Why I Think Bane is an Amazing Choice for "The Dark Knight Rises"

After talking with family and friends about the pick of Bane for the next movie, I realize that a lot of people are surprised at the pick. So, while I know most people already think this is a good idea, I thought I would post my thoughts as to why I think this is a good idea.
First off, when Bane burst on to the scene in the comics, he proved himself more than just a strongman or the villain of the month. He showed that he's a criminal mastermind. I mean, he found out Batman's secret identity and, because of the following attack, will forever be known as "the man who broke the Bat." That alone means that he will be quite the opponent for Bats.
From there, Bane kinda broke into that wall that some Batman villains seem to go through of being villain to anti-hero (other who have done that being Riddler and Catwoman). Bane even teamed up with Batman in some cases and proved to be a valuable ally. In terms of the movie, it makes me wonder if he will stay a villain. Whether he does or does not, it can be any worse than his first movie appearance where he was nothing more than a strong idiot. But I digress.
One of the things I like most about Bane in the comics is, though a villain and even that is debatable, he has a code all on his own but isn't above getting dirty.
All in all, I'm very excited for this pick, and also excited to see how Tom Hardy does in the role. I loved "The Dark Knight" and I'm anxiously waiting to see if Nolan can top himself with "The Dark Knight Rises."
What about you, my fellow Comicviners? What do you think of the choice? I look forward reading or hearing to your thoughts and your opinions on this subject. Comments are not only welcome, they are encouraged.