Time For Another Mindless Rant - Readers Discretion Is Advised

 So, I was posting in this thread in CBR forums, about what we would want to do to celebrate Spider-Man's 50th anniversary coming next year if we are in charge. Then we started talking about getting Steve Ditko to come back to the Spider-Man writing game. One thing led to another, I started ranting. Here's the rant, and it is just a collective gathering of my thoughts and opinion, so please do not get offended. I appreciate Stan Lee for what he's done through the years, but I just had to get this off my chest.
I think he (Ditko) might still be bitter over Stan getting all the credentials for being the "Spider-Creator" (I would be bitter, and still sorta am when thinking about all the lost opportunities), whereas Ditko didn't even get a single cameo in any Spider-Man movie or TV show. Not that he, as a 'private person', would care for publicity (especially not on any kind of screens), but I could imagine how one must feel not being properly recognized for your work - by the general public, not only by the know-hows who knew better, that Ditko did a lot of good work for Spidey in the earliest days.

TBH, I never really recognized Spider-Man as "Stan's Spider-Man." That said, considering that his work is only present in the earliest of days, it wouldn't be proper for me to say it's "Ditko's Spider-Man," either - but that would be far more accurate. In fact, wasn't there a similar incident with The Fantastic Four, with Stan and Kirby falling out, too (after which somewhat brought down the creative level of the character creations), because of reasons also involving credentials? I don't want to point a finger at Stan, but I think these incidents speak very well for themselves.

I mean, even Stan said himself that he didn't expect Spider-Man to be as popular he is today, that he was just doing it to get the kids to pick up the habit of reading or something. Whereas Stan was just doing it to entertain, Ditko was actually doing it for the artistic nature of literature. Whereas Stan is the heartful Aunt May, Ditko is the productive Uncle Ben. So, really, who deserves more credit? The jester or the wizard? I know I'm ranting now, but like I said, I'm bitter. So until they get Ditko back into the Spider-Man game (which they won't be capable of doing, ever), I'm going to hold this memory against Stan 'The Man' himself.