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nice elektra pic. I give it an 8/10

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its kinda weird seeing characters like Kano, Sony and Liu Kang trying to take on the likes of superman and wonder woman. The action might end up really good but I agree with Platinumwarrior that this game might end up below average.

Lets just see when it comes out. who knows... I mean the trailer was really good though... funny but good.

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"Impressive, Very Impressive...there is more too you than it seems. We should have a match after this is over Dreadnaught but be warned I'm far more than any mere mortal"

He then began to charge up his power, giving his huge form another pair of arms as well as giving him a more demonic look. His facade grew fangs upon his dark facial exterior, claws grew upon all of his hands as well as spikes upon his soldier.

With a grin in his face, he slammed all four knuckles into to the ground that sent a shockwave through the enemy ranks. With the sense of pleasure all around his body he couldn't help but also release a battle cry that drove fear to the mutant enemy ranks.

" we should postpone this fued of ours for later, for now...let us just enjoy the moment extending an arm of respect"

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Click! Click!

"Shit!, no more ammo. Technology is always so unreliable in times of great need. I guess we are going to have to do this the old fashioned way"

He then fused himself with his two shadow clones growing to about three times his size and twice his strenght. He then proceeded to punch, charge across the ranks of enemies that laid before him.

In the heat of battle he saw two figures in the distant. It was Lillya and dreadnaught

"Lillya, Dreadnaught!! where have you been?! Where do you stand?! These spineless cowards should be begging for mercy right about now."

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"What do I want with a mettalic man made weapon. I have several dark powers in my arsenal...but what the hell, anything is good at this point."

He grabs one of the weapons in the rack and charges the weapon and upon shot it takes down four soldiers of the upcoming army.

"Oh Holy Crap...well this could work"

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As warsman and egan prepare for the upgrading, Neon Black rushes in to the room.

"You both better hurry up with the procedure, these loathsome bastards just keep attacking..."

He then steps in front of the machine, and with a swift flick of the wrist, his own shadow splits into two forming two shadow clones of himself.

"... because I'm not sure how much the force field will be able to take. I'll stall them while you guy go ahead with the procedure"

The three figures surrounding the machine then soon arm themselves with their best defensive spells as the enemy soon slowly advances at their area.

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Dark shadows and mists soon appear from the walls and floors which then soon form a dark pit behind the army of cyborgs and of the undead. Only silence and anticipation fills the air as the army turns around but as they affix their senses to what was happening behind them a dark laugh soon fills the air. A cloacked man soon rises slowly from the pit, hovering above the pit...It was Neon Black.

The shadow pit below him then grew further surrounding a small area around him. Huge 12ft long shadow tentacles soon formed around the inner rings of the pit.

"Lets end this shall we but be warned there is no man or machine alive that can escape my darkness"

With a snap of the cyborgs fingers more of his army soon appeared and launched towards neon black. Neon Black met their attacks with strong blows and swings from the tentacles surrounding him impaling an crushing every inch of their bodies. When the smoke and the explosions cleared off, bodies and remnants of what was thought to be of the greatest machines ever made, lie around him.

The tentacles then regrees to the pit which then reforms into a huge scythe at his right hand. With a grin in place he says, "Now who wants to taste death's sweet touch"

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