costume's wheeled feet. The wheels were made of osmium steel, which allowed him to use them as cutting tools.

He converts invisibility technology into a belt that could turn him invisible, which also allowed him to turn his body into a gasseous state. In this state, he was impervious to fists and bullets and could escape through even the smallest crack. He could also fly and carry small objects in this state. However, to make attacks, he had to become solid. This includes growing to tremendous size and flight.

Nihl's belt gives him powers such as the ability to control and absorb electricity and magnetize both people and objects. This extended to any form of electricity - including static electricity - something which he used to potentially deadly effect. As well as stopping metal from harming men via a "contra-magnetic field."

Nihl's specialized suit can convert common seawater into breathable air, giving him an unlimited personal air supply for as long as it operates. In addition, it protects him from the enormous pressures of the deep.


No Caption Provided
  • Reluctant to kill
  • A man who is unable to dream.
  • Polyphagia
  • Hyperalimentation
  • Compulsive overeating
  • Binge eating disorder (BED)
  • His increased metabolism has the side-effect of dramatically increasing his appetite. Sam even eats when he's sleeping. Perhaps he has a superhuman appetite?
  • Sam usually eat 30-40 meals a day to maintain his metabolism.
  • Sam Smerk has a fever and the only cure is more hamburger/sandwich. sam actually has a pretty bad burger addiction. His severe burger/sandwich withdraws cause sweats, hallucinations, and the shakes.
  • Not eating for extended periods can cause Sam's body to degenerate, but consuming flesh will reverse the process. As with other predators such like lions and tigers, Sam have preference for their prey's internal organs. Muscle meat is eaten last if at all. He will engage in feeding frenzies if he sense raw flesh or blood. If he us wounded, he will eat his own damaged body parts.


  • Sam's favorite dish is the hamburger/sandwich, and he is usually seen contentedly munching on one. Sometimes using his superspeed to shovel as many hamburgers/sandwiches inside his gullet as fast as he can.
  • He's more of a swallower. A swallower of mostly living animals. Sam was known to eat live cats, snakes, lizards, and puppies. On one occasion, he swallowed an eel without chewing.
  • He has a rapid metabolism and he can take in much food (2x, 8x his body weight) and still stay thin.
  • He has a fascination with food and is known to be a food expert.
  • Frequently eating on the job, even as a man gets robbed
  • Favorite sandwich is the Dagwood (tall, multi-layered [at least, three] sandwich topped with an olive on a toothpick), guilty pleasure is the Scoobywood (feel free to throw a whole fish, a wheel of cheese, and several scoops of ice cream on top of the sandwich)
  • He also sells the rights to his stories to several publishers. His invention of an extended heroic family helps to further conceal the grains of truth in his satirical monologues.
  • Sam also possessed an enormous appetite for sweets,


No Caption Provided

Gregory the summoned spirit serf offering his skills to the entire group, helping host alien dignitaries and babysitting super powered children. But if Master Sam is threatened, then he can transform into a western gunslinger who can also throw some mean punches. He is a jack of all trades. Gregory tries to help around the house like any other butler (addicted to laundry, he cooks, cleans, irons and is frequently seen dusting and vacuuming using typically human cleaning tools to do so), but what makes Gregory a striking character is his impeccable taste in literature.

He can drive a custom electric vehicle, perform many household tasks, act as security, and even synthesize complex materials for humans' use.


"roasted pigs wander about with knives in their backs to make carving easy, where grilled geese fly directly into one's mouth, where cooked fish jump out of the water and land at one's feet. The weather is always mild, the wine flows freely, sex is readily available, and all people enjoy eternal youth."

As he grows more and more out of touch with humanity, he begins to frighten people, to the point where there is eventually a backlash against him, resulting in his self-exile to Cockaigne. He is just as happy there as he ever was on Earth. He builds a huge bread castle for himself and lives there, occasionally transporting people to him for conversations.

a utopia of desire.
a utopia of desire.

