Mod Girl Resurgence

I am not sure how much of the portrayal of Diana in her 1960s mod girl costume in recent years is an influence of the resurgence of this era being portrayed in fiction (in shows such as Mad Men and Pan-Am) or how much it is a reflection of comic book writers and artists trying to channel a bygone era for an edgier feel.  It is interesting though as in the 1960s this look was not all that popular, it only lasted for about two years and in that time there were attempts to sell the look unlike any I have seen previously.  This involved packaging entire previously-published story arcs into single issues, which happened twice (this happened all within the span of those two years.)  Also backup stories involving Diana in her golden age costume were also introduced, just to keep the traditionalists around.  After 27 issues, the experiment was over (in a story which was never finished.)  It is therefore kind of interesting to see it show up in the modern era, especially in two stretches with pretty good writing.  This happened in the story arc 52 as well as at the beginning of volume 3 of Wonder Woman, thus in actuality the white costume is more popular in the modern day than it was when it first came out. 

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