Venom(Flash) vs Abomination

After Osborn's Failure at Trying to resurrect H.A.M.M.E.R as a force once more, Madame Hydra has taken the army he amassed merged it and assumes command as Hydra's sole leader and relocated to Russia.

In her scheme to bolster Hydra's ranks, Hydra's steals the corpse of The abomination from The Russian governments custody. Using a combination of Hydra and Hand sorcery they successfully resurrect The abomination as a loyal and powerful asset in there ranks.

Meanwhile......Steve Rogers with S.H.I.E.L.D intelligence learns of Hydra's presence in Russia and The Abominations corpse being stolen from There Government's custody.

He sends flash as Agent Venom to investigate.

Agent Venom arrives stealthily into Russia on a secret mission to investigate these occurrences on Rogers behalf, at a private Russian facility known as Iron bear in English he encounters a group of Hydra agents breaking into the facility.

Agent Venom is crawling upside a building looking down at a squad of 10 Hydra agents known as ACID as they are breaking into the building. Using the symbiotes camouflage ability he becomes the same color as the wall on which he rests on. As the the 10th agent is about to enter, a long camouflaged tendril grabs the agent by his neck from 40 feet away and yanks him up suddenly and brings him before venom. The force from the sudden yank broke the agents neck immediately. Flash then webs him up to the side of the building and takes on his appearance, he also takes his weapons and quickly jumps down and enter the building quickly catching up to the other 9 agents. The leader,Agent 1 is pissed, that agent 10 broke off there formation and demands an answer for his brief disappearance. "Agent 10" uses his laser rifle and shoots agent 1,3,4 and 7 dead, the other agents stunned and confused hesitate to react allowing "Agent 10" to gun down 2 and 5. Agents 6,8 and 9 begin to shoot wildly at "agent 10", there defected comrade, who uses his super human agility to easily doge the laser fire. Agent 10 , starts to run on the right side of the wall of the corridor. He moved with intense speed and jumped from one side to the next returning fire at the soldiers. Agent 9 was shot in the face and killed immediately,Agent 10 reaches 8 And 6,he grabs 8 by the chest and throws him into the wall with enough force to take the wind out of the him. He then crouches and sweeps 6 with a kick landing 6 on his back. He then disarms him of his laser rifle, and holds it to his head and demands to find out what there presence in this facility was, meanwhile a huge green figure darts into the entry point in which the soldiers arrived into the facility.

Loud thumps are being heard by all three individuals, Agent 10 pauses to listen and realize that they are getting louder, he starts to feel the vibrations in the ground and they are occurring in rapid succession.

AGent 10: What the f@&K ?!!

The abomination like a raging bull enters the scene with impressive speed and force.. He then punches agent 10 with considerable effort a 100 feet down the hall way and into a giant metal 10 ton door. Abomination looks at Agent 8 and asks what is going on?

Agent 8: We infiltrated the facility, in pursuit of The Anti-metal supply we were ordered to retrieve when Agent 10 broke off formation and briefly disappeared, next thing we know he is attacking and we began to return fire.

Abomination: Did you secure the Anti-metal?

Agent 8: No, we had no time as he just started to atta.......arghhhhhhh

Abomination in anger,stomped into smush as soon as he learnt of there failure. He ignores agent 6 and proceeds towards the room with the big Iron Doors. He looks around and see's no one, he begins to get suspicious as even though he expected the agent to have died, he also expected to find his broken body. As he looks around, Agent Venom now appears in his solider form and web slings kicks Abomination in the back of his head . The abomination stumbles from the blow, Agent venom pulls out his guns and starts to shoot at abomination which not only has no effect, it irritates the already angry monster.

Abomination charges with extreme speed at Agent venom who easily dodges his attack, Abomb swings a right hook but Agent venom dodges and,jumps back, Abomb follows up with a left swing and then another right, he begins a vicious series of hooks at agent venom who uses his superior agility and speed to dodge the attacks until he is backed into a corner.The abomination releases a powerful straight punch which Agent venom not only jumps over, but smashes down the 10 ton door, leading into a very big laboratory. Agent venom, charges the abomination head on with superior speed on the offensive, Abomb punches again misses, and before he could react a shot of web covers his face effectively blinding him. Agent venom jumps on abombs back as he try's to remove the webbing from his face, agent venom pulls out two grenades, and webs them to his head and then jumps off and waits for the explosion which follows 4 seconds after.

Abomination drops down on one knee, holding his face, Agent venom arms enlarge in size and he rushes the stunned Abomination, and starts to slug him in his face repeatedly causing the green giant to drop on his back. Agent venom gets over him and continues to release some more blows. The abomination grabs agent venom with his left land and violently slams him to the ground immediately stunning venom. He grabs him again,gets up, and slam him even harder, hard enough to crack the floor. Abomination roars with anger and then punches him so hard, he goes through the floor and into the below room. This area is the power room of the base.

Abomination jumps down into the hole he just created and picked up the stunned Agent venom.

