Iron Man By Design

 (Pardon me, if this has already been done but I couldn't find anyplace where all these variants from about a year back were collected and profiled. In fact, some of these have even never been posted!)

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All of these in order: 
Iron Man as:
1. A knight by Marko Djurdjevic
2. Da Vinci inspired by Gerald Parel
3. envisioned in French Art Deco style by Mike Del Mundo
4. Samurai by Skottie Young
5. Tesla inspired by Mike Del Mundo
6. WWII soldier by Joe Kubert
7. A caveman by Christian Nauck
8. Steampunk by Skottie Young
9. Strange robot by Tetsuya Aoki
10. Cowboy by Ronnie del Carman
11. An airplane by Bill Presing
12. An ancient Roman by Gabrielle Dell'Otto
13. depicted in Art Nouveau style by John Tyler Christopher
14. in Civil War by Mike Perkins
15. WWI soldier by Nic Klein
16. A car by Dave Talor
17. An ancient Egyptian by Adi Granov
18. Pinball machine by Greg Horn 
19. of Mayan origins by Humberto Ramos
20. Monster Hunter by Fred Genet
21. An atlantean by Greg Horn
22. Abstract by Alan Aldridge
23. Ancient Greek by Greg Tocchini
24. A clock by Genndy Tartakovsky
25. A viking by Esad Ribic
Which ones are your favorite? Can you think of anymore cool design ideas? I thought about Iron Refrigerator and Iron Man as a pirate!
If anyone's interested, we could have a cool Iron Man design contest but all of the ones already done are prohibited. You have to come up with some different cool ideas!