Yawn- yet ANOTHER gun related mass slaughter in the US!

Another gun related mass slaughter in the US- what is yawnworthy is NOT the number of people killed but the reaction of the NRA( National Rifle Association)- after a week's discreet silence it will either repeat mantra like its claim that" the only way to tackle a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy also armed with a gun" or decry the media for"politicizing a tragedy"( as if the Right was averse to so doing- remember the late Jerry Falwell who blamed 9/11 NOT on Al Qaeda but "feminists, socialists and abortionists"?)

True,as I have pointed out until I am literally blue in the face on this blog,crazies (like the poor,) will always be with us( pace Anders Behring Breivik in Norway, Michael Ryan, Raoul Moat and Don Bird in the UK), these are relative rarities outside the US, whereas somebody "going postal" ( as the American prhase puts it) with a gun seems to occur every few months or even weeks.

Not content with opposing even the most minimal of gun control measures, the NRA and its political frontmen are set to also oppose the UN Conventional Arms Trade Treaty( which, shades of the Law Of The Sea Treaty and International Criminal Court, they claim "infringes on American sovereignty)_ go figure!