Blind and forgetful

Every superhero show has two recurring episodes. The one where the hero loses his sight and the one where he loses his memory. Why is that? I think they're just easy plots and writers take advantage of that. For the most part these episodes are fun and I'm not complaining. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed. Here are just a few examples I can think of. The Adventures of Superman one I went looking for. Post some if you have any.

Batman: The Animated Series

Blind - Blind As a Bat

Memory - The Forgotten

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Blind - The Eyes Have It

Memory - All Shook Up


Blind - Whisper

Memory - Blank

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Blind - As Darkness Falls

Memory - Prince Hercules

Adventures of Superman

Memory - Panic In the Sky

Xena: Warrior Princess

Blind - Blind Faith


Clayfaces and Sandman vs Spider-man and Batman

Basil Karlo 
Sondra Fuller  
Scenario: Batman has tracked this Clayface team to a warehouse after a heist. Peter tracks Sandman to the same warehouse after a different theft.  It's a nice day with no clouds in sight. 
Location: An abandoned warehouse on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  The warehouse contains various pieces of metal scraps and rods otherwise it's fairly clean. 
Prep: The Dirt team knows they're coming and have about 15 minutes of prep time. Bats and Spidey arrive at the same time and meet during the battle. Spider-Man has attacked first unaware Sandman has teamed with the Clayfaces. Batman is watching and has 5 minutes of prep from a skylight before he jumps in to aid Spider-Man.
Help: No outside help for anyone. Just team vs team.  
Gear: Bruce has his standard gear including all of the listed items on his utility belt page. Spidey has enough web cartridges to last him for the battle. 
Morals: On for Bruce and Peter. Off for the others. 
Batman and Spider-Man take the dirt team down or are they overwhelmed? Any questions or suggestions, you know where to leave them. 

DC animated films

I was on the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse page and noticed that the budget for that was 3,500,000 Dollars. It got my brainium going. There are dozens and dozens of hundred millionaires in the world. They could bring 4 million Dollars and their favorite Graphic Novel to a studio and have them put it in motion for them. It's for their own personal use and they won't be selling it so I don't think there would be any copyright violations. I have the urge to put a jar on my fridge and save up a few million dollars lol.  
So to anyone who reads this - You have 4 million dollars and an excellent animation studio...........what book do you bring them?


Evolution of the Batmobile

Originally found on an insurance website hence the crap at the bottom there. A little something......actually a big freakin something, for all you Batman fans out there. Enjoy. So sorry if this was already posted on here. I specifically put this in a Blog so I could delete it if I had to. 

 So many Batmobiles     
 So many Batmobiles