R.I.P. Carmine Infantino creator, artist, editor: A REAL LEGEND!

First of all--I was really disappointed in Comic Vine that they hadn't already done something worth-while about Carmine Infantino.

Why should you care about Mr. Infantino? Carmine Infantino: Created Barbara Gordon--(therefore the Batgirl we all know and love), Barry Allen (The Definitive version of the Flash), Black Canary, Deadman, Wally West, and dozens more important characters in the DC Universe!

Carmine's art style re-defined comic book art! Don't believe me? Look through Detective Comics--issues 323-325--and tell me there isn't a difference When Mr. Infantino started drawing them with issue 326 and for about 100 issues after that. He revived Detective comics (whose sales were dwindling at the time)! He was the main cover artist for DC comics for over a decade.

He was also the first artist to start getting fan awards. He is one of the most important comic book figures you may have never heard of but without his creations, art, and influence in comics your world may have never been the same.

You will be sincerely missed Carmine Infantino!


Get your art published in a book!

Wanna get some art published in a book? Here's your chance! We are now accepting art to be put into the gallery section of Lola & The 11 Secrets. If anyone is interested post your art here! top 3 (possibly more will be in the published book) Deadline for this is April 25th-and Thank you in advance! The images shown here are for reference or were done for fun!

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Voting Thread--- for Artist Throwdown #98--Zatanna

The Voting Thread for the Zatanna Contest is now closed!

Some great pieces---Everyone should be proud!

Congratulations for coming in first

and also to the runner up (by a margin of 1 vote) to !


New Avengers Piece I did in 2 days! Phew!

This took 2 days to do---it was pretty non-stop--and I'm pretty happy with it--not my best and I totally made Cap look like Chris Evans--this started in Pencils, colored Pencils, Acrylics, inks, and airbrush and cleaned up-and polished after I scanned it in!