Bringing Superman Home

There had been a little bit of buzz around Fan Expo in Toronto this weekend. One of the more interesting developments for philatelists and comic book aficionados alike was Canada Post unveiling a series of stamps:

3262164-superman stamps.jpg

There is somewhat of a link of the character to Toronto, even though it is a bit more tenuous. Certainly it is possible that Superman creators based their depiction of Metropolis on Toronto, but I personally don't really see the point in trying to tie the history of the character to Canada where it otherwise belongs to the USA. There are some better depictions of this:

Instead these stamps seem like kind of a cash grab. Of course there are stamps made around the world of different characters and themes which have almost zero bearing on countries that issues them, but that this is released at a Fan Expo will likely make a lot of fans buy some stamps that they otherwise never would.

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Posted by Squalleon

I wait for the day the canadian goverment will want the rights to metropolis :-P

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Posted by RDClip

Well, Shuster was Canadian.

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Edited by SandMan_ least Supes gets some love somewhere.