Abomination: Are you supposed to be an armored Russian Spider-Man or something.......arghhhh

As Abomination held Agent Venom in his hand, The Symbiote started to act up and In defense of its host created six large blade spikes from all over his body, stabbing abomination in his hand, forcing him to release his grip and dropping him. Abomination then kicked venom with all of his might into a engine causing an explosion. Flash is very hurt and frustrated. The abomination picks up a 5 ton metal engine part and throws it at his downed adversary, The symbiote produces a web zip from its back and pulls away itself and its host to the ceiling. Abomination begins to pick up debris from the explosion and starts to throw it at his wall crawling foe, who at only doges by releasing his grip and dropping to the ground. The symbiote is starting to go crazy and in order to preserve its host takes full control and consumes flash, He drastically bulks up and enlarges in size. The infamous sinister grin appears along with tongue, Claws and fangs.

VENOM: You shouldn't have done that, you big green F@&;k, now we are going to rip off your head and shit down your F@&$&;ng throat.

Abomination: VENOM???????WTFK!!!!! what are u doing???? Well it doesn't matter I never liked you any way.

They size up each other across the room and savagely charge each other, Abomb lands the first hit, it was a hook, Venom follows up with a savage slash to Abombs chest, cutting him open and spilling his gamma irritated blood on the floor. They violently go toe to toe for a about 1 minute,Abomination punching, while Venom savagely slashing, the exchange the same amount of blows with abomination delivering a powerful blow punching the savage venom into a wall. Venom releases a thick tendril from his palm which wraps around the abominations abdominals and he starts to swing him In a full circle smashing him up against other generators, only to release him face first into a wall, cracking it.

Abomb falls on the ground from the impact and before he can comprehend what happened, Venom jumps across the room and stomps on his head,smashing his face into the floor. he jumps again, creating a crack on the floor, he then jumps very high into the air once more and uses webbing from both hands to grab the ground and pull himself to the ground with violent force, again landing on abominations head,creAting a mini crator where his head was from the giant stomp. An obviously stunned abomination is help less. Venom then grabs his head and bites him in his throat, tearing out a piece of it. As Venom swallows it, Abomination jumps up and grabs venom, flings him up against the wall and begin to to unleash very powerful blows into him, he uppercuts and punches venoms with all of his might,which destroys the wall venom was being held up against, the blows are so powerful the whole base starts to rattle. Venom is helpless in this predicament,the blows are hurting him and he is succumbing to their might. Abomination holds up the weary venom with one hand by the neck and spits blood in his face, Venoms tongue then stabs abomination in his eye, forcing him to release him once more, Venom them proceeds to bite out a large chunk of abominations shoulder, he literally tries to eat him. As this is transpiring Agent 6, fires off the laser gun at venom piercing him in his throat and stomach, damaging venom, enough for the abomination to get up. Abomination, grabs a giant metal rod and bats away venom, wounded he tries to buy time for his healing factor to kick in by running away from Venoms position.Venom is healed and isin a frenzy, he charges agent 6 who begins shooting at the berserk venom who even though is being damaged charges through the laser fire and bites off agent 6's upper body in one bite And spits it out. He then looks around for the abomination and finds his trail of blood.

Venom: Psssssssswiiii, Psssssswiiiii, here Kitty Kitty,here kitty kitty!

Abomination ambushes him from behind, grabs him and slams him, he picks up a heavy metal object that ways about 7 tons and slams it on Venom. Panting and still recovering, he then makes it to the hole he made from punching venom through the ground the first time.He then goes on and smashes down some doors and finds the anti-metal stash. As he is about to claim his objective, he is punched in his face,stunned he looks around to see no one,he is attacked again, yet he still can't comprehend where he is being attacked from. Venom is now invisible and attacking him to his advantage. Venom while still invisible picks up a giant long metal object and bats abomination with it, he then stands over him and starts to hit him in his head brutally and then Impales him with the end of the rod. Venom begins to mock his opponent, when abomination kicks down venom. He pulls out the rod and bats venom in his head and in turn stabs him in his back.

A downed Venom screams: Tag your it!!!!!..... A thick black tendril Impale the abomination and then spikes inside of him causing some serious damage. Abomination grabs the the tendril and pulls Venom towards him and strikes him with all of his might Knocking out Venom. A damaged abomination, then grabs the container containing the anti-metal and then flees with it. By the time he reaches outside with the item a Hydra ship is there waiting for him, Madame Hydra along with Gorgon and Hydra agents are on the ship and gladly collect him and the package. The ship then flies off,Madame Hydra is very pleased with the abominations accomplishment and notes that Hydra is on the rise once more and no one will be able to stand Inthere way.

Meanwhile Flash wakes up amongst the chaos and then decides to leave and reach his rendezvous point for collection.

He boards the Helicopter in which he arrived and gets into contact with Captain America and explains his encounter with the abomination. He also explains on how in battle with the abomination before he was knocked unconscious he was able to regain enough control of himself to plant A tracer on Abomination before he got knocked out.

Captain America is pleased and tells him he will be debriefed once he returns to base and they will plan there next course of action.

The end!!!!

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