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wow people lighten up a hasn't even been released yet and you're already hating on it? wow

I think it sounds awesome...I've always loved future storylines

I agree wholeheartedly, on both comment's. And other then Superman's hair and the look of the logo I think the redesigns look pretty badass.

I'm guessing that Superman is Kal Kent...his costume and hair are pretty similar

he was the present superman of the 853rd century, personally I'm hoping that the new superman is Superboy all grown up

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already seen it twice, it was awesome, sure theirs a few things I'd like to of been changed like the dark knight rises but over all it was just the best film I've seen in ages, can't wait for the 2nd one and really hope they do a trilogy

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awesome issue, really wana see him incorporate those boots he was testing into his suit, or his fighting style and the hats with the R were a nice touch

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read project superpowers so gona check this out, wonder if he gained any ability's like a lot of the other heroes caught in limbo

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seriously can't wait to get a hold of these been waiting for a WWE1 ever since the decided to do one for Batman, as for Multiversity been excited for it since it was first announced plus Ted Kord's appearance

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the transgender thing wasn't really a big deal, i like shinning knight since i first read seven soldiers but i don't really care whether she's a guy or girl or whatever same goes for any of the other big news items like the marriage in astonishing x-men, or Alan Scott being gay, actually that one really bugged me but only because it means no Jade or Obsidian, i could really careless about a characters sexuality, it's not a major turning point for me, as long as at their core they are a good character with some decent development, their sexuality or gender will never be a deciding factor in whether i chose to take an interest in them or not

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so looks like he'll be delegating his hero work to henchmen or volunteers of some sort, not a 100% on the new suit think it needs a bit of red in the middle to take away from all that black

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yea got entire collection as a TPB a good while ago, definitely one of the best things I've read, it really made my like her a whole lot more

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very cool, i like seeing the variation of styles on the art challenges

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Awesome, has Black Adam always been Egyptian? It doesn't bother me, it actually seems interesting.

yea he's always been Egyptian, i think he had some interaction with prince Khufu who is reincarnated as hawkman back in ancient Egypt if I'm not mistaken. His origin was slightly changed awhile ago to a north african country called Kahndaq.