Is it Possible to Follow Only One Side Post-Schism?

The whole Schism event and some discussions I've seen have left me wondering if it is possible for readers to really follow just one X-Men direction post-Schism. If nothing else I actually like the concept the post-Schism landscape has offered to provide to given two quite different creative directions for the X-Men books allowing the reader to choose the kind of X-Men title they wish to read between the more action-heavy and darker Uncanny X-Men and the more quirky, light-hearted and somewhat old-school feel of Wolverine & the X-Men.

I really like in principle the idea of choice being offered here, of allowing us as readers to actually have option of having some choice in a comic title and the setting and creative direction that title could follow. Generally I feel the more choice the better really, so in theory even if not everyone liked Schism itself our how it happened, the actual outcome could be a great thing of X-fans, in that it allows use the ability to have some decision over the X-Men we really want to follow, and the kind of X-stories we want to read.

But some discussions got me thinking, and I wonder if it will really be completely possible to follow just one side (whether Team Cyclops or Team Wolverine) as things go on, or if we will feel forced at times to still get at least the key X-Titles on the ‘other side’. Given Marvel’s proclivity for events and their proposed desire to integrate the X-Universe more with the wider Marvelverse as a whole, will it be possible to be able to just follow the key titles on one side, or will we end up getting lost at times trying to do just this?

For myself, I had planned to stick with Wolverine & the X-Men (along with Uncanny X-Force and possibly X-Men Legacy), and get any larger X-events in trades, but will this be a viable strategy? Or rather, will the developing storylines see them become less self-contained, but rather expanded further still into the wider X-verse and even the Marvelverse require as before getting more X-Titles rather then allowing a reader to focus on just a few titles? If so, then sadly Schism doesn’t really give you the ability to choose one type of X-Men to follow, but in the end we might still find ourselves having to collect most of at least the core X-Titles to fully keep up with what is going one.

Personally I hope concept of Schism holds out, and we are able to actually able to choose one of the proposed creative directions offered, and on the whole apart from some events able to follow that branch of X-Men without having to look at the other-side.

But will this really be possible?