A Philosophical Statement

There have been many of my fellow Question fans who are really unhappy with the direction they’re taking the character. They say that it’s not right that he isn’t a down-to-earth investigating street level hero anymore. But I’m a huge Question fan and have been going along with all the changes and actually enjoying them so far. Mainly because I know that he is more than just that investigative journalist.

The Question has always been a philosophical statement. When he was created in 1967 by Steve Ditko he was intended to embody Ditko’s own objectivist views. The Question believed that there was only right and wrong and no gray area in between.

Then he was taken by Dennis O’Neil at DC and changed into a student of zen philosophy (a change that many fans at the time were upset about as well). This amazing run furthered the ideas of philosophical statement when O’Neil incorporated philosophy into each issue and included a recommended reading at the end of each issue. The zen philosophy stuck with Q through most of the rest of his career until he was changed up again by Veitch to involve urban shamanism and chi. From there he met his end in 52.

From there the identity of the Question passed on to Renee Montoya. As Greg Rucka took over the main writing duties the Question found herself dealing with several different cults including the Religion of Crime and many philosophical points involved with these cults and religion in general and the ideas therein. This was especially the case in the Five Books of Blood and Final Crisis: Revelations.

Now the Question has come full circle and has become what he has always truly embodied. He is curiosity incarnate. He is driven solely by his need to ask questions. He represents the curiosity of all mankind including both the good and bad aspects. This change was being introduced by his most recent writer J. M. DeMatteis who is quickly becoming my new favorite writer and nearly as philosophical as Dennis O’Neil was. I, personally, am very excited to see where it goes.

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The Question is Back and Moving Up

The Question appeared in this month’s issue of Phantom Stranger AGAIN!!! He’s becoming a big plot point and I think he may be the one who stabs the Stranger on the cover of next month’s issue. But why is he doing all this stuff to the Stranger like possibly being the one who kidnapped his family and killed that babysitter or will possibly stab him? I don’t want to believe that they’ve made him a villain. It seems more like he may have a slightly flawed way of reasoning so we’ll just have to wait until next month to see what’s going on!

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Trinity War Update

Well there's a lot more coming out about Trinity War recently and I am getting very excited, especially (and mostly) because it means there's more information out there about this event that my favorite character The Question is going to be a big part of and more chances for him to appear or be mentioned. Which also means more comics for me to get a hold of. First is Phantom Stranger #2 which will be coming out tomorrow. In the issue we will be seeing the Stranger come face to face with Pandora who needs his help in finding the "strongest or darkest of heart" who will be able to open her box so she can put back the evils she originally unleashed. From the preview we know that the Stranger refuses to help and states that he will do everything in his power to stop her. Which is understandable because he believes that nothing that comes from that box could do any good. We know from the back-up story in Justice League #0 that the Wizard has forgiven Pandora and sort of gave her his blessing in her mission, but the Stranger doesn't know this. We also know that the Question might be that person who can open the box. Whether he is the strongest of heart or the darkest we will have to wait and see. We will also have to wait and see until tomorrow if there will be any appearance or just a mention of the Question in tomorrow's issue of Phantom Stranger. So we know that Trinity War is obviously going to involve the Trinity of Sin probably fighting over Pandora's Box. The other side of this conflict appears to involve the escalating issues with the Justice League. After their first story arc fighting David Graves we saw Amanda Waller asking Graves to write about how to destroy the Justice League. We also saw Wonder Woman and Superman get together after Steve Trevor was dumped by Wonder Woman and the entire League. Their new arc involving the Cheetah claims to have seeds for Trinity War but after the first part of this arc I have yet to see them. After this arc is going to be Throne of Atlantis which the solicitations don't actually say are involved with Trinity War but it seems pretty obvious. With tension growing within the League itself it appears that the new Justice League of America is going to be formed out of the repercussions of this conflict. A big theme that keeps coming up in regards to the different Justice Leagues part of Trinity War seems to be a decline in the trust of the governments of the world (particularly the American government) in the Justice League and therefore they feel the need to form the new JLA. We know that the JLA is going to be under more direct control by the US government and Steve Trevor and it seems that they may be used to keep the Justice League in check come Trinity War. How this connects to the Trinity of Sin part of the story is yet to be seen. Then we have the Justice League Dark which seems to be doing their own thing in their book. However we seem to come full circle as in Phantom Stranger #4 we are supposed to see the JLD try to solicit the aid of the Stranger who just wants to be left alone. We don't know how this story turns out but in the next issue we again see Pandora and the Spectre who has only been seen once before this. So perhaps the two stories are not unrelated. Then in the solicits for Justice League Dark #17 there seems to be something that at first glance appears to be unrelated but may actually be the beginnings of JLD's connection to Trinity War. While the JLD is stuck on another world, Steve Trevor debates whether it may be safer for the earth if the magic users were to stay there. Again we see the theme of distrust from the government towards the Leagues that are not under their direct control, especially since this League involves magic. Newsarama also released an interview today with JLD writer Jeff Lemire who said that Constantine and JLD are going to have a big part to play in Trinity War. So these are just the thoughts of a comic book fan and could be completely wrong but it seems like the conflict between the Phantom Stranger and Pandora (where the Question fits in I'm not sure yet) is going to be going on sort of behind the scenes and at the same time affecting this conflict between the Leagues as the US government and their JLA seek to keep the JL and JLD in check. Perhaps the members of the Trinity of Sin will each use one of the Leagues in order to fight the others. Pandora has stated that the Justice League would help her with her goals whether they wanted to or not, and we're going to see the JLD and the Phantom Stranger interacting. So maybe the JLA goes to the Question? Very hard to tell this early on and since I'm a collector of the Question I'm going to be getting a hold of the next arc for Justice League as well as the first arc in JLA which the solicits say are involved in Trinity War. I will also be getting all the next Phantom Stranger issues to see how that conflict plays out and affects the rest of the story. I don't know if I should get any of the JLD yet so I'll wait for the March solicitations to see if there's any more of a hint as to how much it will be hinting at Trinity War. Until next time!