Sameyel Pestle Smerk finds his home on the fabled land of luxury and idleness, 'Cockaigne' a land overflowing with milk and honey where food fell into your mouth by itself. It was a then thought to be imaginary place a medieval peasant could aspire to, a place away from the harsh reality of life. Instead cheese falls from the sky, alcohol flows through the streams and sex is effortless and guilt-free, liberated from religious or parliamental influence. There was even talk about roasted pigs squealing through the town with a knife plunged into their banks for easy carving.

Horses born with saddles and fish that leap out of the river and offer themselves as food. Tarts that cook themselves and fences made of sausages. A medieval mythical land of plenty, an imaginary place of extreme luxury and ease where physical comforts and pleasures are always immediately at hand and where the harshness of medieval peasant life does not exist. Cockaigne/Cockaygne/Cockayne/Cokaygne is a land of contraries, where all the restrictions of society are defied (abbots beaten by their monks), sexual liberty is open (nuns flipped over to show their bottoms), and food is plentiful (skies that rain cheeses). It represented both wish fulfillment and resentment at the strictures of asceticism and dearth.

A land he found from an anonymous 13th-century poem that portrays a place that is allegedly better than paradise.


A bioship is a vessel, space-faring, made partly or entirely of organic matter and usually alive in some way. The Bioship is a gengineered vehicle of Sam capable of harnessing psi for propulsion and other abilities.

No Caption Provided

Smith is a bio-ship that possesses creativity. Art,music anything that gives pleasure in creating marvelous things. It is an advanced bioship built in secrecy by Sam. One of the purposes was scientific curiosity, but the spacecraft had to be useful: very fast to travel through the Hyperspace, capable of self-repair for reliability away from technical facilities, and preferably able to visit low-gravity worlds. But the main goal is to be some day able to literally grow spacecraft for a relatively low cost. Cooperating with/working for humans is something it likes on an instinctive level. Sometimes it frolics in asteroid belts on its own, without a mission. This bioship is very childlike, yet its bioship "brain" is mature in a different environment like in a simulation.

No Caption Provided

Rather than become prisoners, the Meta-Predators blasted a hold in the wall of the lunar Watchtower. They were sucked out into space and are presumed dead.

When a band of Predators were captured on a Dominator controlled moon, the Dominators cloned and modified the DNA of the vicious hunter species. The Dominators gave the already formidable Predators super-human powers similar to those of their hated foes, the JLA. At this time, there are known to have been nine so-called "Meta-Predators." The JLA counterparts include Aquaman, the Atom, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, the Martian Manhunter, Plastic Man, Superman and Wonder Woman. The Dominators say that they cloned and tailored the Predators to destroy the JLA, but the Predators killed most of the Dominators on the project.

Smith was designed to be fast rather than robust, with exceptional regenerative capabilities which should compensate for its relative structural weakness. The spacecraft's nervous system includes a large brain spread in the internal structure of the ship, and implanted with cybernetic systems. This bioship is highly intelligent and fully sapient.

Powers: Smith is immensely strong and possesses a remarkable resilience to injury and a very quick acting healing factor. The mutant bioship is also fully amphibious, able to operate underwater as easily as he can on land. 'Limbs' are fully usable, enabling him to grab objects and employ them as crude weapons, or even snatch planes from the sky. The bioship's long 'tendril' can also be employed as a powerful, bludgeoning whip. The bioship also goes into a violent frenzy when harmed, overpowering his adversaries with a sudden and surprising burst of berserk strength when on the very verge of defeat.


  • Psionic Tranceiver

This device consists of a special array of psi-enhancing devices

that make it possible for a psionisist with telepathic abilities to communicate over interstellar distances. Monitoring the transceiver for incoming messages requires the psion’s attention, although he can go about other duties as long as he wears the headset that links him to the transceiver. Compressed data files, technical diagrams, or tactical readouts can also be sent — as long as the ship’s psion also has the ability to “Datalink”. Theoretically there is no maximun distance as long as the psionisist is capable of successfully using his abilities.

