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Devil vs. Wild 0

Matt has taken some blind students on a field trip up to the mountains, but when a simple accident tears their bus in half, he has to make some hard decisions to get these kids back home safely.The GoodThis was probably my favorite issue of Daredevil so far, for a couple of reasons. First, we get to see a side of Matt that isn't shown very often. An extremely caring, protective and vulnerable side. Obviously, he cares about the clients he works with, but the way he encouraged the kids and worked...

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Banner SMASH? 0

The GoodRight from the start we get some back story about how Banner ended up on this remote island performing experiments on various animals. Aaron does an amazing job showing the fragile relationship between Banner and Betty and how he cannot hide his obsession with his work. Even in Banner's facial expressions it's hard to find any sense of humanity. Silvestri's work is outstanding; all the faces have incredible detail and the action sequences really come alive.The BadThe jump between artists...

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The first issue of ASM I enjoyed. 0

I have only read a couple random issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, but this was the best one I've read.   The city has been infested with genetically altered bed bugs that are giving citizens spider-powers. Jackal organized a team of spider-powered thugs to wreak havoc around the city. And Peter is trying to get to his girlfriend Carlie (who now has spider-powers) before she gets killed trying to be the "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Cop."  The Good " Power may be an abundant resource on Spider-I...

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Good Story, but Not Scary 0

This issue opens up with an elderly man and woman watching T.V. when the man's grandson brings him a letter that is from an "old friend." The old man, Jack Garron, begins to recall his past, which is where most of the story takes place. It is divided between the experiences of Jack and another teenage boy. Jack has decided to run away in the hopes of finding his biological father, so they can perform together at the Majestic Theatre in Chicago. The other boy, Fredrick, was taken out of an orphan...

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