Justice League of America News and 2 New Series for 2013

So today it was revealed on MTV Geek that two new series will be starting up in February for DC to help bring the number of titles that month closer to DC's favorite number 52. Both the series will be tying into the new Justice League of America title also starting that month and will feature one of the members of that new team. First up spinning out of the series Birds of Prey will be Katana. I have to admit that I don't know much about this character except that she believes her husband's soul is in her sword and she will end up being one of the most dangerous heroes on the new JLA team next to Martian Manhunter. The next series announced is a bit more controversial and features the newly introduced to the New 52 Universe hero Vibe. As I understand he is a bit of a laughing stock among DC fans from his very short life a while back. So needless to say people are already up in arms about this character getting a solo series over some other characters who they think are more deserving such as Cyborg or Shazam (formerly Captain Marvel). I have no problem if you personally just don't like the character but it is a little silly to be already condemning a book before it's even released. We haven't seen this character for a very long time and he's being really revamped by Geoff Johns and the series is being written by the creator of the new show Arrow on the CW. So how about we let them release it first and then condemn it if it's really as bad as everyone thinks it's going to be? The whole point of these three new series' is to showcase and reintroduce the underrated and obscure characters. The Justice League of America book itself that is going to be released will feature these two characters as well as Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Stargirl, the new Green Lantern Simon Baz, Hawkman, and Catwoman and will be controlled by the US Government through Steve Trevor. The team is meant to be a response to the Justice League of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazam, Cyborg, and Aquaman who are viewed as a little too powerful and out of control. For the first issue there is going to be a very cool 52 variant covers each featuring a different flag from one of the 50 states and Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. (if you've seen the awesome promo art for the series you can imagine the state flag behind the team instead of the American one). I'm really excited about this series and really really hope that at least the first few books will have to do with Trinity War. I'm trying to make sure that I get all of the seeds for the big crossover event next year. It was announced that the first story arc is going to involve the team going up against a secret society of super-villains whose members (like the JLA) are usually underrated characters. We've seen some hints at the existence of this secret society but I'm not sure if they are involved in the Trinity War. The JLA definitely is, however, so I will be keeping my eyes on this series. Until next time!


Clark Kent Independent Blogger?

So the preview has been going around for Superman #13 and the big news is that supposedly Superman will be quitting the Daily Planet. Now for those of you not keeping up with the Man of Steel in the New 52, the Daily Planet isn’t exactly the same as before the New 52. Clark Kent working at the Daily Planet with his love interest Lois Lane has always been a sort of iconic scene and this changes in the New 52 which admittedly is what the New 52 is all about. First of all the Daily Planet is now under the umbrella of a bigger company and Lois Lane works for that company as a TV producer while Clark stays in the print department. Now, after a disagreement with Perry White and Lois Lane over the content of the news pieces these days Clark decides to quit the Daily Planet for apparently more electronic media and looking to report the cold hard truth of the news. I’m not a huge fan of all these changes mainly because of how iconic the whole idea is but I understand the decision and agree that it is probably the correct one. Part of the purpose of the New 52 has been to modernize the DCU and it just wouldn’t make a lot of sense for Clark Kent to be working at a newspaper in its dying days. TV and the internet are the new vessels of the “news” and so the DCU must show that. The only part of this that I disagree with and think that they could actually work on is this new attitude of Clark’s as a hard hitting reporter seeking to expose the truth to the world. That sounds a little bit more like Vic Sage’s style when he was working out of Hub City as the Question in the 80′s and it just doesn’t seem like Clark’s style. Yeah he’s always been a reporter but it was never truly a serious thing for him, it was always just his secret identity keeping him separated from Superman. It’s actually kind of weird to think of Clark Kent actually doing serious reporting. Not that that is a bad thing it just doesn’t seem his style. But then again as I said at the beginning, the purpose of the New 52 is change and with Vic Sage currently an immortal of the Trinity of Sin wandering the Earth he’s a little distracted from exposing the truth through the media so I suppose Clark could take over as that character for a while. Until next time!

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