Datalink is the ability to interact with computer equipement using his mind, a skill that supposedly each member of a psionic race ship should possess in order to be able to fully intergrate his powers with the ship’s systems.

  • Omniscience Sphere

Based on rare psi-technology, the omniscience sphere is a sensor device that automatically detects any and all objects that approach within 50 megameters of the ship or station. Sophisticated neural filters and data-feed programs allow the operator to instantly relay his findings to the ship’s computers for fire control solutions and detailed tracking predictions. The omniscience sphere must be manned by a psionic who possesses ESP (extra sensory perception) abilities. The psion cannot rest or meditate while plugged in to the sphere.

  • Psychoportive drive

Psychoportive drive technology uses the power of the mind to defeat the restrictions of time and space. The psychoportive drive works a lot like a jump drive, except that instead of burning fuel, it burns psionic energy.

Multiple psionics can contribute to increase the range of the jump. Each psychoportive jump takes one full day. Psionic characters recover their psionic energy points normally after using them on the initial entry into Hyperspace. Calculating the probabilities and energies of the next jump requires one psionic character, the navigator, to perform a complex ESP-navcognition calculation.

Navcognition can instictively determine his location over great distances and mentaly plot a course to that location. Keep in mind that in order to do that they psionisist must be highly trained to this ability, since during his first steps he will only be able to navigate through small dinstances and only on planetary bodies

  • Transcendent Drive
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The Transendent Drive is the evolution of the Psycoportive drive. The transcendent drive system harnesses the power of a psionically gifted person and unlocks unfathomable energies with the key of an intelligent mind. The drive permits travel at FTL speeds in normal space with no careful navigation plots or calculations required. The ship’s speed is a number of light-years per hour equal to the psionic energy score of a single psionic character who is flying the ship at any given time. A psionic character who powers the transcendent drive even for a moment immediately expends all of his psionic energy points. He can stay “in the chair” for up to eight hours before becoming exhausted. He can begin to recover psionic energy normally after he leaves the chair.

  • Kinetron

As a Psionisists with Telekinetic abilities can move an object or levitate it so he can also move the ship it self. The Kinetron is a complex neuro-electronic system capable of amplifying his psionic powers but also to direct them in order to give to him the ability to steer the ship with grace and point presicion. The Kinetron can both be used for space flight as well as a planetary thruster. The network will require about 5% of the ship’s hull point and 1MWatt of energy per hull point.

  • Psionic Capacitor

In simple terms a Psionic capacitor is a huge battery made by a crystallic compound able to story psionic energy over a period of time. The rate of decay of the capacitor is analogue to it’s quality. A marginal quality capacitor has a decay rate of 2% per hour as an amazing quality capacitor can hold psionic energy over much more extended periods of time with a decay rate of 1% per day.

  • Psionic Emitter Array

The Psionic Emitter Array works as an amplifier of a mindwalker’s psionic abilities. Skills like Elentrokinetics, Pyrokinetics, Photokinetics and Telekinisis can be enchanced and significantly boosted in order to create disastrous effects and concequently damaging the targeted object. In most cases he user of the Psionic Emitter array is feeded data from the Omniscient Sphere but the Array can also be used with any other conventional sensors. The array must have a direct line of sight with the target and has a 180 degrees active view.

  • Psionic Conductor Array

A Psionic Conductor Array work with the same principles that the Psionic Emitter works but the system is designed in order to cover the whole area of the ship and to use the psi provided to shield the ship by modulating a psionic shield in order to dissipate incoming damage.

Smith have somehow been granted the ability to speak, it remains an animal. He speaks with human words, but he does not express human sentiments. Their verbal speech are mostly exhortations for food or acceptance. Smith was originally the dog with the same name before being reincarnated by Sam, retains his loyalty to the Operator, whom he refers to as “SAM.”

