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@StarKiller809: The only problem I see with them winning is their team cooperation. If Hal or Diana or one of the heroes of the team came up with a battle strategy it'd be hard to get Scarecrow or Lex to follow thru. While on the other hand the JLI has Batman and a full team of heroes so they will likely have a fool-proof plan up their sleeves. But in terms of sheer power I agree with you, Deputy Lanterns win.
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@The Dark Huntress: No, but the individual characters have many, and many of these characters have teamed up and worked together countless of times
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Deputy Lanterns : Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Flash (Barry Allen), Atom (Palmer), Wonder Woman, Mera, Scarecrow, Lex Luthor
Justice League International : Booster Gold, Batman, Fire, Ice, Rocket Red, Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), Vixen, August General in Iron, Godiva
Rules :
Hal is the only one of the Deputy Lanterns who still has his ring, the rest rely on their normal powers. Both teams are equipped in their normal battle attire (Lex Luthor has his warsuit, Batman has his gadgets, etc.).
Battle is set in Coast City, Midnight
Morals: ON  

P.S. I know Hal Jordan isn't really a deputy lantern but I liked him on the cover and thought he'd be great leading the team. 
P.P.S. I have no idea who the girl on the bottom left is on the JLI cover and I know she's been removed (and apparently replaced with Godiva) but it's the only pic I could find with the new team all together. 
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J. Jonah Jameson was one of my favorite characters in the movie. The scene where Green Goblin smashes into his office and he denies knowing anything  about Peter (despite the fact that he was held up in a chokehold and probably thought he was going to die) is one of the best in the entire series!

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=D so excited for this book

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I really hope we see a Green Lantern/Green Arrow crossover soon in the DCnU. The Captain Atom #3 cover made me happy as f*ck

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Siick covers. Green Arrow's new bow looks awesome. it looks like he'll be a much more public superhero, the last issue solicit had him fighting supervillains while "the whole world was watching" too... nothing wrong with that i just hope they don't overdo it 
Captain Atom/Flash crossover looks amazing. First crossover of the DCnU! can't wait!

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Can't wait to see this movie tomorrow! I'll have better insights then but for now here's my list: 
Captain America 
Captain America and Batman, aside from being incredibly tough and dangerous, are both ultimate tacticians and would eventually think of a plan to defeat the apes. Daredevil is the only one who wouldn't be bothered by the fog since he's already blind and relies on his other hyper-senses so that makes him a good choice and Nightwing fought Madame Rouge ( who was impersonating Beast Boy) and was doing pretty well against her big vicious animal forms so could probably take down a bunch of the apes