Probably not.

I saw it in theaters twice; I own the DvD.

While it would be see it bigger and better, I doubt I'd drop more money on this movie considering I can watch it any damn time I please now.

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I got to my comic shop, and they were all out when I went on Wednesday.

I didn't even bother to ask them to save me one; I'm not really all that big on it, even though it's more than likely going to be a collector's item.

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Used to love them.

But now I just don't care. I read trades nowadays.

I really think they're a great incentive to collecting, though. Extra money for a cover that looks badass and/or you know is going to be hot and might be in demand should feel rewarding. One-upping your friends --- priceless.

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We'll see...

I personally don't pick up single issues anymore; $3+ a pop just isn't worth it to me.

However, with Amazon offering used and new trade paperbacks at lowered prices, I've been able to keep reading plenty of stuff without feeling too guilty for my wallet cry. Get two trades for the price of one, or the price of five or so singles? I can live with that.

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For my sanity's sake...

Aren't the Crises enough?

I'd rather keep the continuity crisis (pun intended) within the DC Universe; if I started seeing a DC "Ultimate" line, I'd probably lose my mind trying to keep up with the new, "alternate" universe, and the original universe that's constantly being re-written.

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