Combat Style

2.5m tall 'Sam Smith' bio power armor
2.5m tall 'Sam Smith' bio power armor

Smith displays an unpredictable nature. At times, he is slow to anger, almost passive, and waits to react to whatever he has encountered. At others, the bioship is almost wantonly destructive, attacking everything around him with almost total disregard. Smith displays a curious nature, and investigates anything that puzzles him, attacking it if he feels too confined or threatened by it. The bioship is a determined opponent and quick to anger once battle is joined. However, he is also highly intelligent, able to recognize allies and friends when he finds them, even things so small and insignificant as individual human beings. Smith will even expose himself to attack to defend or protect an imperilled ally. The bioship also seems able to recognize evil when he sees it, even in small human beings, attacking murderous cattle rustlers and the terrorist soldiers when he encountered them. The bioship spares no quarter for his foes, attacking until they are destroyed, sparing them no quarter and asking none in return. Smith is a bioship that does not retreat, and does not refuse any challenge.

Armaments in power armor mode

  1. Energy Rifle: Sam Smith is equipped with a powerful energy rifle that he keeps concealed in his back. The strength of this attack is enough to cripple most enemies.
  2. Wrist Guns: When needed, Sam Smith can fire large bullets of psi-construct from his wrists.
  3. Wrist Blades: Sam Smith can extend long, very sharp blades that can cut nearly anything from his wrists.
  4. Hooks: When needed, Sam Smith can extend sharp hooks from his hands.
  5. Spiked Knuckles: When in battle, Sam Smith can cover his knuckles with spikes, allowing him to punch his way through an opponent’s body in just a few hits.
  6. Energy Cannons: Powered-Up Sam Smith is equipped with powerful energy cannons on each shoulder. These cannons are strong enough to send opponents hurtling backward dozens of yards with one shot.
  7. Vulcan: Powered-Up Sam Smith is equipped with a Vulcan cannon, on his wrist.

He is ftted with a hi-tech cybersynaptic biosuit that functioned as an extension of his body which meant it was cybernetically linked to the subject's cerebral cortex. The suit is in turn equipped with a Psi-Screen Stealth Mode that not only made him visually but also from telepathic senses. This Psi-Jamming Stealth Suit prevented telepaths from detecting presence. As a result, he is able to completely mask his presence both physically and psychically which provided him an advantage on the battlefield.

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The Blue Bolt

Growing up for adventure!

Meet Arius, you every day average Emrysian (black amoeba-like creatures with solid red cores). They can survive in space in a stasis, their skin doesn't suffer damage when hit by bullets and they are resistant to explosives (His dense body can absorb the damage of an opponent) unless you manage to get it inside their rather explosive internal biology. Pyrokinesis is a normal, naturalistic power which anyone of their kind can train themselves to achieve.

Emrys's abyssal world is known as "the black of the mirror," and their crystal mirror is a symbol of the boundary between the two worlds. Explorers of Emrys say she take them below the abyss to their world, and they return with new powers. Some people become slime beings this way.

There is a story of a globling who had just materialized from the primordial reserves who decided to experience 'life' by venturing outwards to a random direction. Inadvertently going towards the duo ba'ric cone before he matures, he went to the bottom of the center of the cone and encountered a spire at the bottom with the emerald embedded inside it.

The emerald had a very powerful aura emanating out of it, as the globling did not have hands it did not touch the crystal but when he returned from that experience that he was a whole new being, and his body underwent massive changes, the elders (who can will their bodies into various different shapes in combat and generally assume the form of hairless, legless humanoids from the waist up )do know that there is something there, they have discovered something there and are protecting their findings for it would change their customs

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Its very existence is a complete mystery.
Its very existence is a complete mystery.
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Height: 3‘ 0”

Weight : 60 lbs

Age: 5

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: ???

