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Episode 1 of the Captain Canuck webisode introduces the viewership to all of main characters of the series. Other than Captain Canuck and the main villain, Mister Gold, another character is introduced, Blue Fox. This is actually not really a new character, rather one that has been reimagined more so than the others. The character original appeared in issue 1 of Captain Canuck in the 1970s and (spoiler alert) betrays CC to his enemy. This new character is somewhat different, instead of starting out as an ally, the character is shown as a villain. In terms of the portrayal of the character though it seems more so like that she is to play something like a Catwoman role, with some romantic tension already established between the characters (not to mention that she kind of looks like Catwoman). As well, her loyalty does not seem to be to her employer at all but rather to herself. Of all of the developments of the web series, this one actually appears to be the most promising. The series does not seem extremely original, but if it is going to use a character as inspiration, they could have chosen a lot worse than Catwoman.

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I think this outfit is alright but could change it up a bit on the helmet. As for the Video, I wasn't getting into it that much.

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It is a pretty good redesign overall I thought, though the series itself is kind of juvenile.

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Would make for a great Cosplay outfit