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Chaturbate..... erm... i mean The Wire.

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The first episode was the most awful let down I've seen since Falling Skies and Outcasts.

The whole thing was a shambles of poor script, thinly drawn characters, boring story-line.. i mean its got dinosaurs.. and one dude gets killed.. but that's it..

Everything's so clean and neat.. it looks like a purpose built set with no depth or character or age to it.. and that is whats so wrong with the characters too.. its like they have no back-story but what is rammed down your throat. You couldn't care less who lives or dies because you don't know them as people.

And talk about plot holes.. there's around 50 you can easily spot while watching.. and they jar like someone stapling post-it notes with DUH! on them to your forehead... you can make a sci-fi show without any science.. sure but you have to ground it and make it plausible for heavens sake...

The had 2 hours to wow us and yet escapes from maximum security prisons in the future is so unremarkable you bother showing it. It probably the worse case of Idiot Plotting I've seen on TV.. everyone is a moron.. and if any one had an ounce of common sense nothing would have happened at all... every scene seem based on someone being clueless and doing exactly the wrong thing to allow the next thing to happen.

Poor Jason O'Mara... once again he is a time traveling cop let down by shoddy writing and bland support and sets.

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Its like the old argument.. bring a gun to the fight and the other guy has to match it or he's out of the game.

This introspection of characters is so the thing of the 2000's.. Super-heroes being charged for collateral damage, the ethics and morality of their actions brought into question.. its not a bad thing.. just a trend for realism and exploration over the purely fantastical.
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I'm down for that.. especially after such dire movies.

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Be nice to see a harder edged version of the villain.. see how they bring the ideas more up to date.. i'm still on board.

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Then i saw her face.. now...

Feel the   Non sequitur.
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I refuse to take part in this

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Coz even superheroes can be fashion victims.

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Dreary me :) Its okay as an advert for someones bottom.  
I assume the music is supposed to be female tennis players grunts... but you are right.. there weres an awful lot of grunts in that advert.