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@Green ankh said:
" Nope. The first was horrable "
your grammar is horrible...  
hancock was awesome, unlike people who spend their lives wrapped up on whats happening in the comic book world, the few folks in the land of reality easily get to take a day off and watch a popcorn flick in our world for a day. And just like Tyreses' venture into comic books, this makes people not interested in comics and superheroes.... interested.  
I'm all for a sequel. 
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@Bruce Vain said:
So hopefully we'll get to see a tougher looking Dredd film and honestly wouldn't mind seeing Sly back since he's making a great come back with Rocky, Rambo & the Expendables. 

I agree with this... for one his skin at his age matches the style of the art from the comic lol.   
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haha awesome.   

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for shlitz n giggles 
depending on how busy the rest of my week is, I may color it. about 2 hours worth of work here.  Cyclops

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I'm not the kind of person that does commissions and quite frankly I never got into drawing as a career because I hate drawing things people want you to draw. Obviously you would make no money that way...  
So for giggles and practice I saw a request on a car forum for someone to help design some graphics for a rally car. I didn't think they were serious so I just drew up a sketch while at work and submitted it.  

They loved the concept sketch because it's exactly what they wanted. Go figure, so they sent me their request, a spartan for the hood/bonnet of the car with a shield saying "give them nothing, and take from them everything" or something to that effect. And another one of these guys on the left.  
So I did just that and drew up this feller here.  
I wasn't too happy with how this came out after i submitted it, this being the second ever thing I have digitally colored in my life. I was not too fond of it especially if they were going to make it about 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide in real life.  
So I re did it and tried to put more effort into the coloring.  
I liked this a bit better although the right arm looks stiff and such, I felt it was a bit more quality than the last.  
I finally colored it as well, same day.  


I was really happy with how the colors came out. It seems I'm getting the hang of this coloring thing, granted i'm doing it with a mouse and not a drawing pad. There are certain tricks like making your own custom brushes or just modifying them so they look like they're not done with ms paint circular brushes. kicking down the opacity and transparency also helps because you can color light to dark, and you can blend the colors this way. Or go back and add high lights over dark areas you wouldn't be able to high light if you colored it traditionally.  
Here is the hood art which you've seen before.   
<-------pencils / stenciling stage 

 Then we have the inking stage -----------> 


And then the final stage of color.  and a few pictures of the final product.  Some nice lady putting on the printed stickers, and the car they went on. I did this for free since it was a sponsorship deal in exchange for lifetime free stickers anytime I want. Which is neat.  So surreal to see your work on a car, that will be in magazines and television programs.  


if you look you can see the image for the hood on the carbon fiber, they didn't get any straight on shots of it for me to save. =( but they loved the picture so much they put them on 2 cars. This Lancer Evolution, and a Subaru Sti that does the pikes peak hillclimb.  

hope you guys enjoyed that. 
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Dude do you draw those out or is that scratch board? if it's scratch then MAAAAAJOR PROPS that stuff is soooo hard to work with. If not then good job on making it look like scratch board. 

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@EGoD said:

lol, I will see if I have them up still, for now, here is an adaption I did of X-Men #30

not to be negative, but did you draw this yourself or trace over the cover? only reason why I ask is because I personally haven't seen this particular comic cover in YEARS but it looks exactly as I remember it. 
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I'm going to go with selkirk. 
@ selkirk : There is a lot of potential in your work. I like the fact that you drew the body of your subject before drawing everything around it. but make sure to clean up your linework to make it pop a bit more rather than it looking like scribbles and mechanical pencil work. Which is obvious by the depth of the lines.  Nothing is wrong with mechanical pencil either, but it's best for laying stuff out, they're pretty crappy for blending, and cross hatching.  If you drew that with a ball point pen the added linework would make sense. Don't be lazy and take pride in your work, even if it's just for fun. 
@ FrischDVH : I like your pencil's and the styling is very similar to cutting edge comix in a sense. I also like the gargoyle but it seems you put more attention to detail into that then the character. And it becomes a focal point.  
@ Scarecrow4 : Your character is probably most true to the costume of the original (well jim valentino) shadowhawk out of all of our entries. So props for that, it's a really complicated design that never really stayed consistant with any of the comics. 
Sorry for the critiqing guys, I hate giving out advice like i'm some expert, but it is what I was taught in school and it does help to get anothers opinion on your work. Reminds me of when I prepared a portfolio and headed down to the comic con and then saw everyone elses work and was too ashamed to even show mine and just went home. I was too afraid to hear their responses lol.  
Also to be fair, here are the pencils shot by my digital camera before touching the image up in photoshop.  As you can see my scanner cuts off parts of my drawings. 

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I like the little detailing in the pictures, but it looks as if your pencils eventually get smeared because like all artists im sure you jump to sections in your work. A helpful hint would be to get a small rip say printer paper or notebook paper and keep it under the side of your hand when doing your pencils. so your hand isn't smearing the pencils as you draw, this will leave you with less clean up time on the image and a cleaner black and white if you ever ink it. 

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@FrischDVH said:
" @Om1kron If only I could color like that....  "
I was pretty intimidated myself at coloring in photoshop, I've digitally colored something back in 1998 and it came out pretty neat and never tried again after that. After learning how to keep my inks untouched and just have a layer of color and little layers for effects if anything I don't get too fancy with layers in photoshop like most people do. And on top of things I still color with a 4000dpi gaming mouse, and it's not the easiest to get a straight line out of. Just search for tips on you tube and practice. I'm far from great.