Upon the last few monts i've been reading the swedish novels of the millenium saga (from Steig Larsson) and this week i at last saw the first move "Man som hattar kvinnor" or "the girl with the dragon tatoo" and i thought i would love to read a mini or even an ongoing series based on those characters, of course this is just my opinion and i'm pretty much daydreaming, but i'd love that the creative team had at least one of the following:
- Warren Ellis.
-Mark Millar.
-Robert Kirkman.
I know, their styles are very different, but i'd really love them to write Salander and Blomkvist for different reasons. I think Kirkman has vastly demonstrated how good he is in creatin dynamic relationships between the characters, ellis is great as far as violence and action scenes goes and millar has a little of both worlds.
So, what are your thoughts? have you read the books? watched the movie(s)? Do you know the characters? would you prefer another writer? what artist would you suggest?

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