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Ultimate, Ultimate Spider-Man 0

Spoilers: I am not hiding any of the awesome that is in this book.The issue I have been waiting for. Some people may think that Miles should not be hanging with Aunt May, Gwen, and Mary Jane, and those people would be wrong. Based upon how small this Ultimate Universe really is, how could you have a new Spider-Man come out of the shadows and not have Peter's family want to know what the heck is going on.Sure we have been getting to see some of that in Spider-Men, but we need this here, and espec...

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Vampires, Mummies, and Zombies, Oh My! 0

After waiting patiently for this issue, after the climatic ending of the previous one, we find Bennet and company under assault from the Order of Van Helsings. But this isn't Hugh Jackman hunting vampires, this is an order of Zombies (mummies actually) that have been laying in wait for centuries to destroy the vampires en mass.Bennet attempt to have peace talks with the Van Helsings does not pan out, as we saw in the last issue. With death (well as dead as you can get with vampires and zombies e...

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The Best of Both Worlds 0

3 issues in to this series, and I am finally ready to dub it a winner. Tipton and Tipton have shown themselves capable of nailing the personalities and speech patterns of every character we have come to know and love. They prove it in this issue, by also doing a major flashback scene with Kirk's crew and the 4th Doctor.The action is building slowly, however, it feels very much like watching an episode of either series. No doubt there will be a few more episodes of figuring out how these two univ...

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Coming Into His Own 0

Miles grew up a lot in this issue. I have been waiting for him to make a stand as Spider-Man, the way Peter once did against Osborn and Fisk way back in the day. It is still quite early in his career, but for a few issues now it was getting old watching Miles get pushed around a manipulated. Finally, after many issues of him falling in step with his Uncle Aaron, we finally see him break out."With great power, comes great responsibility. What would Peter Parker do?"This line, in my opinion, is th...

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Perfectly Ozymandias 0

Adrian Vedt was simply the most annoying character of the entire Watchman series. He was uninteresting, pompus, and not at all sympathetic. My first time reading the series, I found myself not caring at all about his character, and up until the end, I was wondering why he was even a part of the story at all.Here we see Ozymandias in all his self-indulgent glory. The story in issue #1 is told in the first-person, as Adrian decides that he must create a record of what led up to his decision to unl...

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Simply The Best 0

I can only say that I have been reading about 5 of the New 52 books, but in my humble opinion, this is the best DC book out there. I, Vampire never stops impressing me: great story, great characters, incredible art.I was wondering if the book was going to jump the shark after the Rise of the Vampires storyline, a crossover with JLD, and Batman. Not surprisingly, the answer is no. The depth of the story continues and the action continues.Following Andrew's rise to power over all of the Earth's va...

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Enojyable 0

So far I have only read Minutemen and Silver Spectre, and this one was my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I thought Minutemen was great, and cannot wait for the rest of the series, but this was one of the titles I was really looking forward to.Dan Dreiberg was portrayed as an over weight worry-wart in Watchmen. He looked more like a fan boy at ComicCon than an ex-masked avenger. In the flashback sequences he showed some of his promise as a vigilante, but we did not get to see too much of it. When ...

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Fantastic! 0

As with most people, I'm sure I wasn't the only one holding my breath when this cross over was announced. Heck, I remember Joe Quesada saying that they would never have a cross over between the 616 and 1610 Marvel Universes. I really was hoping for the best with this series.How could I have ever though Brian Bendis would not deliver on Spider-Man?This series is so far, so AWESOME. I love the interaction in this issue between Peter and Miles, each one feeling the other out, to see who the other i...

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Amazing 0

Hickman delivers in this issue. Sure, it might only be a set up for the big battle ahead, but the scenes between Reed Richards and Hulk are awesome. Ribic's art is simply amazing as well. While the Hulk manages to destroy a large portion of the Children and the City, Reed ultimately gets him to turn against Fury and the Ultimates.Honestly that is no big surprise. Hulk has been continually tortured by Fury, and Reed easily convinces him to turn traitor. Also, the People are off to battle, full of...

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On Life Support 0

And I don't mean Voodoo or Pris, or who the heck ever is in this book now. The plot line in Voodoo right now is not going well. After finding out that she has a clone, and is also a clone in her own right, Voodoo decides to toss aside the fact that she is being used, and decides that the Daemonites offer to take a greater role in their cause is to enticing. So now we are left with a Voodoo v. Voodo showdown.Question is, who is going to win? For the first few issues of this series, I was totally ...

