Monkeys & Tentacles

I'm going for a session of retro gaming and in what spare time i have i'm gonna complete a classic 'Scumm'* game from my collection each day. :)

I was tired of seeing my classic games sat around and unplayed and am so pleased to find i don't remember them as well as i thought i did and the y are a lot more challenging that i thought.

So far I've played and completed:

Game of the Day:
(DAY 4): Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
(DAY 3): The Secret of Monkey Island
(DAY 2): Sam & Max - Hit the Road
(DAY 1): Day of the Tentacle

Next games:
(Day 5): The Curse of Monkey Island
 Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 
The Dig
Discworld 1 & 2 

* SCUMM for those that don't know  was the engine used for many classic Lucas Arts early adventure games and from the humble beginnings with Maniac Mansion to the more richly detailed Curse of Monkey Island.
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Watching Van Helsing

Watching Van Helsing.. you know i hated this movie when i came out and yeah its far from perfect.. 

the first 20mins its so heavy with needless exposition and crappy dialog that tells you the bleeding obvious but once you get to the action theres a lot of good ideas.

The way the vampires transform and move is pretty nice in concept.. its the horrid plasticy execution that lets it down as well as the some obvious naff wire work when they aren't digital actors.. its smacks of rushed production.

Then theres so really poor editing where the vampire is falling with the carriage that takes forever to land and even when she sees its empty she still hangs on and when she shes the explosive she has enough time to explain to the audience that its full of stakes and explosives.. and then flies off.. and guess that happens :S

Vampires that can move between the flashes in a stroke of lightening.. how cool is that!  Yet spend the entire time playing with their food instead of killing it.. which they do poke fun at it at the end.. but it doesn't make up for it.. pointing out your own poor structuring.. not great... if you are gonna vastly overpower our enemy.. you have to overpower your humans for it to even come close to working.

The death scenes were all really neat but just a tiny bit plasticly.. but the ideas were good.

God i forgot the awful face in the sky bit at the end... like it was done by a child with photoshop... but on the other-hand they didn't cop out and bring her back to life for a 'happy ending'

It really is a film that could have worked.. even the Frankenstein Monster looked great.. but well.. was acted like it was just some guy. 
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Officially a Jedi

I just identified my official religion as Jedi on a legal document and i'm feeling rather amused by it all. 
Its just nice and comforting to be part of something thats bigger than yourself. 

its a funny world.


Hot and Wired

Well finished Hotwire's first story arc.. and i have to say it was pretty good.. decent plot and visuals and even some nice plot elements seeded early on that you don't realize are going to be important.. not bad at all. 
Certainly will checkout the latest series and maybe more related characters.. could be the start of something beautiful.

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Steel Grey

Phew.. another day minus sunshine.. the skys steel grey and and the sun a distant hazy disc at best.. not so cold as it has been.. but still nothing special.. glad to be warm in doors again. 
Looking for something comicy to write about... ah yes.. this will do.

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How amazing was The Maxx.

How amazing was The Maxx... watching some more episodes and reading the comics too.. 
It really was a true achievement and was crimminally cut short on TV.. esp with the crap they did keep on making on MTV.

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The Maxx

Am in review mode.. also in sucky spelling mode it seems.. thank the lord for spell check.. 
Started watching The Maxx and reading the comic at the same time! ah the memories :)

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Re-reading Evil Ernie

Re-reading Evil Ernie so i can fill out the wiki more accurately.. forgotten how much fun this series was.. and how much Bomb Queen and Hack/Slash probably owe it from story and artwork point of view.

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