Why we should appreciate events for what they are.

I know many people do not appreciate all the events that are coming out these days by Marvel, and I agree that there are way too many of them being published right after each other. However, I am here to argue the value of events, or at least the value of reading them and enjoying of them.

Almost every event is teased as "the next big thing," or something will change so that "nothing will ever be the same again!" Almost every time, the status quo is changed back to normal by the next event. This is a huge cause of frustration to many, and I can understand why. However, I would say this. When you look at an event as only something that changes the status quo or has big effects on everything, youre expectation will be dashed because it is an evolving industry where everyone wants to tell their own story and not stick with one particular precedent set forth by an event. This is not a perfect world. Most of the time we will not have huge story threads continued through years and years.So my point is this: We need to appreciate the events(the good ones anyway) for the stories they tell, not the ultimate impact they have or the repercussions. Many good stories are missed out on because they dont have a huge affect on that universe or it is negated shortly thereafter. But I'm saying, enjoy the stories anyway, dont get too concerned with the ultimate changes they make to a universe. That is all.


Video Games that could be Comic Books

Inspired by the article today about video-game based comic books, I decided to write a piece about video games that could easily translate into comic book stories. I have a couple of other ideas too, so those will eventually see the light depending on any reaction I get for this. Anyway, here it is, my very first blog post.

Video Game that could be a Comic Book #1

Freedom Fighters


Why it worked as a game: While it was by no means a revolutionary game, Freedom Fighters was a good Third-Person shooter that accomplished what it wanted to. It delivered a nice amount of action with a story that, while minimal, was interesting enough as a concept that it got the job done. Basically it's an alternate history where The Soviet Union takes control of most of the world, and it starts with their assault on America. You play as Chris Stone, a simple plumber who becomes a battle-hardened resistance fighter against the Soviets. The gameplay has a relatively unique feature where your character controls a squad of men(and women) that can be recruited at different areas and given orders to scout, defend, and form up on you. While it might not sound very revolutionary, it was a cool feature that helped the game avoid being a trivial waste of time, and instead helped it turn out to be a fun shooter with weapons ranging from Ak-47s to Bazookas to Molotov cocktails. The story involving the actual characters was a bit lacking, and overall the game felt like it too, in several areas. But as a whole, it was a fun game that delivered some nice moments that were cut short a little too fast. But the game was fun and many a person enjoyed playing it.

Why it would work as a comic book:

In my mind, at least, this game could easily, easily be turned into a comic book. Just envision it: An alternative take on history where the Soviets basically control the world. A little far fetched, maybe, but an alternate history story like that can be done.(look at The Manhattan Projects book by Jonathan Hickman) So thats not an issue. As issue numbers go, I think a maxiseries probably would be best, I think that offers a better opportunity to frame all the tiny stories that ultimately affect and connect to the big ones. 75-100 issues maybe? It would be an action title primarily, with other genres in as well including possibly thriller, psychological, and romance elements. As for the book itself, I can see something like the following for the setting: A gritty world with a basically all-controlling government in power, and at the same time there is also a small force of revolutionaries fighting to keep the very principles and ideas the nation was founded on alive. With the familiar locale of New York(and possibly other areas) people can easily relate to it. Plot wise, it would follow Chris Stone, who would start out( like in the game) as a simple plumber with practically no battle experience. As the series goes on, he becomes a veteran warrior and a figurehead for the resistance. All the while he leads a squad whose members grow, develop, sometimes die, and ultimately leave their own legacy in the comic. It could lend it self to spin-offs fairly well, those using the same characters in the book and possibly looking at other chapters of the resistance in different areas. You could deal with numerous themes throughout the series, specifically those of political nature.

That's my take on it, what do you guys think? Feel free to give any ideas and/or criticism.