Arius gained his plethora of abilities from one of 3 ancient Emrys teleportation sites. A light that radiated from a powerful emerald embedded into a spire at the bottom of the abyss, in which was once frozen land, archaic lore claim it as a place of magical powers incomprehensible to sapient kind, If Emrysians neglected their elder rumors and venture down there and explore the surface they would find the biggest discovery in their kind

His other two siblings, Ehram, and Aurio also come back into contact with each other after their own ventures to other parts of the Spire. There powers are activated by the glow of the emerald and they discover they are 'evolved' with these gifts. They decided to create 'Societate singularem' to train and control their own powers.

Littlest Magician

The universe will eventually collapse in on itself or either rip itself apart, because he has capability to travel through time he could act to prevent this, working his best to achieve newer heights so that he can be strong enough to alter the way the universe functions.

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Name: Arius Athanasios Eilif

Theme: Saria's Song (Lost Woods)

Looks: Black Mage, Botamon, Black Algae, Heartless Orko, Vivi Orunitia, Nin Nin, Myst-Vearn Wizzrobe and Jawas

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And that is how I began my journey...

Does not angst about his Immortal condition because of the journeys he gets with Time Travel (moving backwards and forwards to different points in time, in a manner analogous to moving through space. Additionally, with the possibility of travel between parallel realities or universes). He has lived where others do not dare to tread. he would seek out new adventures, read more tomes, make more love, make new comrades, move on from old friends, find them later. He is a time "tourist" Arius could keep their hid of hid past , instead replacing it with the "new past" that he creates.

He has met his grand children's, grand children's, grand children and witness great events in history (Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel, the construction of the Great Wall of China or the Eiffel Tower in Paris). Seeing how the world advances in art, science and all of it's technologies. If he doesn't like how the future turns out, he can always return to a time that he most enjoyed (he must be touching other characters in order to take them in time).

He is an immortal being who essentially feeds off knowledge (gets all the information out of a book by touching it.) Because of this Arius has the capability to understand any language, human or otherwise. This has interesting applications in reading DNA code. because even in forever he won't truly be able to experience everything. The world constantly changing would be a new source of experiences all the time, he spends forever learning about what ever he wanted to learn about.

Arius has no mouth so he communicates through the power of suggestion. He cannot use this to control another's mind, but can "speak" into their head like it's that person's own thoughts, and plant ideas ( or breaking a mind into a catatonic state). Empathic ablities also allows him to judge other's characters and discern between threats and friendlies (lie detector). This has extended to heights where he can 'perceive' the connections between two things, like how one person is connected to another person or place or thing. Which has been used as means of tracking

With time travel (which can also be done with the use of cosmic strings , black holes or wormholes which are holes smaller than particles of atoms in the universe (traveling through them will require matter to be transformed into energy and then sent through such quantum features of the universe to distant parts of the universe well beyond the speed of light and to transform any matter back to their original material form) , fundamentally, a "shortcut" through spacetime. If he travels through one he will come out at a different part of time and space, either forward or back in time) medicine and treatment for illnesses, most will be curable as he aims to help others.

He wouldn't die, alternatively he could get to see how the world advances in art, science and all of it's technologies. He could survive anything, and without pain. He uses his 'invincibility' to help others. Multiple lives where Arius could fake his own death or get out of tough situations simply by dying and being left literally for dead.

Decades are also spent on exercising so he can maintain fitness, displaying amazing speed and dexterity, leaping through the air Despite his small size, Arius is a capable fighter even when outnumbered against much larger opponents. It is very agile as it moves around defying gravity. He is skilled with a quarterstaff and often practically dances around his enemies who can't keep up with him.

Wizardry is his forte, whereas the rest of his immortal race 'Emrys' would dwell in philosophy Arius has studied magic in pilgrimage and hermitage, his first spell was that of a soul draining kind. For this transgression against their customary laws he was excommunicated from their community.

Arius lives among 'normal' society. If somebody found out, he would "self-terminate" on camera by shooting myself in the head or jumping off a building and have an accomplice the funeral, he can be buried then the accomplice would dig him out. Or simply kill whoever found out.

