My solution to the "Woman problem" at Marvel!

It is perceived that Marvel has a problem with female readers because they only have one title that features a female protagonist in the title role. This is troubling for me particularly because I've always thought of the avengers titles as female led books. But, in order to remedy this I've come up with a solution! Bring back old concepts with female centric themes.

1. Marvel Team up

A Marvel Team up book would be a great addition to the Marvel Universe. The catch is, have Spider-Woman lead the book. Jessica is a good character, just not a great character. However, if you have her showcase the diversity of the Universe I think the book can work. She could essentially play the "straight man" to the different characters that guest star. With the focus not really being on Jessica and really on the guest star we get a compromise that can both showcase a revolving door of concepts and add some depth to an underused character at the same time.

2.Revolving minis

One of the things that really upsets me is the number of pointless titles that get published every month. For instance, Avengers Assemble. The biggest waste of paper and Bendis since the last. If I were EIC this wouldn't see the light of day. Instead, we should have mini-series for lesser known characters and creators. Black Widow, She-Hulk and Shanna have all had their own books. None have been prosperous enough to warrant a long running ongoing. But, if we had a mini series for one out of the three every month, then maybe one would catch on enough to warrant an ongoing. Four issues apiece, for three characters, that's almost a monthly is you follow all three. Annnnd, if you have some newcomer creators, you can use it as a farm system and maybe find some hidden talent that's waiting to become major.

3. Marvel Graphic Novel

A great concept that is definitely worthy of a return. You really don't have to focus on female characters with this concept. This would work itself out that eventually stories featuring female leads would get published and in graphic novel format to boot. The old MGN had it's fair share of female leads without trying and I suspect that the same would be true for a relaunch. With the climate of today's market and Trade paperbacks then MGN format monthly or even bi-monthly could be prosperous.