Kate Middleton topless photos and the limits of free expression

I haven't seen the photos of the Duchess of Cambridge(Kate Middleton in lay terms) allegedly taken by a French "scandal sheet "as she sunbathes topless in France but there are a lot of things I haven't seen-or would care to see- for myself, although they are readily available on the Internet(like child porn, bestiality, beheadings of "infidels" by jihadists, violent car crashes et al).

Let's get it straight- unlike the allegedly "Islamophobic" film "The Innocence of Muslims", members of the British Royal Family are NOT regarded as divine or semi-divine creatures(no matter how widely respected they like our current Queen are) unlike the Emperor of Japan until 1946 when the then Hirohito renounced his "divinity". Yes, the Duchess HAS breasts( just as my nieces and my own mother do) so in a certain sense the hoo-hahing by the whited sepulchres of Fleet Street is nonsensical. As intrusive and painful as it may be for the Duchess, this is the way of the world in the 21st century- just ask celebs like Drew Barrymore about what the late Diana bitterly termed the "stalkerazzi".

Perhaps an almost forgotten speech by then US President Dwight David Eisenhower at Dartmouth College in 1954 sums up thw wisest course of action- "don't join the book burners(or book banners)!"

Anybody think as I do?