Unlike the rest of Emrysians Arius also possessed a divergent form of immortality which baffled them, Quantum Immortality ( the wavefunction never collapses, and thus all possible outcomes of a quantum event exist simultaneously, with each event apparently spawning an entirely new universe in which a single possible outcome exists. One could hypothetically live forever, since there might be a string of possible quantum outcomes in which that individual never dies.)

If anyone went back in time and tried to kill Arius something will always happen that will prevent them from doing so, but if they are able to do it, that would mean it's a parallel universe, meaning that the future Arius in that universe won't exist but you will, because you are from another universe.

With Astral projection allows Arius to shift his conciousness outside his body. He has used this to possess someone else, namely his own alternate reality versions. Therefore creating a vast network of intel. Trading consciousness from shell to shell.

He is conscious enough to know the problems that face the world today; inaction speaks loudly to the current state of the human condition. War, famine, ozone depletion, human trafficking, and the list goes on. His gift to rewind and rewatch events of the past makes a boon for detective work. Teleportation has also benefited this being, considering how easy it is be for Arius to enter himself in houses or stores and how easy it would be for him to run away from captors (has teleported up to 200 million light years from earth so far). This spreads his activities massively (has teleported up to a house), at the cost to other's privacy.

Common feats

  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed - Time travel can also be done by traveling faster than the speed of light and Alcubierre 'warp' drive. He gets plenty of meaningless things done faster so that hecan get to the better more enjoyable things in life.
  • Teleportation - It involves creating a copy of himself. A copy of his cells, everything (quantum state of matter), transfer it to another place for reassembly, and the original self is destroyed (destroy in location one and recreate in another). He can teleport others, even to delay the effect up to a 10 day period. Memories (bio electrical arrangements in brain) and experiences will be the same; Nothing changes; Soul Maintained (sometimes the soul 'finds' the body); Never Fail. However if he decides to use it offensively against someone in middle of teleporting to 'break', they're bodies molecules will be forever scatter around the world. When he teleports the cells break up and go somewhere else where he reform, so if he can't reform all the way then he'll be disfigured.
  • Forcefields
  • Shape shifting
  • X-ray vision. He studies you with his x-ray eye ball that can see all.
  • Laser vision
  • Ability to manipulate electronics. Good for hacking (get a machine to kill something).
  • Pyrokinesis. Power over the element of fire, mostly conjuring up fireballs of any size and telekinetically throwing them at his opponents. With it he can also fly. Ever since childhood he's been able to create/control fires (to excite an object's atoms, increasing their thermal energy until they ignite) with his mind but following a tragedy in which he accidentally killed a kinsman, he was put into rehabilitation (is a slight pyromaniac). Alternatively he can also find ways to fuel his flames, by finding the most flammable substance that occurs in nature which can be exploited to create fire. By subconsciously drawing it from somewhere, or maybe they focus it from the air. Methane is 1.745 ppm by volume while hydrogen is just 0.55 ppm by volume. It is the main component of natural gas so it could be concentrated in areas where there's a natural gas pipe leak, or there's a swamp nearby, or near mines and so on. Advanced forms include Incineration, to incinerate someone or something (power is used through focusing the eyes directly on the target) and Flaming, which is a fire based type of Teleportation. They appear to be engulfed in intense flames, though this does not harm anyone who possesses this power.
  • Manipulation of time. Arius can speed up, slow down, or even skip through time.
  • Invisibility. He can spy on people (espionage or to use in warfare), sneak into aircraft, use it for any kind of investigation and play some pretty awesome tricks on people
  • Telekinesis (can be used also to teleport by warping space, or to fly by conforming space around yourself, and create hus own mini-dimension.) A neat application of this is pressurization to induce a high pressure on someone's skull, therefore, engorging their veins, causing blood clots, and eventually resulting in their death.

Fight Style

He trains all the time to be considered legendary.
He trains all the time to be considered legendary.

