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I'd say Beyonce. There really isn't a wrong answer here. Both of them are dimes.

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@warlord1234: @Pyrogram: I was joking. Happy New Years! I'm out

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Toa could; talk Galactus into giving him the Power Cosmic, Thanos into giving him the Infinity Gauntlet (when he had it) , and The Watcher into being his personal body guard. Toa could convince Superman that kryptonite is good for him. Superman would believe it and take kryptonite as a vitamin supplement til he dies.

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Blood lusted? Harvey cuts all the dialogue and goes straight for the jugular. Superboy Prime ends up like Superman did in these scans only worst and a lot quicker. Harvey fought the Justice League from two world's, aligned with New Earth's villains (Lex Luthor, Scare Crow, Black Manta, etc.), and took on all the armies of the world; all at the same time. If Superboy Prime is all that stands in Harvey's way. Prime loses to the man who's brain evolves at a rate of a century per hour.

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@Vance Astro:

How does Battalion stop someone's heart?

He stops heart(s) by "squeezing your ventricles shut" via his telekinesis. He did this in the second scan in my post above. Did you read the scans?

Where is his durability at?

He ran with his father who could do this:

Despot threw this rock into outer space.

Battlion then proceeded to take blows like this from Despot, with little to no ill effects.

Despot vs Battalion

What's to stop Sentry from blitzing him the way he did Attuma?

Aside from stopping Sentry's heart from beating, Battalion could turn him into vegetable before Sentry could blink (via a psi blast). This would only take a thought to accomplish.

Battalion would also anticipate the blitz because he has a "danger awareness", kind of like like Spider-Man has. The next scan further explains Battalion's danger awareness.

Battalion Danger Sense

Its an " mental early warning system" that alerts Battalion to "hostile intentions". Battalion has even displayed precognition ability if you want to take it a step further.

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@Vance Astro said:

@Vance Astro said:
Now that I think about it though what makes you think Battalion can mind control Sentry?

Because Battalion is Professor X on steroids. If he couldn't mind control Sentry, Battalion would just stop his (their) heart(s) from beating. Game Over.

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@Vance Astro said:

Alpha says:

"Stormwatch: Battalion, Fahrenheit, Cannon, Backlash, Diva, Winter, Fuji and Hellstrike. Avengers: Ares, Black Widow, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, The Sentry, Spider-Woman, Wasp and Wonder Man. Keep in mind that this Stormwatch was shown fighting the Authority to a stand still. "


Battalion could solo, but I won't argue that case. This is how this fight would go. Battalion mind controls Sentry and makes him fight his own team. Battalion crushes Iron Man in his suit (the man crushed a giant spaceship with his telekenesis, Tony will die). Avengers lose badly.

This isn't even Battalion at his strongest.

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At their strongest, they are both team wreckers. Battalion has the advantage physically because he can turn his psionics inward and increase his speed and strength to super-human levels. His super-speed allowed him to easily dodge bullets and his physical strength is well above the 100 ton mark.

I also think that Battalion would enter Cable's mind and do some serious damage. Battalion was able to enter Despot's mind and turn his fears and short comings against him. Despot was considered the most most powerful telepath in the Wildstorm Universe. Despot could control the minds of everyone on the planet simultaneously. Robbing the entire planet of free thoughts. The dead could be re-animated by Despot's psionics. Battalion was a match for his father, Despot. Currently, Battalion is considered to have surpassed his father in power. Cable would die in this fight. There isn't anything Cable can do that would give him an advantage over Battalion. Martian Manhunter would a better opponent.