Clash of the Comics #11: Zoom vs. Iron Fist

Clash of the Comics 11


                                                                                        Professor Zoom vs. Iron Fist

                                                                                                                                     Ready set Go!!


Eobard Thorne aka Professor Zoom aka the Reverse Flash lived in the 25 Century. He idolized Barry Allen as the Flash and wanted to be like him. In an attempt to meet him, he stole the Cosmic Treadmill from an antique shop and went back in time where he terrorized quite a few members of the Flash family.

It’s a pretty complex one involving a city in the Himalayas which is around one million years old.  In short Danny Rand was orphaned on an expedition to this city and he was raised by its inhabitants, and his education included exposure to the martial arts.

MrUnknown: Iron Fist – Stories that are grounded in reality are generally more interesting.   

RazzaTazz: Iron Fist, the orphan story in comics is overdone but this one puts a new twist on it.   


He is a speedster just like the Flash and can travel through time.

Danny is an expert martial artist and can focus his Chi into a solid energy construct extending from his hand.  He can also focus Chi into increasing his natural abilities. 

 It was fast as lightning!
 It was fast as lightning!

MrUnknown: Zoom – He can go back in time to Iron Fist’s birth and kill him there.

RazzaTazz: Powers:  No matter of martial arts can outwit light speed. 


The Reverse Flash wears the Flash costume but with the red and yellow colors reversed.

Martial arts based looking uniform with a sash and kung fu slippers.


MrUnknown: Iron Fist – Green over yellow, and he wears a sash!

RazzaTazz: In my opinion two of comic books biggest fashion victims.  A not well-deserved tie. 


For someone that idolized Barry Allen, Thorne certainly doesn’t follow his ethics. I’m not really sure what he idolized other than just power.
Danny is best remembered for his role in Heroes for Hire and this is where his personality is very apparent, his philosophical and idealist world view is contrasted against Luke Cage's more realistic viewpoint.  

MrUnknown: Iron Fist would be a great person to have a conversation with whereas Zoom wouldn’t spare you the time.

RazzaTazz: I take Iron Fist here for being a relaxed individual still capable of a lot of damage.


Zoom's costume looks a little bit silly and doesn’t make him look like the terrorizing figure that he is. Someone who can go back in time and try to erase you from history? No thanks!

Iron Fist's costume and the way in which he comports himself make him appear not very threatening, but I wouldn't tell him that.   

MrUnknown: Iron Fist -   Unlike Iron Fist, Zoom feels like a one-dimensional character. 
RazzaTazz: Reverse Flash here, because erasing people from history is kind of a good way to get revenge.   

Best Story:

 Zoom's grandest scheme
 Zoom's grandest scheme

Although not really finished but only begun, Flashpoint may as well be his best story. It’s certainly his biggest villainous scheme and although it is not yet revealed to be his machination it has his fingerprints painted all over it.

I am not the most well read Danny Rand fan, but a story which I read which was quite entertaining was a Heroes for Hire spin-off miniseries in the early 2000s where he finds out his sister might be alive, but part of finding her involves breaking into S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, which he must do without touching the HQ floors. 

MrUnknown: Zoom not having memorable stories really works against him here. Whereas, Iron Fist’s sort of recent stories from his cancelled monthly remind me why I think he’s cool!  
RazzaTazz: Reverse Flash because Flashpoint will probably redefine the DC universe (at least a little)

Fun Fact:  

At one point, there were two Eobard Thorne locked within Iron Heights; they had come to the current timeline at different points in their life. Umm…what?

Danny once took over as Daredevil for his friend Matt Murdock to help convince the public that Matt is not Daredevil. 

MrUnknown: Iron Fist – Zoom’s doesn’t make any sense. Wouldn’t he have to leave the prison in order to come back there again in the future? Time travel makes your head hurt!

RazzaTazz: Reverse Flash again, I can’t be in two places at the same time but if I could I might choose a patio on a summer's night and in park reading a book, not in adjoining cells in prison. 

Media Appearance:


There was a lot of talk about an Iron Fist movie with Ray Park as Danny, but nothing ever came of it.  

MrUnknown: Tie for both not having any.

RazzaTazz: Neither has any, but I will give Iron Fist the advantage here, because I imagined Ray Park as Iron fist in my mind.   

 Umm... this?
 Umm... this?

Current Whereabouts:

He is the main villain in the current DC event so he is in perhaps the best position since ages.

Member of New Avengers with his old buddy Luke Cage. 

MrUnknown: Zoom – Iron Fist’s Chi seems to have dissipated ever since his series expired (not literally!)

RazzaTazz: Tie - having a crossover focused on you is good, but being on the Avengers is like being an astronaut, only a select few get to do it.
MrUnknown: 2 - 6; RazzaTazz: 4 - 3
Scoreboard: 6 - 9

Don't feel sorrowful Zoom, you still have a chance!
Don't feel sorrowful Zoom, you still have a chance!
We're allowing you readers to vote in this Clash. You can base your decision with regards to one of the nine categories or you can just choose which is your favorite! Your vote will count for one point! However if the difference between the contestants become 5 or more then a clear victor shall be decided! Zoom isn't completely done just yet, he's only been rendered off-balance! It's time to render the finishing blow! 
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