Before he had legs Arius shoots beams of light to catch its prey. The globling has an excellent aim. It shoots at insects on debris that float over the abyss that can live forever (unless they are killed) which are impervious to anything except for lasers, which can kill them because it vaporising qualities. It also shoots at scarabs that have spun their shell above the abyss. When a victim is hit by the rays, it falls into the abyss and the Arius gets a meal. A Globling shoots light by squeezing its eye covers. That pushes light forward along the roof of its eyes. Arius can squirt several beams of light in succession, others can "fire" only one shot.

He specializes in killing enemies before they even come close. He has a wide range of ballistic-type weapons to choose from. Being reliant on ballistics means he has a steady supply of ammunition. After the evolution he can hit target at ludicrous distances.

Guerrilla Magic

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The term “guerrilla” is derived from the Spanish word for “little war.” A form of asymmetric combat, guerrilla warfare is waged without fronts, heavy weapons, or lines of communication. Instead, lightly armed guerrillas launch attacks to disrupt and intimidate. They use the terrain to hide from the enemy: rural guerrill- as use the mountains, swamps, and forests, and urban guerrillas use densely populated cities, where the crowds themselves provide cover. Urban guerrilla warfare, a kind of “lightning war” against modern society, is asymmetric warfare focused on the cities. Since modern technology can identify and target the rural guerrilla,urban environments are now becoming more attractive to insurgents, who can use the concentrated population in cities for concealment. In the opinion of some, urban guerrilla warfare is indistinguishable from terrorism. Spell grenades and enchanted fog bombs can also be considered light weapons, with defensive power for cover and withdrawal. Blasting rods can be useful if used at close range and point blank. They are useful even for a poor shot, especially at night when precision isn't much help. Homebrew weapons are ofte- n as efficient as the best weapons produced in conventional forges, and even a sawed-off blasting rod is a good weapon for the urban guerrilla fighter. or improvising and producing effective small arms. Experience in metallurgy and on the mechanical lathe are basic skills the urban guerrilla should incorporate into his manufacturing plans for the construction of homemade weapons. This production, and courses in explosives and sabotage, must be organized. Ognjeni cocktails, gasoline, homemade contrivances such as catapults and mortars for firing explosives, grenades made of pipes and cans, smoke bombs, mines, conventional explosives such as dynamite and potassium chlorate, plastic explosives, gelatine capsules, and ammunition of every kind are indispen- sable to the success of the urban guerrilla's mission. He likes attack their supply lines in hit-and-run style attacks, in order to force their enemy to retreat from his area.

Weapon(s) of choice

His Palisade Stick Shaft is a magitek blaster/quarterstaff combo and he has a .45 Waltz P-Class A4 spell shooter as back up.

"Its a Roman Candle, I swear"
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Arius is armed with his trusty stick shaft It is immensely heavy (weighing at least 100 tons) It has the power to change its size, multiply itself, and fight according to the whim of its master. At times it is essentially an indestructible wooden bat, and is capable of crushing skulls with a single hit. It is used to bludgeon opponents (clubbing the enemy's head), using the flexible shaft to strike with greater momentum from a swing to increase the impact ( a strong blow to even the strongest helmet could still transfer enough energy to cause a concussion, strong enough to kill a helmeted opponent due to a broken neck when it struck the helmet).

Aside from practical uses, he can cause it grow in length, and in some instances used its lengthening powers to impale enemies from a distance. At times he can also make the stick shaft separate (connected by chains at the splits) into a sectioned staff; he usually uses this form of his staff to hack away at things, like giant plants in a couple cases.

Respect his privacy
Respect his privacy

The staff can also shoot lethal, non lethal energy blasts, bursts of fire, electric bolts (or used as cattle prod), plasma bolts and stun bursts from both ends depending on the spells Arius has prepared. The staff can also be used to strike using energy at each end. It is his favorite weapon of choice. The weapon was usually used one-handed in an overhand fashion, although it could be used two handed.

