"Che "Guevara statue in Galway

News that the Argentinian born cohort of "El Lider Maximo"( Fidel Castro in other words) Ernesto "Che" Guevara is to have a statue of himself erected in his ancestral homeland of County Galway(the Republic of Ireland BTW) makes me acutely uncomfortable for one, recalling as i do his role in the mass executions( "la paredon") of "bourgeious vermin"( ie middle class Cubans unlikely to view the inception of Marxist rule in their country) that followed Fidel and Raul's rise to power to Cuba in January 1959. his reported incitement of confrontation with the "Coloso de la norte"( "Colossus of the North"- a pejorative reference to the United States often used by nationalists South of the border) during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962( ironically enough the very year I was born)-thankfully both the Castros and ultimately Khrushchev ignored such proposals. It is of course true of all counties in Ireland, (North or South of the Border), Galway has always had a special soft sport for rebels, radicals and non-conformists and if it wants to erect to a statue to "Che " Guevara or otherwise pay homage to him in a way that it does for all other sons(and daughters) of Erin as different as John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, then that is of course their prerogative, but I urge them to think long and hard before giving this proto-Stalinist butcher the honour of a statue erected in his honour, his sins and flaws (not to mention his victims!) charitably airbrushed out of history as effectively as "The Great Coryphaeus" not only had his purge victims not just shot , tortured en masse or deported to Siberia but even removed from official Soviet photographs and paintings!