The Dark Knight: Robin Rises

Information has surfaced that The Dark Knight Rises introduces us to a world 8 years after the closing credits of The Dark Knight. So if Batman has indeed been MIA for at least a couple of the 8 years (which from the trailer seems very likely), then it also seems likely that during that absence other heroes would try to take his place. It also stands to reason that a Batman 8 years older than in The Dark Knight will likely be looking for an eventual replacement (one he will have to train first). I know Joseph Gordon Levitt is supposed to be a cop named John Blake; but I still wonder if this isn't just an alias that Dick Grayson is covertly using to gain access to the Gotham PD (and that Nolan is using as a way to covertly sneak the popular yet controversial character into his final film under the radar).

Maybe it's just wishful thinking and I'm grasping at straws, but I don't think so. Their are many Robin haters out their, and admittedly Batman Forever and its sequel Batman and Robin are two of the worst movies ever made. But that does not mean Robin has no place in the film franchise. An older smarter Robin, who has been working independently of Bruce Wayne for years before becoming his protege would be a very respectful way of introducing someone Levitt's age to play the role. Robin can be done right and Nolan (despite previous negative remarks about the character) must realize this and is certainly ambitious enough to take that challenge head on.

The idea that Batman could exist in this film universe for more than a decade with no Robin just makes no sense. The character was introduced only a year after Batman himself and even predates The Joker. The Dark Knight Returns which both critics and the film's creative forces both bring up so often as a heavy influence for Nolan's film series has two Robin's who are pivotal characters. Despite what the casual movie fan may believe, there simply is no Batman without Robin.

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