Jubilee Likes Black Milk!

I was reading the most recent X-Men and something caught my eye. I didn't think about it at first, but something seemed pretty familiar to me. Jubilee was wearing a pair of tights:

They are pretty cool looking, but when I took a closer look, they are actually these:

These tights come from Australian company Black Milk (which I am a big fan of). There is no way to be sure, but how many times do specific items show up in comics, and not just name brands?

Posted by etragedy

Its happening more often these days as artists are using real life photo references - I wouldn't at all be surprised if there is a photo of a model posing exactly like Jubilee somewhere...

Posted by RazzaTazz

@etragedy: I know artists base their stuff on models sometimes, but it is still interesting to see a specific fashion item show up in comics. I wonder if the company knows (if not I already wrote to them)

Posted by Delphic

@razzatazz: What an interesting taste in tights you have.

Posted by Veshark

I thought this was about the hip-hop artist Black Milk at first haha....

It is quite interesting though. For all we know the artist may not have intentionally thought about using it...maybe he/she came across it online and figured that was something Jubilee might wear.

Posted by etragedy

@razzatazz Apparently Black Milk was at the San Diego Comic Con this year, so I'm guessing the connection was made there.

Posted by RazzaTazz

@delphic: Yes, I suppose, it speaks to the inner nerd in me

Posted by RazzaTazz

@etragedy: Oh maybe, I didnt know that. Though would that fit with a timeline to get that comic out by yesterday? SDCC was less than a month ago.

Posted by papad1992

Next time... pick another less-innuendo-ish title... My mind went totally into the gutter and down the sewer pipe! :P

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@papad1992: The name of the company is Black Milk, to me that only means a clothing company

Posted by Monarch_Chronicle

@razzatazz: I think @papad1992 was think of something that a clothing co. might not have anything to do with :/

Posted by The Stegman

Well, I came into this thread expecting one thing..and got something else..curse you titillating thread title...

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@papad1992: The name of the company is Black Milk, to me that only means a clothing company

Well to me my thoughts went elsewhere... but at least now I know of a new clothing co!

Posted by Grey56

I think I may have found my next purchase for the wife.

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Posted by wildvine

Those are too cool. Have to get me some.

Posted by RazzaTazz

@wildvine: You have to buy some. I like the astronomy ones best.

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Oh wow, so people at Marvel are actually paying attention to the clothing their characters are wearing. Hopefully this becomes a thing for all their comics.

Posted by fodigg

I actually prefer the washed-out version on Jubilee.