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This is a good *idea* but these costumes are absolutely dreadful. I've seen far better costumes for each of these characters, and on much more attractive people as well. It's obvious also by the choice of characters that none of these were just costumes fans felt like putting on, this is just marketing shit. I've seen maybe one person wear that Captain Marvel costume for example. Few of these looks are very popular. I'm quite seriously just picking images at random to demonstrate how shoddy these costumes are. To anyone saying "I'd like to see someone do better" just go to google.

I've already overloaded this post with images as it is, so I'm just going to make a suggestion. Google image search "thor cosplay" you don't even have to add female. Scroll through the results. See all the female thor costumes? Notice those are designs the women came up with themselves? Notice the most major difference between what actual female cosplayers come up with, and what the imbeciles marketing characters at Marvel come up with? I'll spell it out for you, they have boobs, and they're showing them off. The stunning backwardness of the prudish left that believes they're empowering women by shrinking and hiding their breasts. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

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This is a meta discussion I guess, I just wasn't sure how to contact a moderator directly, and hell for all I know the rules have changed and this is allowed now.

I was looking at the Eddie Brock page when I noticed something... off about his image gallery.

A lot of the uploads from the user Symbiocide are from porn sets. I thought maybe I could just delete those images, but either I don't have that privilege yet or I just don't know how to edit the gallery.

I don't want to offend, I mean from what I can see Symbiocide has uploaded a ton of good images as well, but a lot of the more recent stuff...

And his profile background...

Well, you get the picture. I'm only naming names because it's in his profile as well, and the problem uploads seem to be from one user. Hope I haven't broken any rules in posting this.

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I either hate or don't care about each of these characters. Never been a big Iron Man or Vision fan, female Thor has been a terrible joke, Ms Marvel is an awful, awful book, Jeph Loeb's son will never be a Nova I accept, Miles Morales is a terrible character and the only Captain America is Steve Rogers.

Why does Marvel hate actually selling any of their books?

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First off, I've personally disliked all the redesigns you mentioned. Iron Man's yellow and black color scheme looks terrible. Batgirl and Spider-Woman's redesigns are awful and seem to focus entirely on eliminating their femininity by reducing/covering up their breasts to appeal to backwards puritanical tastes and essentially assert there's something wrong with women for having large boobs.

Second, the bald look looked awful on him. I get that the his old haircut looks kind of outdated, but it works with the theme of his powers. The flat top adds to his metallic, robotic look. It gives him an iconic profile and works for him.

Third, the "triangle" issue has already been addressed, for decades now in fact. Yes, putting armor on him looks kind of silly, but rule of cool applies. Personally, I've always liked the look of red on metal, so I'd prefer to eliminate the gold, but just red would have people thinking he was still the Juggernaut, so probably the most fitting change would be to switch the red for blue, giving him the classic blue and gold color scheme so long associated with the X-Men.

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Really not feeling this. Cumberbatch has never given me much of a Vincent Price vibe.

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@mrmisanthrope: I'm glad you've made up your mind before hand, without seeing anything in advance and know how things are going to be and you refuse to give a chance to anything not made by Disney because of some idiotic brand label.

F4 isn't the first CBM, including those made by Disney to make changes to films. What works in comics does not necessarily work in a movie and adaptions are always different.

Most of your points are nothing but refusals to accept nothing but a direct translation of screen to page, something that has never happened in any CBM.

But yes, you're no comic fan. Comic fans want all movies to succeed and they want them all to be good (whether they ultimately turn out to be is besides the point). Why? Because our genre is tiny. Like or not, we represent such a small minority of a population no one gives a shit about comics. These movies are helping the industry and spreading the information. People who've never had an infliction to pick up a comic are slowly starting to do so and some of the greatest stories ever told, most of which haven ever been read before have a chance to actually get more attention that they deserve. Its more than just movies at this point.

So yes. You should be wanting this movie to turn out well, but instead you've all ready made up your mind because apparently you can see the future.

-I don't care which studio is making the movies, I've just stated the reason Marvel's in-house ones have been successful is because they care about the material. Change for change's sake isn't good, other movies changing things for adaptation is hardly justification for it being done again.

-The changes are drastic and have been openly stated to be a spit in the face to fans of the comics, only a masochist would cheer on seeing something they enjoy destroyed.

-The comic industry is hardly tiny, it's the attempts to make it grow that have shrunk it so. In the 90's the X-Men relaunch for example sold a million copies. These days a comic is considered a success if it limps along at 10k copies a month. Do the math, friend. All the attempts to reach out to new audiences have continually shrunk the medium. This has been the justification for changes for decades, and with each change the readership grows smaller and smaller.

Only someone who wants to see the industry die would ascribe to your philosophy. If a chef tells you the primary ingredient in what he's making you is going to be various lengths of animal feces, only an ignorant person would proclaim you had to wait to taste it to know whether or not it would be good. You go right ahead continuing to get shit on and telling others they aren't true fans for not sharing your weirdo scat fetish.

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Honestly, I can't wait for this era of X-Men to end. The art's good, but the character designs are terrible. Only thing to come out of Bendis-era X-Men I've liked is Tempus.