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Last Ditch Effort 0

Hickman dropped the hint months ago that he couldn't wait for The Children to meet up with The People. Well, the time is now. Fury and Co. pay a visit to Tian, in hopes to convince Xorn and Zorn (how confusing is that?) to go and fight Richards and his Children. Of course, nobody has any respect for Fury anymore, and they turn him down.Still, why not reach out? Only problem is, little Reed Richards, or Master, does not want to play nice, and kills one of the Celestials. This of course does not s...

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Three in a Row 0

I said after the last issue, that something big is coming. Well Nick Spencer delivers again, putting yet another Omega-Level Mutant in the limelight. Are we dealing with Karen Grant, or Jean Grey. Is Ultimate X really on the SHIELD payroll, or are the side of the Celestials?This issue delivers big, and lets us know what Karen and Co. have been up to since Ultimate Hawkeye ended. They looked to have deserted, and decided to stay in Tian, but did they? Nick Fury twists a tale to Val Cooper (who cl...

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The Shocker Wasn't Available? 0

I am loving this wild ride of the new Ultimate Spider-man. This issue finally sees Miles getting into the role of superhero on his own. Of course, who could Bendis and company throw at him for his first on-the-street-match?Omega Red?! I always thought his appearances with Peter were sad. He is not much better than The Shocker, who harassed Peter like a bad toe fungus. The fight is quick, and shows Miles quickly adapting into his new powers. He spends a lot of this issue trying to figure them out...

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Hell Yes! 0

I hate vampires. I just can't get into them. I've never liked a vampire movie, book, TV show, you name it. Don't even get me started on Twilight.I LOVE THIS BOOK!At first I thought it would be mediocre, and only picked it up at my wife's urging. Now I read it before I pass it on to her. This issue is the best yet. Batman's appearance is not overplayed, and he really only plays a cameo role to say the least. It would be tough to leave him out, as the war with the Vampires seems to be starting on ...

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Let Down 0

So when I heard Ron Marz was leaving the series, I wasn't to upset. Not that I thought he was doing a bad job, I just thought that with as new as this series was, it would be hard to really make a mess of things. I think I may have been wrong.Ron, where are you?Voodoo has been one of my favorite New 52 titles, that is until this issue. With the cliffhanger form last issue, I was intrigued by where things could go. Instead, we end up with a jumble that is more train wreck than a good comic. I get...

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Marching Towards Something Great 0

Nick Spencer is really creating some thing big here. If you have not been picking up this title, you need to start. After the first six issues, it looked like Quicksilver was seriously going to manipulate everything in his favor. With Magneto dead and gone, with Xavier dead and gone, with most of the heavy-mutant hitters gone, there was definitely a void left for mutant leadership.When things went south in issue 6, I thought that perhaps everything had fallen into Pietro's lap, but as we find ou...

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Finally 0

This is what I have been waiting for. This issue was solid from start to finish. The first 5 issues seemed rushed, unconnected, just plain bad. This issue kept my interest the whole time, and for the first time, left me wanting more. I know the series is going to be starting a new arc with the next issue, so I am hoping that there are brighter days ahead for Stormwatch....

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Xenogenesis Review 0

I like the X-Men. I love Warren Ellis . I did not like or love this story. One of the great things about Ellis's work, is his ability to comment on social issues and tie it in nicely to his books. Transmetropolitan and The Authority spring to mind. However, his story telling style is completely out of place in this book.While the premise is good, and there are certainly social issues that can be addressed by the X-men, it just doesn't work here. I am not trying to make light of the genocide prob...

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2nd Issue Letdown 0

I was excited to pick up the first issue of this series, and my expectations were exceeded. In waiting for months for the second issue, I have to say, it was certainly a bore.The premise of this series is good, the characters seem to be shaping up nicely, but except for the scenes where Amadeus learns that he is going to have to learn how to live with powers, the rest of the issue is a waste of time. Some small banter between characters is amusing, but does not really move the story forward. Mos...

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A Must Read Book 0

Thank god for Nick Spencer. This new run of Ultimate X-Men is the best there has been since before Robert Kirkman did his run on the first volume of Ultimate X-Men.SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.Kitty has killed Stryker, who with his dying breath, has ordered an army of Nimrod Sentinels to hunt down all mutants on Earth. Rogue led them into this trap, but claims she is only doing what God is telling her to do. Who is God? Apparently a back-from-the-dead Professor X. WHAT?!T...

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Meh... 0

I was really excited to hear about Stormwatch when The New 52 was coming about, but it has lacked since the beginning. This issue was more of the same. It seemed rushed, disconnected, and like the book is struggling to survive. I was excited to see what the cliffhanger ending was all about, and once I saw it, it seems more like a desperation grab than anything else.If I had to guess, this book is the result of poor sales, and a last chance effort to save the series. I certainly have not been ent...

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