That B-Rated Badguy: Birth of Captain America video review

 As I promised in my very first video, I told you that I was gonna take your ass to the past ( well, try to ). God, I love history, to know how things started and what it was like back then. Its funny how the world was different back then when Marvel made its very first issue, but with Captain America, nothing has changed. 
 Probably the only worst part in history for Captain America was during the 50's, even with his grand return, Captain America would lose his fame as a communist fighter. But with Stan "the man" Lee brought Captain America back and have him show what its like to be a real superhero, our boy in Red, White, and Blue was back. As for the 50's and the recover from is another video I plan on doing in the future. 
Its obvious how Captain America's first appearance would have a reaction compared to a solid motivational punch in the face of pure excitement. Even though I strongly believe that his revival was anticipated and should have been used for a later time, im glad that Captain America is in the hands of a talented writer who isn't losing his edge or respect. Till this day, Captain America still has comics coming out about his past, probably the only man in Marvel history with the most dynamic and interesting past that no other character can ever compare to. 
To keep this short, here's a video I made and I did alot in here to make it as interesting as possible.  
If there is anything extremely way off on my knowledge or info, then please feel free to let me know so I can try to fix it. 
Anyways, I hope you enjoy my short Marvel history lesson and thank you for watching.