So I just watched the preview of the next Transformers video game:Fall of Cybertron, sequel to War for Cybertron. I was lucky enough to receive War For Cybertron for Christmas this last year and it's quite good. I'm of the age that Transformers was a big part of my childhood. Back in those days I liked Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, like most kids, but now I have become an enormous Megatron fan. I love the complexity of the character and I love the show and all but Megatron in the comic books and other media is more of a thinker and a brutal "Rule by and iron hand" sort of leader. Seeing these characters brought to a video game system near you is nice, they were very respectful of the material with the first game unlike the folks in charge of the films, another topic entirely. I have to admit that I am not that big of a gamer, not like I used to be. For me to buy a video game now it has to be something special, especially in lue of prices. That said being able to play as my favorite Transformer and blast away those who I wished to enforce my rule on was invigorating. The story, unlike most games, was extremely deep and well thought out. I hear you: "What? A shooter with a deep story? Bull!" Oh yes, quite deep. It wasn't about destroying everything in sight but winning the war and standing firm on your side, which brings me to the best part of the game. You MUST play as both sides to get the entire tale. Unlike most games which one can pick a side where you get the same story you're just someone else, each side ties together for the full story. Awesome! I don't know where I'm going with this, my blog turned into a video game review but if you are a fan, you fine few followers, give it a shot. You may be surprised.