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The blame falls with Disney.

But how do, we the X-fans, show Disney that this isn't acceptable to crap all over the X-fanbase?

I would partially blame Marvel. Marvel went after the short-term money and licensed out multiple properties before Disney came along. They likely did this for good business reasons which they may be regretting now. Honestly, if we look at this in the long term, this type of see-saw effect has happened before - when X-Men became super popular, Marvel wrote out a bunch of other heroes culminating in the Onslaught event with 5-6 teams featuring X books at one time. Disney would prefer to have the use of characters like Wolverine, Phoenix/Jean & Scott, Professor X, Storm, and Magneto because they equal money. If Disney is involved in not pushing the X-Men, it's because Marvel was too short-sighted. In all fairness to Marvel, hindsight is 20/20 - Disney was not in play at the time and a number of their licensed deals were not that successful before so "Avengers" came as a surprise after a gamble on their part.

You can stop buying other series but I actually think there are some good non-X books so I'm not willing to take that step myself haha. I just hope that at some point the X-Men get a resurgence - I don't think our comic book money compares to the money generated from the movies, unfortunately, so I do not think there is much to be done besides be patient and gnash our teeth.

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@jcg79 said:

She had a fake video made for some reason. There.

That works, too.

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@pyrofn said:

@PhoenixoftheTides: Please. All of you guys would have moaned if it were 50 years since the Phoenix resurfacing. Not that you guys would be blamed for it. There have been to many writers with uninspiring stories. Yet, I myself have been waiting for a time where we get something to the level of Endsong. Something explaining something new about the Phoenix, like White Phoenix's role. And Teen Jean is seemingly not gonna become Phoenix right away. She seemingly is gonna be training the same way Hope was suppose to before they threw it all out the window.

@StardustCrusader: This is the part where I would insert a scan of the Stepford Cuckoos exclaiming in unison to Quentin Quire, "Ewwwwwww!"

@ki_Illuminati: Thank you! Everyone, including Marvel, seems to forget that the crown is still a thing yet to be explained fully, or at least partially.

Pretty sure you willfully missed the point as to why this isn't exciting news for a bunch of readers. The issue is that the PF gets brought out a lot for a lot of subpar and trite stories mainly because writers want to write a Phoenix story. I am a Jean fan so I do not need the Phoenix to pick up any book featuring her. I also think there really isn't anything all that new to reveal about the Phoenix at this point and each new revelation rarely sticks before a new writer comes along and contradicts or undermines it. Glad you are excited and will also be picking up the book.

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@phoenixofthetides: They should just retcon the Wolverine/Hercules relationship into 616 (Is it still called that theses days?)

I think so. But I definitely think that made Wolverine way more interesting than he's been in years. The coat is kind of iconic.

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X-Men: The Answer

Introducing the Make the X-Men Great Again Team: Magik, Sunspot, Moonstar, Firestar, Shatterstar, Richter, Layla Miller, Justice, and Prodigy. Guest starring Sage.

Concept: It's been a while since the X-Men have won anything. Quite a while. In fact, it seemed to some of the younger leaders that the senior X-Men were content to let things play out since they knew their Social Security checks were locked in. Tired of the passive approach, a new team of more aggressive X-Men, some of whom are dependable & others of whom are legitimate wildcards get together to actually start winning for once. Think The Authority or the Ultimate Solution - they either deal with the problem before it starts or if starts first, they will damn sure make it so that it ends...with extreme prejudice.


  • Fun stuff such as Magik deciding to engage in demonic genocide in another dimension to neutralize a mystical foe and the team, lead by Moonstar (fully repowered) and Layla for this arc, attempt to follow her footsteps and figure out if they can, or should help.
  • Going into the past, via Magik's teleportation discs, and assassinating Medusa way back when she was a member of the Frightful Four.
  • Deciding they will get the Infinity Gauntlet to deal with the Terrigen Mist without the hand-wringing.

This is one team...That knows How to Go the Distance (cue dramatic explosion, with Magik and Shatterstar posing with their swords, while the rest of the team dramatically peer into the camera while posing. Whether they are heroes or villains depends on the eye of the beholder...but one thing is for sure....they are Uncanny.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

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Well, this is predictable and a boring development. I kind of liked the 20+ years of Jean without the Phoenix mucking her progression up despite my username. I'll still give it a shot just because I am hoping they really let her let loose instead of holding her back like they usually do. She should ideally be shown as the Akira of the X-Men, but they usually restrain or gimp her in some way - it wasn't until Grant Morrison's run that we saw a fuller range of her powerset. Also, that hair is pretty bad - maybe a pixie cut would look better if they really wanted to be edgy and different.

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@sprior93 said:

- Someone needs to tell Emma that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. She has the demeanor of a rebellious sixteen year old girl.

- It's cute that Emma thinks her diamond form can protect her from Black Bolt's voice.

- How did Emma have a photo of her telepathic projection? Even if that was possible, who took the photo? So silly.

- Does Emma have a British accent? Any American who willingly affects a British accent is the lowest form of scum. Why does anyone take this lady seriously?

- Emma is definitely going to die in this series.

A possible explanation is that the latent telekinetic abilities she has been hinted at having are becoming nascent and hence, she simultaneously telekinetically arranged photons to create a hologram at the same time she was projecting a telepathic image into the mind of onlookers to fully convince them. Another explanation is that she has always been good at funding the research and development of tech that took her psionic energy and gave it physical manifestation - she escaped her first fight with Phoenix by telepathically triggering a device to cause an explosion.

Unfortunately, I just assumed the writers did not think through an explanation and simply glossed over this.

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I loved the artwork. The cover, as expected, is misleading. Emma once again proves why she generally earns the "I'm With Her" comment from me. Medusa comes across as extremely sinister in this book and it really does seem like it's really Medusa vs. Emma (Queen vs Queen, I guess) acting on behalf of their partners in this conflict. It's annoying to see Magik relegated to the role of secretary and, though I'm certainly no Raindrop, it is equally annoying seeing such a passive Storm, though I can certainly see an argument that this is not the type of conflict she is best equipped to handle character-wise (at least how she has been written for the past few years).

That said, there is no way Emma's diamond form can survive Black Bolt's voice, based on what we've seen it do, and I thought Magneto's characterization of the InHumans as "incredibly powerful" was weird - their disadvantage is that numbers-wise, there are actually far fewer InHumans with any noticeably high power/threat level compared to the mutants we know of. If this was Fatal Attractions Magneto, we'd already be reading the Epilogue. Not saying he can take out Black Bolt, but he could certainly make the InHumans go extinct.

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It's a pity because there are some great X-Men characters that were never featured in a fighting game but would be interesting to play mechanics-wise, such as Magik, Dazzler, Longshot, or Sunspot. On the bright side, there may be some cool, heretofore unused Marvel characters that are getting a chance to shine since their properties are popular. This probably means GotG characters will be included.

It will still be weird to see a MVC without Storm, Magneto, or Wolverine, though.

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I am happy that Jubilee got a promotion but it looks like she is still a vampire, which I am not a fan of...also, I am still not sure that she merits said promotions. This looks like the JGS Z List Squad. I think the roster is setting this title up to be cancelled.