KKK to patrol Springfield MO neighbourhood as "neighborhood watch"

Sometimes you come across things online that make you want to laugh-or cry!_ such as the news that a Klan group has distibuted flyers in a Springfield, Missouri neighborhood announcing that it will patrol the area as a "neighborhood watch"( shades of George Zimmerman!).

Personally, given that criminal organizations( such as the Mafia in Sicily, Triads in China, and the Japanese Yakuza) have begun life as vigilante style organizations, I think the people of this neighborhood( whether balck or white, Jewish as well as Gentile) should politely but firmly tell America's longest standing terrorist organization (founded by former slave trader and Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest in Pulaski, Tennessee in 1866,) "thanks but not thanks, we have a police department for our protection and if need be we can form our own neighborhood watch scheme- we neither need OR want your brand of protection than we would want it from Al Qaeda , the Mob or the OMGs(Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs- such as Outlaws, Mongols, Bandidos, Pagans or Hells' Angels)!

Thankfully, the people of this neighborhood have ALREADY rejected the Klan's offer of "protection". Given that Missouri is the home state of one of the US Presidents I most admire- Harry S.Truman- I think he would applauded the neighborhood's rejection of this loathsome group!

Anybody think as I do?