Clash of the Comics 23 - Ghost and Viper

Ghost vs. Viper

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Not much is known of the origin of the Ghost.  It is suspected he was an industrial saboteur in the past.  It may be that he was an engineer that discovered the ghosttech computer technology but who then was targeted because of his knowledge by the company's leadership.  

Viper was taken and trained by Hydra at a very early age. Upon completion of her training, she quickly rose through the ranks of Hydra.

RazzaTazz: Both are interesting but I have a soft spot for technological geniuses and ambiguous backgrounds. 

MrUnknown: Tie both characters have interesting origins.


Intangibility and invisibility (as well as impervious to mental control) from the robotic suit.  Also uses a variety of firearms and is a genius inventor.  

Viper is an Olympic level athlete as well as skilled in swordsmanship and marksmanship. She is also a great tactician and strategist in her role as Madame Hydra.

RazzaTazz: Ghost would win relatively easily. 

MrUnknown: Viper - Ghost might be a challenge but you don’t get to be the leader of Hydra from doing nothing.


 Just like with Tony Stark, the clothes make the man here.  

She wears tight leather with boots, gloves and a cape all in green.

RazzaTazz: I will go with Viper, its more distinctive.   

MrUnknown: Ghost for having an appearance that fits well with his name, plus why choose green to be a stealth outfit? You can hide!


Reclusive genius type that doesn't play well with others.  

 Viper’s reputation as a global precedes her and she has had only a few relationships: a one time stint with the Red Skull, marriage and divorce to Wolverine and her true love the Silver Samurai whom she ended up betraying.

RazzaTazz: Tie, both pretty compelling villains. 

MrUnknown: Why does a genius always want to keep to himself? This goes to Viper but those have got to be the worst relationship choices…like ever!


I think he is pretty much what you would expect a ghost like robot to look like.  

The Cobra organization is inspired from Hydra and the Baroness is from Madame Hydra.

RazzaTazz: I think Ghost has his act together better here. 

MrUnknown: Viper for being the original “femme fatale.”

Best Story: 

A lot of his stories deal with trying to kill Tony.  His best one though is probably when he joined Thunderbolts and got partial redemption.  When battling Tony after joining the team he realizes that Stark Industries has gone low scale and is therefore no longer interested in its destruction.  

Although I love Secret Warriors, Viper’s involvement there does not contend for her best story. Her first encounter with the X-men and her plot to assassinate Mariko Yashida, the love of Wolverine and sister of the Silver Samurai seems more fitting.

RazzaTazz:  Viper for having a best story that is a bit more relevant to continuity.   

MrUnknown: I think Viper has better stories, the Ghost still feels a bit lackluster to be a prominent villain.

Fun Fact: 

Once had Tony Stark so concerned about his welfare that tony took to sleeping in his suit.  

She was once given false memories of being the mother of Spider-woman.

RazzaTazz:  I like Ghost here, but really if I had an Iron Man armour system, I might just live in the thing as well (I might build in a shower though)

MrUnknown: Ghost – Wait so did Tony…Nevermind!

Media Appearances: 

Has made a couple of appearance in animated Iron Man television episodes.

She has had a few appearances in TV shows.

RazzaTazz: Tie - both are pretty sparse 

MrUnknown: Tie for having somewhat equivalent face time on the screen. 


Member of the Thunderbolts

Currently one of the three remaining heads of Hydra at large.  

RazzaTazz: Ghost as we get to see him more often.   

MrUnknown: The Ghost for being in a monthly book but I think he should just go back to being a villain instead of playing pretender.

RazzaTazz: 5 - 2; MrUnknown: 3 – 4

Scoreboard: 8 - 6

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