All the Justice Leaguers

The whole list as far as I can tell

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Posted by MatKrenz

For Rocket Red there is a new one so there are 3 of them.
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Posted by Mr.Q
who was number 42 on page 2? one seems to be missing. unless I missed something.
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Posted by PowerHerc

Good job. 

This kind of list needs to be done for the Avengers and the X-Men, too.

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Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

you have the wrong amazing man on here, and your missing a few characters but it was a goood effort
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Posted by SnowyMountain

Hey, pretty good list but I've noticed that you have a few errors.
The Black Condor who served in the League is actually:
Anateus is really:
The Amazing Man you've listed is the wrong one, he's in the Justice Society and the right one is:
And you've got the wrong Dr. Fate as well, that's the current guy in the Justice Society.  There are two that you want:
Also, if you want to include some of the ones you've missed, there's G'Nort:
Major Disaster: