The Mind Warper Part 3

Title: The Mind Warper Part 3

Author: Rabbitearsblog

Universe: X-Men

Rating: T - For Some Disturbing Moments

Summary: When a mysterious being invades the Institute, Kitty and Colossus must stop this evil being from getting the secret it needs. But can they survive the torturing mind warping that this being possesses?

Notes: Please be gentle with the criticisms! :D


Chapter 4: Revelations

In the laboratory…

Piotr had changed back into his normal form once he had fallen to the floor after Kitty took his heart out of his chest. Now, he was lying motionless on the operating table with the intruder looking over his prone body. The intruder was smiling wickedly at Piotr’s body and in one of his hands; he held a large sharp knife and was cleaning it with an old white rag.

“Well, it seems that you couldn’t handle that little “incident” you had with that ghost girl. Perfect! This will only make it much easier for me to cut your chest open and take out the most vital organ that is essential for my potion to work: YOUR HEART!” yelled the intruder as he raised the knife over his head, preparing to cut open Piotr’s chest.

Suddenly, a mysterious being phased through the walls of the laboratory and ran towards the intruder, giving him a swift kick to his head. The intruder then fell over backwards and slumped on the ground. Kitty then stood up from the ground and yelled angrily at the intruder, “NOBODY, BUT NOBODY MESSES WITH PETER RASPUTIN AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!”

At the sound of Kitty’s voice, the intruder slowly woke up and shook his head to wake up faster. When he saw Kitty standing by Piotr’s prone body, he smiled wickedly and said, “My, my. You are quite a feisty woman aren’t you?”

“Enough with the creep talk! Who are you and what are you doing here?” Kitty demanded.

The intruder just looked at Kitty with an unpleasant expression on his face and he said in a chilling voice, “You really want to know who I am? Well, I’ll tell you, ghost girl. My name is Dante Chills, better known as the Mind Warper. I am a mutant, just like you, as I have the power to warp people’s memories and turn it against them for my own gain. Even though I was aware of this great power, I wanted to do more with my mutant abilities that would allow me to become the most powerful being on the planet! So, I decided to do some research on how to obtain such massive power to enhance my mutant abilities. It wasn’t until one fateful day that I found an ancient book that contained ingredients to a powerful potion called the Aurora potion that was used over one thousand years ago. According to the ancient book, it said that in order for the Aurora potion to work, a mutant’s heart must be cut out of a mutant and thrown into the potion.”

“Really? Another villain trying to make themselves more powerful scheme? That’s just so lame,” commented Kitty.

“Call it what you like, but you won’t be making sarcastic comments after I tell you why I’m here at this Institute. I came to this Institute because I heard of the mutant superhero group the X-Men; and that they now reside at the Jean Grey Institute. What better way to obtain a mutant’s heart than to come to an Institute full of mutants? Of course, I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to steal another mutant’s heart if they are up and about. So, in order to easily obtain a mutant’s heart, I used my mind warping powers to twist the memories of my victims, hoping that the sheer pain of those twisted memories will cause my victim to faint in endless agony!” said Dante maliciously.

“You’re sick if you think that messing with people’s minds will get you want you want,” said Kitty menacingly.

“Well, let it be at the expense of other mutants then myself,” said Dante smiling.

“At the expense of other MUTANTS?”

Dante had a shocked expression on his face as he heard a deep and threatening voice come from behind him and before he had a chance to turn around, he felt a steel hand grabbing him by the throat from behind.

“PETER!?” said Kitty in shock.

Dante then said in a low voice as Piotr’s grip started tightening on his throat, “So, you’re going to kill me just because I messed with your pathetic mind?”

“You have no idea what I have been through for the past two years,” said Piotr menacingly tightening his grip even further.

“Peter, listen to me. Don’t kill this guy! You’re not a killer!” said Kitty trying to soothe Piotr.

Piotr just looked at Kitty with a cold look in his eyes and said, “He had emotionally scarred us Katya! He not only made me see my own heart be ripped out of me right before my eyes, but he made me relive a nightmare that I desperately wanted to put behind me for the past two years!”

“I know! I feel the same way too Peter! But killing him is not going to solve anything,” said Kitty.

Dante was now gritting his teeth as Piotr was applying more pressure to his throat and he choked out, “So, if you feel the same way ghost girl, then why aren’t you killing me right now? Why are you just standing there looking like your mind had never been invaded at all?”

Kitty stared coldly at Dante and said in an icy tone, “Oh, my mind has been invaded alright and I’m not really happy about that.”

Kitty then looked at Piotr with a soft expression and said, “Piotr, do you remember when Emma or Cassandra Nova or whoever it was, twisted with our minds years ago? I never really told you what really happened in my mind, although you told me about how Sebastian Shaw was trying to make you angry because of what happened to you…before that terrible incident.”

Kitty took a deep breath and continued, “In the twisted memory I got, we had a son together and we were a happy couple. But one day, the other X-Men were telling me that something was wrong with my son and that he needed to be contained. Of course, I refused to give up my son, but then you betrayed me and let our son get taken. So, I decided to get my son back at any cost and after I got him back, that’s where the nightmare ended.”

Kitty continued looking at Piotr, who suddenly had a shocked expression on his face. Kitty continued, “I didn’t tell you everything about it because I was still upset and I was afraid that our relationship would have been heavily affected by that…nightmare. And yet, we still beat the odds by staying together, no matter how bad things got after all that.”

Piotr started releasing his grip on Dante’s neck a little bit and said quietly, “So what you are saying, is that we still pursued our relationship after all of that because we faced our greatest fear of being apart from each other?”

Kitty nodded slowly, tears coming to her eyes, “Yeah, Piotr. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Dante twisted my mind by making me think that you would kill me for power and he twisted your mind into thinking that your heart was ripped out. But at the same time, it’s like he made us realize that we weren’t brave enough to face what happened to us years ago; the fact that we couldn’t even confide in each other about the state of our relationship or how the events years ago affected us emotionally.”

Piotr then let go of Dante’s neck and said in a reassured tone, “Then, I suppose we must work on confiding with each other, Katya.”

Kitty smiled and then went up to Piotr and hugged him tightly and Piotr hugged Kitty back. But unknown to them, Dante was slowly reaching for the knife that was knocked away from the operating table and just as he was about to use the knife, his face was met with a steel fist that punched him across the room and into the wall of the laboratory.

Kitty and Piotr were still hugging each other, neither one paying attention to where Dante landed, when Kitty asked Piotr, “Feeling better now?”

“Da. I feel really good right now,” said Piotr softly.

“Well then, we better get this guy to prison before he harms anybody,” said Kitty.

Dante was lying on the floor, groaning miserably, while Kitty and Piotr picked up his body and took him out of the Institute out of harm’s way.

Chapter 5: Love Conquers All

A few days later…

Dante Chills was brought to the New York Police Station by Kitty and Piotr and since his records had shown that he had committed past crimes of mind raping victims, he was sent to a special prison on Alcatraz Island. It was on this heavily guarded island where Dante can no longer implement harm on any more victims, therefore keeping peace on everyone’s minds.

Back at the Jean Grey Institute…

After coming back from the police station, Kitty and Piotr took a break from teaching classes since they were still upset over the recent events. When Dante twisted their memories and it ended up scarring them both, they realized that their greatest fear was not being able to get past the horrible events that happened to them two years ago. It was after that horrible experience that both Piotr and Kitty decided that in order to get over their issues with the past two years, they had to talk about it with each other; even though it still felt awkward to do so.

Kitty and Piotr were standing next to each other as they stood on top of a cliff near the Institute that overlook the pond. They both were gazing at the horizon beyond them, as the sun was setting and they were mystified by the sheer beauty of the sun itself. After looking at the sun for a few minutes more, Kitty spoke up, “Wow, that was one experience that I don’t ever want to relive all over again.”

Piotr nodded his head and said, “Da, it truly was one of the most tragic experiences I have ever gone through since the day I died.”

Kitty shivered a bit as she remembered how Piotr felt when he was revived after killing himself during the Legacy Virus outbreak. She also remembered when she was stuck inside a bullet a few days after Piotr came back to life and the fact that she was all alone in the deep voids of space was a truly terrifying experience for her.

Piotr and Kitty stood in silence for a few moments, thinking about what to say to each other. Kitty then asked quietly, “Peter, when you said that your heart was ripped out, was I the one who ripped out your heart?”

Piotr looked at Kitty with sadness in his eyes and said, “Yes…Katya. In my memory, it was you who had ripped my heart out and the worst thing about that memory was that it actually did happen, even though I was under the Cyttorak’s influence to really notice at the time.”

Piotr shifted uncomfortably and continued, “I guess my greatest fear was that when I took the Cyttorak’s powers, I thought that I would never feel love ever again. So in my memory, when my heart was ripped out, I actually felt cold inside and not because I died, but because I no longer have any more emotions that would make me feel love again.”

Kitty looked down briefly and said to Piotr, “To be honest, I actually felt the same way. In my twisted memory, I saw you trying to kill me after you got the power of the Phoenix Force and how you were happy about having so much power. My biggest fear was that I would never get the “old and sweet natured” Peter back and that you were forever corrupted by evil power. I mean, things change, you know, and I’ve come to accept that in the long run, but if changes happen for the worst reasons, then it can be hard to get through, you know?”

Piotr nodded and said, “I understand perfectly. Just understand Katya that I was only trying to protect my sister…the first time around. However, things did not go quite as planned and I ended up being possessed more times then I could count.”

Kitty took Piotr’s hand in hers and said, “Not everything goes according to plan Peter. I guess we have this experience to learn from.”

“I agree. I have learned Katya, that even though I will still protect people no matter what, I will try to be much wiser about throwing away my heroic efforts or risk losing who I really am,” said Piotr.

Kitty then went up to Piotr and hugged him and said, “Now that’s the Peter I remembered!”

Piotr then smiled slyly at Kitty and said, “The ‘Peter’ you remembered or the ‘Peter’ you like now?”

Piotr then lifted Kitty up into the air and kissed her soundly on the lips. Kitty then stood back in shock and sputtered, “What, how, why?”

Piotr smiled broadly and said, “I have changed Katya, but not for the worst! I can be a bit ‘naughty’ when I want to be, especially around you.”

Kitty then glared at Piotr and yelled out, “PETER RASPUTIN! I’LL GET YOU FOR THAT!”

Piotr just laughed and they both starting chasing each other around the Institute until nighttime came around.


Dante Chills was sitting in his solitary cell at the Alcatraz Prison, pondering on how he would escape from this prison. Suddenly, a prison guard came through the door and checked to see if Dante was still in his cell. The prison guard then said to Dante, “Well, buddy. It looks like your mind raping days are over. You’re not going to get out of this jail cell that easily. No one on this planet had ever gotten out of this prison before.”

Dante just looked up at the prison guard with a wide grin on his face and he slowly held up his hands in front of him. The prison guard then fell to the floor, screaming as if he was experiencing a horrible nightmare that was ripping him apart from the inside. The keys that the prison guard had on himself slid near Dante’s cell and Dante picked up the keys, opening his cell door. Then, Dante calmly walked towards the prison guard, who was squirming constantly until he finally stopped moving and laid still on the ground. Dante then took off the prison guard’s clothes and put them on himself and then he walked out of the door, whistling a tune to himself while he was heading towards the docks. When Dante reached the docks, he jumped into a small speedboat, turned on the engine and sped away from Alcatraz Prison, all while saying to himself, “Beware X-Men, for I have yet to unleash my ultimate POWER!”

And he laughed a chilling laugh that echoed among the skies.

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