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Brother Voodoo vs Mother Talzin

Voodoo is current. Talzin is in her physical form.

Battle takes place in a barren field on Dathomir, starting at 30'.

In character, win by any means except BFR.

Who wins and why?

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@jashro44 said:

I'll side with the team. I think black tarnatula has been less impressive in recent years and Peter has improved a bit since the 90's. Not sure if Peter can drop black tarantula or stop him on his own currently (maybe pressure points?), but Miles might be able to pull something off with his venom sting. Black tarantula had a hard enough time tagging Peter (yea he did it but Peter was still able to blitz him a bit before getting tagged) I don't see him easily tagging the duo especially if Miles does remember his versatility (camouflage).

I don't see why everyone is so confident black tarantula win. Maybe neither can solo (I might actually say Miles could be debatable depending on if the venom sting is potent enough to be a threat and if Miles remembers his versatility).


The one thing I'd say in addition is that Black Tarantula ought to have extra ninja skills, post Hand, but on the other hand he doesn't always display them.

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@owie: Atom's transmutation was never really that great. He's not Firestorm's level when it comes to transmutation. He has used it on people before, though. Angela Spica (Engineer), transmuting her from her robotic body to her human body and manipulating the atoms in Maul's body, reducing his mass. But, these showings required a lot of concentration and he had to be close proximity and/or touching them to pull it off. That said, transmuting someone into a chunk of coal would be out of character for Atom. He's never killed anyone like that before.

OK, thanks.

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I haven't read much of Eternal Warrior, I'd defer to allstarsuperman.

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Crap, I was going to make a bunch of classic Quasar scans months ago, and never got around to it. Guess I need to take a look back at those issues now.

While my direct knowledge of Atom is low, I would say it could probably go either way. Possibly the fact that they're in character gives Quasar an advantage, since an immoral Atom could use his transformational powers directly on Vaughan, but I'm guessing an in-character Atom would not. But, I'd be happy to hear of examples of where an in-character Atom has transformed people in the past. It's always hard in a hero on hero battle to know how hard they're going to fight--is it a situation where there's mistaken identity, and they think the other guy is a bad guy, so they're going all out, or where they know it's a good guy, and they're just mad at him, or he's standing in the way of some strategic goal? This kind of motivational hair-splitting doesn't always matter, but it does when it comes to turning the other guy into a chunk of coal.

Atom's strength and innate durability do give him some advantages though, since he's got them no matter what, while Quasar's durability is dependent on the quantum bands being charged and active.

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I'll go with team 1. Ninjak has the best gear by far, and Bloodshot has the best durability/healing factor by far. Ninjak also has quite good armor. Bloodshot is the strongest, with Bucky's one arm being approximately equal. Ninjak is approximately the same skill level as the two from Marvel, with Bloodshot below. They are probably more or less all equally winning to do what it takes to win, with the Valiant team being a bit more bloodthirsty. It would be a great fight, but Ninjak's gear and Bloodshot's regen will take it. Heavier armor or moon powers for Moon Knight would equal it up more.

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Obi-Wan questioned whether he was the best choice of master for Anakin.

Qui-Gon's temperament was more similar to Anakin's anti-authoritarianism than Obi-Wan's. If Qui-Gon had survived, would his potentially greater sympathy for Anakin's independent streak have helped him raise Anakin to better channel and understand that independence and avoid the temptation of the Sith?

Would Qui-Gon's greater age and maturity have made him a better teacher and mentor than Obi-Wan?

Would Qui-Gon's greater belief in Anakin's role as the Chosen One been better or worse for Anakin than Obi-Wan's unsure feelings on the matter?

Ultimately, would Anakin still have gone to the Dark Side if Qui-Gon had been his Master?

Or, was Obi-Wan the best teacher for Anakin after all?

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Fisk. I don't see Hawkeye doing as well as Fisk did against Daredevil or Punisher. Fisk is clearly stronger, and can take a lot of physical punishment. And while his exact skill mix is unclear, he can obviously fight well against skilled people.

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@owie said:
@warlockmage said:

@owie: you went full obscure... never go full obscure.

It's my greatest weakness :)

from what very little i know of team 2 (excluding Gargoyle who i know nothing about at all) i dont think anyone could match Lizard

He would be a challenge. Andromeda and Lizard are probably about the same strength and speed. He's got his healing factor, while she has skill. She could outfight him, but keeping him down at all would be a different story. She'd probably need to keep him busy as long as possible, then hope for either Gargoyle to come in with his various blasts, or Devil-slayer to use his TK to incap by keeping Lizard levitated in the air, or his cape to BFR him.

Overall, you'd probably want to match up the more standard physical fighters something like Lizard-Andromeda, Ock-Beast, Kraven-Manslaughter, then Vulture-Nighthawk of course, and then Elektro-Gargoyle and Hobgoblin-Devil-slayer.

Each fight would be a real challenge for the Defenders to win.

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@rag_man:Thanks for the link. Hard to say who was at the greater context-based handicap there, Daken with the drugs or Moon Knight with the crazy!