Piracy isn't the issue, incompetent leadership is.

Comics are going through the same issue that many companies do. They DO NOT know their audience. The audience of a true fan is  a ravenous beast of that must feast on its comics. It is no longer 1997. The market that exists now is that of comic book fans, not a pile of speculators seeking the next Action Comics #1.   

The younger days of the Internet always allowed for any piece of data desired, but you needed time and a method to receive it. The Music Industry, the non-porn Film industry failed to jump on this window, which created a giant black hole in their base, and alienated their fans. Porn has exploded on the Internet, while music and films are still not effectively sold. (The cloud system being proposed is now under attack).  
 The percentage of Internet traffic in which Bit Torrent was so high in 2008-2009, moved to Netflix in 2010.  http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2010/10/netflix-instant-accounts-for-20-percent-of-peak-u-s-bandwith-use/ This piece of evidence would possibly indicate that people will bootleg if a viable legal option isn't available.   Many people  won't drive down to the comic book store when it is VERY downloadable. 
 By creating an artificial window of 6-months, you've created a giant black market for piracy. Marvel has an advantage over a highly profitable company like Netflix ($225/share and $3 Billion in yearly revenue) in that Marvel owns all of the intellectual property. [Marvel's selling price in 2010 was $4.3 Billion http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2010/01/marvel-stock-removed-from-new-york-stock-exchange-today/] Marvel won't have to pay another party for each instance of use.  
 Would every consumer decline an option to read their comics on their home computer or device? If there are 11,000+ copies being downloaded, then there are 11,000 people who would enjoy this option. If there are 11,000+ copies of Ultimate Spider-man being downloaded then Marvel has under-served 11,000 customers with the 6-month window. The company has made a decision that it would  rather encourage piracy than provide a service. You cannot eliminate piracy, but you can lessen the amount. These tech-savvy people are already plugged in and logged on, but are ignored. The good people who are ignored and are not pirating are now lost to the company's profits.  For these good people, a comic book store would also have to be nearby. The person would have  to make time to find comics. There would not be any new comic book readers as there is a movement to tablets and e-readers. The current model does not encourage growth. Perhaps a per issue cost method or a monthly subscription that opens up the entire catalog.

Thomas Wayne is the better Batman.

Thomas Wayne is the better Batman. The world he lives in is without hope. The world he lives in is without Superman. The world he lives in is filled with devastating war.
Thomas Wayne did not waste most of his adult life fighting crime without help. He identified the problems with acting only at night or only alone and solved the issue. In the world he's created, his company polices the city. This Batman cannot go undercover, so his casino's multitude of cameras and his police force gather intel. Bruce is now trying something similar with Batman Inc. 
There are many familiar characters involved, and to his credit, many of the rogues in Batman's gallery are not part of this world.  Scarecrow, Hush, Killer Croc, and Ivy have already been eliminated from this world. Two-Face does not exist, and many mobster families are headless. Thomas Wayne has already saved countless lives. These rogues cannot poison, destroy, or infect the world with their malevolence. In the Knights of Vengence story, we learn that Arkham exists, the Joker is alive, and the Joker is a child-rapist. We also learn that the Joker is only alive due to the security force finding him instead of Wayne.
We also see that despite his years of tormented pain over the loss of his family, he is still redeemable. He is not an out-of-control monster, but righteous. He is the man who believes the world can be a better place. He is going to help The Flash exist again to return his family to life, despite the reality that his life will end.