It can even be fired when in direct contact with the target. When hungry Arius uses it for spear fishing and against sharks or alligators. It can be for sport, for defense, or to kill nuisance animals (sometimes criminals). By firing while in contact with the target, a spell does not waste energy on traveling through the medium, but rather expends all its energy directly on the target.

Unlike a normal staff, he can set it so that it doesn't physically destroy people and an immaterial energy column that could disrupt a victim’s nervous system without doing physical damage, it renders them unconscious for a few hours. Used for subduing those who resist arrest!

"Lookit mah shiny toy gun"
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Magic guns commonly only fire destructive spells, the power of which are in direct proportion to the type of gun and the user's magical power; from which the gun derives its power/ammo. It forms magic power in the atmosphere into bullets. As the Magic's name implies, Arius loads his gun and fire Magic bullets that never miss.

It is also capable of shooting wands which blasts out of the barrel and impales the target. For peaceful solutions it is also capable of emitting an emerald pulse that stuns and knocks targets back. Diadem knockout shots. They go down for hours, wakes up, doesn't know who they are and their head's splitting like a cord of firewood. The 'red' ones are tranquilizer and blood-splatter darts. Looks like a kill shot without the aftereffects. Like death.


  • Arius is able to control his mantle, using it as an extremely strong shield, create constructs out of the cloth, and for flight or lets his mantle turn into a battle axe.
  • The hat can also be used as a throwing weapon, similar to that of a boomerang. To knock out adversaries, or to trip up evading foes.
  • His pair of gloves can make giant energy hands of greatly amplified strength, also used to constrict throats through a ball of light from his hand.


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"These scarabs sure are tasty"
  • shell membrane - the thin layer of ??? that surrounds the Emrys; it allows some substances to pass into the shell, and blocks other substances.
  • contractile vacuole - a cavity within the Emrys that excretes excess water and waste; the waste is brought to the shell membrane and is then eliminated from the Emrys.
  • Psychoplasm - a jelly-like material that fills most of the shell; the organelles are surrounded by psychoplasm. The Emrys can stretch its body out to become thin enough to creep under doors or big enough to cover entire walls.
  • food vacuole - a cavity within the Emrys in which food is digested. food being engulfed by sudopods - the Emrys "eats" by surrounding bits of food with sudopods that form around the food; the Emrys then incorporates the food into the cell, forming a food vacuole. Having no mouth and no way to actually feed on its prey like a normal creature, the Emrys resorts to virtually pulling its victims into its gooey body where its acidic properties quickly kick in. The Emrys can dissolve an adult human in less than a few minutes.
  • sudopods - temporary "feet" that the Emrys uses to move around and to engulf food. Having no definite form at all, the Emrys is capable of extending out tentacles from any part of its mass at any time in order to ensnare prey.

Much like the smaller amoeba, Arius is capable of absorbing organisms to increase its own size. Likewise, the monster can also absorb radiation and radioactive material to grow in size. This can be used to suffocate victims, as well as transport them without any resistance.

Once ingested by a living creature, human or animal, Emrys will slowly begin to eat them from the inside out and also gain full control over them. Letting him flow around his victims, disabling brain functions and paralysing their bodies controlling their movements,

A Emrys attacks by forming itself into various weapons, punching with its amorphous arms, or forming itself into a blob and hitting the enemy with momentum. His body also gives him superhuman strength, durability, and speed.

He can also fling bits of himself. It is also highly addictive, meaning just a small amount is enough to make a host crave more of it. This critter smells slightly sweet. But it is inedible.


  • Was ran over by a Delorean once with a scientist and a skateboarder
  • Is a pretty good sniper
  • Plays a mean game of dodgeball
  • Member of invisible populace (refuse to take surveys or answer questionnaires for privacy reasons)
  • Subjected to minority invisibility (is in the minority so his cause, belief, perspectives, or rights don't matter and are overlooked.)
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