Its been a while

I havent been online for a long time now kinda sucks though being so freaking busy ! well that all to rest the good thing is my blogs back on but i really do miss my site . well atleast my blogs functional and working and ya its been damn long time . posting new stuff on it people should check it out i mean its got all the latest stuff and other stuff . its basically a game blog but with movies and entertainment related material . any how im also into graphics i did make a new batman kinda dont know where to show it off i mean it looks seriously wicked and i also make music vids .   

  this is like one of the batman video i made i also made another one but its game related take look   
  and as i was saying before i made a new batman beyond and alot of people think he looks pretty wicked well so do i but i really wanted to show the new look to dc but i dont have a clue how to get in contact with them