Promote that woman!



I have noticed something interesting through my recent extensive reading of Wonder Woman.  Most of you know that Wonder Woman has at most points of her life been associated with the military.  In the golden age her secret identity Diana Prince and served mostly in the rank of lieutenant acting basically as a secretary to General Darnell.  As the character came into the silver age (after the depowered mod girl years) she was soon made into a captain and towards the very end of the silver age into major.  With the new direction direction in the silver age Etta Candy was reimagined from a female sidekick from Holliday College to another serving female military member.  She usually held the rank one level below Diana, firs tlieutenant and then captain.  With the 1980s reboot Diana's direct connections to the military were severed though STeve Trvor and Etta Candy kept theirs.  Mostly the same ranks were keopt throughout this period.  Finally though in the most recent reboot, Etta Candy was reimagined as a Lieutenant Colonel (that is rank rank above major and one below colonel), meaning that the Wonder Women are now only two ranks away from the lowest ranking general position.  I find it interesting that for a character that is supposed to represent an icon for women (and has done so to differing degrees throughout her publication history) that at least in terms of military ranks, that the writers have usually been a little bit forward thinking.