DC Genesis: Superman Part One

Part One:

Jor El slammed his doors open and swiftly paced forward to his wife, Lara Lor Van. Each step was a painful memory and realization. The science council had refused to back him with the equipment for interstellar space travel, despite his words of Krypton’s doom. He knew that everything he had worked for in his life would be in vain…almost everything….he only had one thing left he could be proud of…

“Hurry, Lara,” Jor El whispered, careful not to wake his baby son, Kal El, “there isn’t much time.”

Slowly, Lara rocked her son to sleep, gently cradling him in her arms. She had the touch only a mother could give. She placed him inside the rocket Jor El had built for his son, and carefully wrapped him in his blankets. Jor El pressed a button, closing the hatch. He fought back tears as he fired the rocket’s engines. A great wind stirred, and the two lovers held each other in their arms for a final time.

“My love,” Lara said, as wind whipped around them as the rocket flew into the distance. “I am scared.”

“Don’t be,” Jor El whispered, lovingly, gently stroking her soft cheeks while staring into her soft and welcoming eyes. “We will die…but our son will carry on Krypton’s legacy. The two lovers looked into each other’s souls, embracing each other like first met lovers. “I love you, my wife…I love you Lara.” Their lips met and tears streamed down both their cheeks as the planet began to rumble, and all at once, the two were no more.

Martha had just finished baking a pie. The bell rang summoning her from her kitchen table. She opened the oven and the sweet aroma of blueberry filled the room. Jonathan Kent looked up from his crossword puzzle for a moment to get a glimpse of the pie. His mouth watered at the sight of it, and he licked his lips. Martha knew what he wanted by the look on his face.

“You can wait until it’s cooled down!” She scolded.

Jonathan let out a long sigh, and then went back to his crossword.

The house then began to rumble, the Earth shook and nearby plates and pans slid across the countertops and onto the floor. Jonathan’s crossword flew off of the table, and everything that wasn’t bolted down began to vibrate. The couple looked out the window to see an immense light come streaking down from the sky and crashing into a field nearby. All at once, the shaking stopped.

Within minutes, the couple was outside, Jonathan leading the way, shotgun in hand. As they came closer to the impact sight, they noticed a small rocket come into their field of view, a thin layer of dust surrounded it, giving it a mysterious look.

“A rocket…?” Martha marveled.

Jonathan aimed his shotgun at the rocket as a compressing sound was heard, and a hatch slowly opened. Jonathan’s jaw dropped as he lowered his gun, and stared wide eyed at the sight.

“It’s a baby…” Martha said, quickly climbing down the crater.

“What kind of fool puts a baby inside a rocket?” Jonathan scratched his head, curious as to what new alien hoax it was now.

Martha kept him bundled in the blankets, as she picked the boy out of the rocket and carefully took him out of the crater. She poked him playfully as the baby laughed with joy for the first time in a long time. He waved his hands, trying in vain to catch her finger that she kept pulling away at the last second.

“He’s kind of cute…” Martha observed, not bothering to look up from playing with the baby.

Jonathan leaned in to get a closer look at the boy. “Martha,” he said, his thick southern accent escaping from his words, “I know what you are thinking and we are NOT keeping that baby.”

The playing suddenly stopped, and Martha looked her husband straight in the eyes, “Jonathan,” she mildly scolded (and half begged), “he’s got nowhere to go!”

“Yeah, but—.”

“What would you have us do, send him to an orphanage telling them we found him in a rocket? We’ve tried every conceivable method and WE can’t have a baby…he’s got no parents…” her voice trailed off.

“He IS kind of cute,” Jonathan admitted.

All at once, the baby grabbed Jonathan’s shotgun and crushed it in his land as if it were a tin can.

The couple looked at each other, aghast. “What in the world have you gotten us into?” Jonathan said.

DC Genesis: Superman Part Two