In a secluded Manor outside some city

The phone rings with an old world chime, the bell tolling rapidly, as an old hero picks up, "This number is private, who the hell is this"

A raspy low pitched voice replies with indifferent recognition, "You showed so much potential...what happened?"

He looks at the reciever then replaces the phone "I found out how the world works- Who are you?!" He begins using procured technology to hone in on the caller's location

A soft inhale before the mysterious man speaks his final words " My name isn't important, just know an old friend is going to need you soon." Before he can transmit a clear location the line dies, only showing the general coordinates from somewhere in the old borders of Utopia


Somewhere in Some Empire Pt. 1

Somewhere in some empire.

“I must admit, I’m very surprised you showed your face in this day and age…you’re not very popular” the people in attendance caught the climatic stare down between the master and apprentice. “I told you when I left I’d be back” the cloaked woman responded her lips not showing signs of movement.

“I didn’t think you actually meant it…how you would find me…” The redhead spoke again, taking another sip of her coffee; through the tense situation, she could see the cloaked woman came for help. “How do you think I found you?” the cryptic woman spoke stealing a glance at everyone in attendance.

“The last time I helped you; the world turned on you” the words stung, she could tell, but still the cloak woman stood unaffected physically. “You’re an international criminal, I should call the police” the redhead stood up but a powerful blast sat her back down.

“We both know…what I can do…and you know I’m not an evil person; I would only disrupt your home because I need you” the woman said, putting her hand back in her cloak. “What do you want…” she tossed a file blueprints for a massive structure on the table before her. “No.” she said, sternly. “I don’t have the money or the resources for such a structure…”

“Then find the money…” The aggressive talk from the cloaked female; made the only male in the room stand up; he too had been forcefully put down by this mysterious power.

“You’re stronger…” She said, watching the manifestation of her powers. “I’ve matured a bit, question where is Spottswood?”

The redhead woman let loose a little chuckle, “You were able to find me, but you can’t find Spotswood? His face is on everything these days…”

“He’s…changed, but you can find him in DC; he’s all political now.” She said, with a distasteful look on her face. “Right…” she said, heading towards the exit.

“I’ll be back…these are the coordinates of where I’m staying…I don’t want anyone knowing where I am until I’m ready” she said, exiting the home.

“Honey who the f@ck was that…” her husband asked, rising to his feet. “I’m not even sure anymore honey, but things are about to change.”