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I really, really loathe the art style. The faces and the anatomy look atrocious. It feels like it's imitating the art style of a few popular female webcomic artists, but not quite getting it right. Really don't like Squirrel Girl's figure in this, but my god her face... Blegh.

The other problem is that Squirrel Girl is only fun in small bursts. Her whole gimmick is that she's unbeatable, but she accomplishes most of her impressive victories off-screen because it seems to ridiculous she'd be able to do them. That joke can overstay it's welcome very quickly. If she can never be beaten, there's no tension and the book would become boring or annoying in short order. What's more, from the preview images she seems to be self-aware about it, sitting in a tree looking cocky and singing a song about herself. You can on occasion get away with a character being all-powerful and unbeatable, but if you combine it with the character being full of themselves, people are going to hate the character.

That's additionally troubling because she's never been written like that before. That was what made the character fun, she was so wholesome, old-fashioned and innocent. Everything about her actions and appearance in that central park fight is irritating. Last time I really liked her was in that Marvel Ai story with Speedball. That was adorable.

Since then, Marvel's kind of given me the impression they have a terrible understanding of humor. Bendis writing her into Avengers as Luke Cage's babysitter and revealing a secret past romance with Wolverine -along with their fight- was groan-inducing.

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Hope it succeeds though, as anyone who wants any CBM to fail, regardless of what it is about or who's making it, is no comic fan.

Are you shitting me? You're saying "real" comic fans have no taste and will just swallow whatever shit is poured into their mouth regardless of the quality?

There's a reason Marvel Studios pictures have been so successful, and don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they've all been good, but they feel cohesive and like the people making them actually care about the subject material.

The FF reboot is shameless and tasteless, it'll fail for the same reason the DmC reboot failed. They're making the mistake of assuming fans of other forms of media are like comic fans. For years comic writers have thrived on controversy because they know if it makes us angry it gets us talking about it, and the people who get angriest are collectors who sadly will buy the book regardless of the quality. That doesn't fly with movies or video games, and the people making this film have gone out of their way to give it terrible press in the hopes the controversy will draw attention.

Just to go through the list of what's been revealed so far:

-Doctor Doom isn't a doctor, and Doom isn't actually his last name, it's just his online screen name. He's just an internet gossip blogger.

-The Fantastic Four aren't scientists, in fact Reed and Ben work at a convenience store when this happens to the four characters.

-The actors chosen are far too young to fit the characters they're playing. Reed is supposed to have streaks of white in his hair, Ben's supposed to be a gruff older man type. Even the most basic semblances are gone.

-Raceswaps are always disgusting, cynical and insulting attempts to draw attention through controversy, but in this instance it hurts the plot as they had to add in an entire subplot about the Human Torch being adopted to explain him being a different race than his sister.

-Kate Mara said in an interview she'd not only not read any FF comics, but was specifically advised not to by the director who said he hadn't either, and this will be completely separate from them.

What kind of fan wants to see something that represents what they like in name only? Besides, controversy doesn't work even in comics anymore. People are sick of constant events, reboots, deaths, resurrections, raceswaps and continuity shake ups. They're dull and predictable now. Hell, they were dull and predictable 20 years ago.

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To the main argument though, it's a tough call. Everyone points to the classic battle for leadership of the X-Men, which happened under the circumstances OP required. There are a couple mitigating factors there though.

Storm didn't have her powers at all, and the way she was able to defeat Cyclops was by sneaking up on him and taking off his visor. She knew he would not risk hurting someone with a stray optic blast. Of course since then, he's learned to fight with his eyes closed, so that wouldn't be an issue for him.

The other issue is the retcon they provided to explain how that could happen. Madelyne Pryor wanted Cyclops to retire from the X-Men, so she psychically manipulated him to give up on the fight. He didn't even know she had psychic powers at that point, and trusted her completely, so she made him throw the fight so she could get him off the team and all to herself. The fight can't be used as evidence for these reasons.

Now, while Cyclops has become a brilliant tactician, the Danger Room is where he's most at home (well, it was, let's not forget it's a sentient female robot these days) and currently [i]relaxes[/i] by fighting dinosaurs in the Savage Land for fun, Storm is no slouch either.

Long before her past was retconned to include Wakanda, she was sufficiently skilled in hand to hand combat to defeat Callisto as well as Marrow, both of whom have powers which would specifically enhance their standing in a hand to hand fight. She had a fairly lengthy period where she was depowered and held her own splendidly against various powers opponents. I'd honestly say they're about equal where hand to hand combat is concerned.

I'm going to assume neither of them is in control of the Danger Room. The only thing I see giving either of them an advantage is the day of prep time. Cyclops is a character to whom prep time is very, very valuable. Like Batman, The Punisher and Doctor Doom, if he's had time to prepare for the fight, he's going to win it. And he's sufficiently paranoid that he's already started preparing for the fight even if he thinks it's unlikely. He's probably already planned out a scenario specifically for defeating Storm in hand to hand combat. 24 hours to prepare would allow him to refresh and further specialize it.