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Recently, I’ve realized that I can no longer follow all the major crossovers published by Marvel. I’ve began to realize that I might have to buy general magazines like ‘Wizard’ to keep track of them and to be honest, I cannot be bothered chasing these on top of everything else.

I thought that if I was buying the graphic novels / albums, I would be OK. I normally go for the X titles (X-Men, X-Force etc) and in the past, they had their own crossovers and it was slightly easier to get some really good storylines with characters I knew. I bought many of them in the past, like the ‘Dark Phoenix Saga’ (amazing and classic), the ‘X-cutioners song’ (interesting storyline) or the ‘Mutant Massacre’ (included other, non X, characters but very interesting story as well).

From the recent major crossovers I’ve enjoyed the ‘Civil War’ and the ‘House of M’ very much. I managed to get the main story album and not how it affected the individual teams and heroes. I really had to try though and find them. I remember buying an individual ‘house of M’ title when it was originally released that featured Brian Braddock and Psylocke and I was like ‘what is going on now?’

Now with the ‘Secret Invasion’ or ‘Siege’ I feel confused again. I refuse to keep on buying all these different comics just to understand what is going on. I think that alternatively I’ll need all Marvel publications for that, from Fantastic Four to Avengers to X-Men. Of course it’s a sales scheme to get more comic books sold, but I think I’ll pass. Am I the only one thinking like that?

So, I’ll try to find and buy some of the old major crossovers. One that I always wanted was the ‘Fatal Attractions’, but I can’t seem to find it in a reasonable price anywhere (any suggestions?). I’m also missing some important storylines like the transformation of Angel to Archangel (the first time), how Bishop joined the X-Men or the ‘New Mutants’ became ‘X-Force’ but I don’t even know the name of these stories (yet). Alternatively, I’ll settle with ‘Onslaught’ or the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ though I have most of the individual titles for these… 
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Avenger's new direction

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I started reading the new version of “The Avengers” by Marvel. After everything that is happening (“Civil War”, “Secret Invasion”, “Dark Reign” and “The Siege”) new teams are being assembled entering the ‘Heroic Age”! Between the different teams, I randomly picked the main one, “The Avengers”. I know that there is a movie coming out and I thought that the best people would work on the title to prepare fans for the movie. I was unfortunately wrong.

After the third comic, I have to say that I will probably abandon the title yet again. I was not impressed by the artwork or the storyline. The appearance and disappearance of Wonder Man (what the?), the battle with Apocalypse (was that it?) and the realisation that the time continuum is broken are presented in such a way that I am left uninterested. I also have objections on the selection of the characters (Wolverine also in this title? Two spiders? Hawkeye playing simply the role of a bystander?). I might give the title another chance or two, but I can’t see myself continue reading it for long…